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» In The Deep
Open Siren's Summit 
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
the Rift
[ continuation of » New Beginnings ]

They were a strange kind of tide, rolling across the land—an unprecedented mix of Rift creatures, from the most innocent eriucla to a terrifying desert walker. At the head of the contingent, which included several equines, marched the proud matriarch of the loricatrunc, purpose in her stride, while at the back, the sceletus ambled at a pace that seemed not quite of this world.

Once upon the shore to the lake the sirens inhabited, the matriarch paused, and the vulviper, carrying its load of malspira, abandoned its perch on the sceletus's leg—and probably a good thing, for the gigantic creature passed right over the group and headed towards the mountain. In the placid lake, a single siren showed its head, watching the group with a frown. It bared its teeth, then dived below the surface, leaving it deceptively calm.

"Here we are," the matriarch said, her trunk dipping to touch the lake's surface for a moment. "While we carry the hope in our hearts, you are the ones who can relight it—" and she waved distractedly at the floating orbs of light "—so you must be the ones to go into the deep. Take a bite of the malspira, and you'll be alright."

The first task is: relight the hope at the bottom of the siren's lake!

Don't worry, the matriarch isn't going to feed you way too little, or poisonous, malspira. :P

* Each round is 48 hours, and has no posting order. If you miss a round, don't worry - just post when you have a chance to!
* If you find the pace too high, let us know, and we'll slow down!
* Posts are encouraged to be 400 words or less.
» Presence of the Rift «

Otem the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
Trouble is as a trouble does, when it's on a troubled mind
Reasons come and reasons will go when the blind are followin' the blind

Watching the creature eat the small offering of moss she had provided did Otem's heart more good than she would have liked to admit. Not naturally altruistic by nature, there was something rather infectious about seeing a creature so large and so powerful be humbled by such a small offering of good will.

And so it was with a light step and a permanent smile on her youthful features that Otem followed the mishmash group towards the Summit.

Luckily for the rust and dirt coloured child, she had never developed a fear of the water, or drowning. Perhaps she might have, but in the place of those rather mundane fears was instead a fear of portals and a deep mistrust of the sort of gods those back in Helovia had confessed to be. So as the Matriarch offered the rather slimy looking malspira, Otem accepted it with unabashed confidence.

The water was not particularly cold - or at least not the top layer of it due to the sweltering sun overhead - and so Otem began this challenge with all the youthful vigour of the child she had never gotten to be. With the malspira clenched firmly in her teeth and dissolving in her belly, Otem took one last breath before diving under.

True to the Matriarch's word, all light seemed to faded away as Otem propelled herself forward with her wings. Her eyes weren't adjusting well, and although the orb was in front of her, she could hardly see more than a few feet. Stupidly she opened her mouth to talk and immediately it filled with frigid water. Clamping her teeth together she silently scolded herself for being so silly, and cast a glance around to see if anyone  had noticed.

Then an idea struck her.

Hello? Otem pulsed her mental voice out into the deep water. She didn't know the range of this power, but unless it was farther than her current range of vision, there would be none to hear it. Beating her wings and diving deeper, Otem tried to follow what looked like a deliberate path cut into the rocky bottom. I bring you hope from the surface, and light!

Unlike the sirens of which the girl was seeking, Otem did glow. The dapples on her body pulsed faintly, like some absurd yellow sea beacon.

Image Credits

You may always use magic/force on/against Otem.
Aurelia the Hopebringer
Currently championing: None
They led them to a lake and a volcano and a forest. The golden mare had been here once before, with Kiada. She hadn't been aware that there was actual life- evil, sentient, dark life- down there. The matriarch tells them they need to take malspira and dive into the lake, into the darkness, directly into danger.

Otem plunged into the water easily, and Aurelia figured it was her turn now. She grasped some malspira and wobbled awkwardly towards the water. Aurelia had been an enormous hydrophobe for most of her life (a fact known by few). The only horse who had ever verbally acknowledged it had been Mauja, amidst Aurelia's bout of insanity. The idea of plunging into the dark, deep, evil water was truly terrifying, but Aurelia had to. The land needed to be healed and she was one of the few tasked with doing it.

She breathed in heavily and then went for it, her body submerging beneath the surface of the water easily. Using her wings, legs, tail, any body parts that could move Aurelia tried to swim deeper and deeper, the sparking of her coat provided by her locket diminishing as the darkness grew around her. Her mane still pulsed and glowed, sourly misplaced in the otherwise dark waters, thanks to the Bear God crystals tied into her mane like beads.

Aurelia didn't know what to do, how to reach the sirens, so she just swam around the dark waters, the orb following obediently behind her. She hoped it would do what it had to because Aurelia wasn't exactly sure what to do. She simply swam to the darker parts of the water, leading the orb, hoping it would heal the dark, evil waters.

Now, she desperately hoped the malspira would save her ass if this task went sideways.

in madness
we reign
image || coding
Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta

I followed the odd group, a medley of horns and wings and fur and fangs, through the trees and we approached a place that was familiar to me. That wasn't something that I could often say about places in the Rift. 

We arrived at the edge of a great big lake. In the distance I could see ashen smoke billowing from the mouth of a towering volcanic mountain. But I didn't have much time to marvel at my surroundings before the Matron addressed us again. We were offered a strange dark green plant that (in my opinion) did not look too appetizing. I knew better than to object, however, and that I must concentrate on the task at hand and do whatever was necessary to accomplish it. Trying not to make a face, I choked the Malspira down. It left a bitter taste on my tongue, which I tried my best to ignore. Though not harmful, I wasn't even entirely sure what the plant's effects were. After thinking about the context of the Matron's instructions and watching Otem plunge into the water I was able to deduce that it had something to do with being able to breath underwater.

Without further hesitation, I waded into the water after the others. I didn't want to think much more on it, for fear that overthinking small worries would make them grow into paralyzing anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant would happen. The response was immediate as the liquid spread around my body, the sudden shock of cool making my muscles tense. It rose up higher and higher around my blue-gray barrel as I submerged myself, from head to tail, in the element that felt like soft velvet against my skin. Gliding through the depths, moving my legs in rhythm, I was swimming. Miraculously, oxygen flowed into and through my lungs, giving me the power to stroke and kick. From below the surface I could see the mystical light around me, the sunbeams playing amid the undulating currents in silvery whites, blues and rainbow colors. 

The orb Otem had given to me remained at my side as I swam, its glow lighting my path as the water grew increasingly darker the further down I went. I followed the others toward the rocky bottom. Before us, the rocks seemed to give way to a path of sorts, as if it were prepared for our arrival and had cleared a direct path to the Sirens. 

they heard me singing and they told me to stop
quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock

image credits || coding credits
{Image: untitled_drawing_by_indelyde-dceus9t.png}
Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta
The young woman followed the crowd as they headed toward the mountain. When they reached the lake, her icy gaze surveyed the glassy surface as the Matron’s trunk reached in and touched the water, then waved lazily toward their orbs. As she mentioned the name of a plant, she nodded to the large elephant creature, stepping over toward the stack of malspora, taking a bite and swallowing it all while Khairi stared at her with worried ruby eyes. “I’ll be fine, Khairi. It’s not like the Scint.” She thought to him through their bond. “I know. I still worry though.” He responded, flexing his wings as though he was prepared to learn how to swim to retrieve her somehow. “Stay above, I’ll be back as soon as I can.” She replied, nuzzling him slightly with her inky face as he took off from her to circle the sky around her.

As the malspora got to work, and Khairi circled overhead, Kiada sucked in a deep breath and stepped into the water, her orb in tow as she began to swim her decent toward the sirens. She didn’t know exactly where they were, but she followed in the wake of Rixen, Aurelia, and Otem. The water gradually began to grow deeper and she took her own little path away from the others to try and reach those that the others weren’t close enough to. As she swam and kicked, and miraculously breathed underwater, she hoped the little orb would do something as it pulsed, hoping she could just send it some direction and grant those sirens the gift of hope. But it didn’t, instead it remained, pulsing and waiting for something to show.

mama, i hope you get this
know the bed is warm and our hearts are cold
know never have i been better.

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Taivas the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
The siren hardly looked pleased to see the march of the Western Mists (and equines) coming for their shores.

The surface of the lake sat calmly, like a surface of glass, but much like her own face, Taivas wondered what secrets were hidden below the surface. Her dark eyes gravitate again to the Matriarch as she speaks, offering a strange sort of plant to chew upon, while motioning and stating they needed to go underwater.

The shaman liked water, but not nearly enough to freely dive under the surface of a lake being a creature that breathed air. She supposes that is what this malspira is for, and takes a mental note as well as memorizing the appearance and amount given by the noble matriarch to all gathered.

"Thank you," Taivas says politely yet quietly as she shuffles over to the surface, wading into the water while chewing her malspira calmly before making the dive.

The girl notes that she need not breathe due to the strange slimy plant given above, and takes joy in seeing the underwater realm for the first time so clearly. Even in Ultima, your view was skewed and shaped by the crystals of the tunnel. Here, you could see the dapple of the sun perfectly, and the gentle sway of plants and the steady stream of fish. Taivas continues to swim downward, noting how quickly the dark begins to settle in on you in the depths of the lake.

However, the starry eyed maiden never feared darkness. She existed as a small lamp in the depths of the waters, more so than the orb which freely swam alongside her. Unlike many of the others, she does not follow the trek of Otem and Aurelia, but breaks off fairly early from the group, trying to find the outer reaches of the lake on another side, where other sirens may be lurking unseen. Strange rock formations and loose sand greet her, and her dark eyes scan the depths for signs of anything - or anyone - else.
So seize the day 'Cause you have come so far
Watched a million frowns turn into smiles
Lost all track of time Felt the energy of a million stars
You'll feel love again after the rain
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
Perhaps he was too trusting as he ate the strange plant provide. Maybe all of them were falling for a cruel trick that would lead them to a cold, watery death. Maybe, maybe, maybe... Maybe he would grow a second head and breath fire, a complete possibility within this place he was sure, but what use was there worrying about it? They hadn't been killed by all of these strange creatures yet, and he was sure that they could should they choose. So he ate the little plant and followed the others, trusting in the hope that his shining sphere seemed to give this world.

The water lapped eagerly as his hooves, then up his legs. It was cold! His blood froze and he hissed internally. He so hated the cold. Yet he continued. He hung back between Taivas and Kiada, grateful for the light the healer's pelt provided. His piece of hope moved before him, its glow illuminating the path further as it combined with the light of Taivas and the others orbs. He stared at the world around him in fascination. Never before had he imagined that it was possible to breath other water! As terrifying as the Rift could be, he could not deny how truly incredible it was. Oh what this land would be like without the darkness that had infected it! He hoped that he would live to see that day. To witness the pure beauty and wonder of this land once healed. He continued deeper with the others, not sure where the sirens were, but certain that they would encounter them soon enough.
talk talk talk
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
K'yarie the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
She was a dark outline in an even darker body of water. Her mane and tail flowed out before her like black smoke as the water stroked it. She swam deeper following the others. She had never entered the domain of the sirens. Of course she had never traveled with such an odd array of beasts. Many of which would have tried to kill her had them met under different circumstances. She wondered if the rift was doing its best to surprise her. This whole parade was certainly amusing.

She could never claim to be bored within the rift. There was just too much that seemed to happen. From the world trying to kill to its creatures suddenly wanting to band together and be your ally. Anything could happen and she loved it! There had been no hesitation when she descended into the depths of the lake, her piece of hope guiding her way as she swam alongside the others.

talk talk talk talk
Fear not this Night.
You will not go Astray
Though shadoes fall, still the Stars find their way
image credit to Achiha-Azteca.

ooc: So short! I am being swallowed by work!
Currently championing:
You're not comfortable with this—it's just that simple. You've not been here long enough, you're not.. see, this is the thing: you've been here long enough to find some kind of rhythm, but not long enough to face the huge, unwavering fact that this is your home now. This is your life now. Your Mama, your friends, your huge, open plains—all gone. You're not sure you can find a way out of here, because you've tried, and you've made it this far without wanting to kill yourself simply by not thinking too closely about it. But this, this.. parade of whimsical and horrifying creatures, it brings it all to the forefront of your mind.

So you fidget in the shadow of the monstrous, towering beast lumbering at the back of the column. You're high-strung, a bundle of vibrating, restless energy and nerves. You want to break out, like lightning forking from a cage, but you can't. It seems to go on forever.

Then you're by a lake, one you've seen from the air, listening to the gentle elephant offer you further instructions, or perhaps they are still nothing but requests, pleas; you don't know. You've already agreed to helping, so with your breath trapped in your lungs to keep it from exploding out of you, you eat the strange-looking plant. Everyone else does without hesitation, so why not you, too?

Slowly, you wade into the waters after the others, but as they dive, you remain for a moment upon the surface, watching the glow of the others dim as they plunge into the depths. In the distance, a thunderclap spits out its low roar, and your body lights up with a glow. Now you, too, are a beacon in the deep, and you dive in, sinking to the others. The water closes above your head.

It's only when you've joined the group at the bottom you realize that Taivas isn't among them, and you can't see her light anywhere around you.
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
the Rift
In they all went, taking the malspira and leaving the Rift creatures upon the shore. The matriarch's eyes followed them for as long as she could, until the deep, dark waters swallowed the last of them. Now, there was nothing left to do but wait, and hope that the hearty equines were up to the task of relighting the hope at the bottom of the lake...


For a moment, nothing happens. The rocky path Otem found, and led the rest of them along, is quiet, as much as anything is quiet underneath the surface. It isn't easy to tell what is going on; the light is simply too murky, and the faint glow cast by some of the equine bodies doesn't extend very far. But—is that dark shadow a flash of movement? It comes again, closer, closer, until it is no longer a formless shadow flickering in the faint glow, but a pair of sirens unwilling to have their home disturbed. With bared fangs they charge at the group, frighteningly agile in the water. At the very last moment they pick their marks, one darting for Otem, the other for Waker.


Aurelia finds nothing of note.


Kiada finds nothing of note.


Taivas suddenly finds her path blocked by a siren; it seems to come out of nowhere. One moment it's just the murky lake, the next.. the siren's sharp teeth bared in her face, as it hung protectively between two stone pillars erected from the lake's rocky bed. A hiss made its muffled way through the water, bubbles escaping from its mouth. "What do you want? Why are you here?" it demands of the healer and Roscorro.

* Each round is 48 hours (give or take), and has no posting order. If you miss a round, don't worry - just post when you have a chance to!
* You're always welcome to jump in
* If you find the pace too high, let us know, and we'll slow down!
* Posts are encouraged to be 400 words or less.

If anyone's curious about the whys and hows of what's going on, it was determined via dice roll. I tried to do the grouping based on the posts, but some were fairly vague on with who they were close to (or not), so if it makes more sense for your character to be closer to someone else, just write it like that! :D If you want to include "is close to X" in the next round that's fine but not mandatory. :)
» Presence of the Rift «