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» The Tree of Light
Open Uwaritace 
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
The Tree of Light
It was time for something exciting to happen, something that embraced the Rift inhabitants in a way that they hadn’t felt since their arrival. And it just so happened to be the time worth celebrating, for granting gifts and happiness in any little way that they could. Kisamoa had started it, with his hope – now it was their turn to continue to favor. The Loricatrunc were the guardians of the great tree of the south – large elephant like beasts that originally had a bit of a temper had you gotten too close. But this was a day of celebrating, a day where they adorned small little trinkets on their tusks and merrily hummed as they pushed their magic against the harsh heat of Scorch to create a bubble a good distance around the tree – filling it with a nice relief of colder weather and soft fluffy snow. It wasn’t anything like the snow that Freeze had dropped upon the land with it’s unrelenting cold and icy temperatures – this was temperate, soft and nice and welcoming as light began to encompass the land. Where the tree had originally been blackened beyond repair from damage caused long before it was dragged to the Rift, the creatures worked together to create a healthy, decorated tree, with limbs both high and low to the ground for decorating.

Three Matrons stood near the base of the tree, the oldest and wisest one with wrinkles along her eyes from smiling stood among the center, flanked by two younger Loricatrunc that observed the work they had done. Originally these beasts couldn’t speak in a tone that most creatures could hear, but today they were trying something different, something that could bring the inhabitants to them and grant them a wish. A smile creased the corners of the eldest Matron’s face as she reached her trunk to the sky and called for them all.

Come everyone! We have gifts to give and happiness to spread!” The rumble shook through the lands as it left the eldest Matron’s lips. “It is a gift from us to you for bringing light back to the darkness. Come enjoy yourselves, talk and laugh amongst one another. Make friends new and old, and be happy.” They then waited for everyone to join, smiling at those that approached in wait. Joy seemed to swell through the little bubble created by the Matrons, pulsing and vibrating in a way that felt contagious.

image || coding

Welcome to the first Tree of Light of the Rift!

The rules are simple, decorate the tree with something of meaning (don’t worry, you’ll get it back! :D) and offer a little wish/prayer to the Matron’s in the front!

The first gift from the tree is for all those that have a companion from the Helovia transfer – your companion sickness is now healed! Feel free to display this in any way, as if breaking the bubble the talking resumes or whichever creative way you see fit! It’s not just in the bubble either, it’s completely healed!

Second, in the OOC part of your post, please choose what kind of wish/gifts your character would like! This can be anything from a new item to fixing a mutation that's either physical or on your magic! There will be rolls to see what you get that include other secret gifts, so feel free to toss a few things out you might like.

Have fun and happy holidays <3 The next post will be on December 26th!
» Presence of the Rift «

Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
Glass half empty, glass half full.
Well either way you, won't be going thirsty.
Count your blessing not your flaws.
Did he understand what was going on, no. But the joy and warmth that touched his soul when he felt the Matron's call was irritable for the soft hearted beast. A beckoning from those of the rift as they showed their gratitude to those who had brought a bit of light back into their realm. Though Roscorro didn't feel that he deserved such praise, or any form of present. All he had done was appear before this world's god. He had really just been following Gwyn. Yet he had been gifted a light of Hope. This Piece of Hope was to be shared with others, though the stallion did not know how to go about doing such a thing. Even though he was clueless, he would try to help save this world. Every little bit count, right? He wanted to believe in Kaos, because Kiada believed in him. Because he had taken a step forward in asking for their help and sharing the light he had found instead of coveting it. He wanted to believe that there was a god out there that actually cared about those within their realm. Only time would show whether or not his faith was well founded.

Never before had he stepped foot within the land of this towering tree. Never before had he seen in snow in a bubble while the rest of the world burned with heat. With a childlike curiosity the stallion entered within, bracing for the sudden bite of the cold. He was delighted to find that though it was cold, it was not nearly as harsh as the freeze he had faced when entering this land. The sensation of warmth and safety fell over him like a comforting blanket. Though the rift was dangerous, here they were safe. Able to enjoy themselves for a time. He let out a laugh of wonder, looking back where he had come to see the heat dancing upon the air. His wing shifted, his feathers ruffling in amusement and awe. "Incredible!" He breathed, his eyes resting on the Matron. "This is amazing." He approached the tree in a reverent manner, unsure of what he was to give. Or if he even wanted to. Did he really want a gift that he felt that he did not deserve? His eyes met the gentle gaze of the eldest Matron and his doubts faded. If he truly gave of himself, then he would be deserving. Reaching up with his claws he undid a small charm from his mane. Holding it gently in his paw he smiled down at it. It had been a gift from the mare that had raised him, and was very dear to him. He offered it as his gift, his only valued possession. He offered a quiet prayer before stepping away. talk talk talk

OOC: Rosco is a dork and is happy the way he is (or at least he doesn't really ponder about what he wants much). If possible could his mutation of heated blood be restored? Other then that throw random gifts at him!
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
K'yarie the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
It was strange, being invited by the Loricatrunc to come before the great tree. What was even stranger was that they had taken the trouble to transform the world before her into a winter paradise and proceed to offer gifts. Of course, this was all a result of the Pieces of Hope being spread forth among the world. Brought to them by their nightmarish god. It was strange. Which made it completely normal within the Rift. She was still cautious about Kisamoa, unwilling to place her trust in him or turn her back upon him. He was trying to bring light back to the rift. But he was a creation of different gods. Gods that had held their own opinions and agendas. A creature born from chaos. Therefore chaos was his nature. But she would go along with it. He honestly seemed to be trying. What harm was there in playing along and seeing where it went? Plus he had given her a beautiful light of hope. She wondered if it would die should she not share it? Though she hadn't found anyone to share it with anyways. She needn't worry about that for the moment. For now she would focus on receiving a gift from these grateful Matrons. But unlike Roscorro she had no item to give.

As she entered the wintery scene, she pondered what she could give. She knew it had to be a meaningful gift. Something told her that they would not accept any old items tossed into their hands. As she moved six stars seemed to grow brighter, larger as they danced upon her pelt. Like shooting stars these glowing orbs rushed forward as if they intended to break free of her skin. And break free they did. With not so much as a sound the six orbs lifted from her body, drifting away from her in all directions as they changed color. Ever now and again one would let off a loud bang as it turned green. K'yarie frowned inwardly, irritated with how the Rift had chosen to mutate her vanity magic. As the orbs circled her those with a connection to spirit would hear them whispering in strange gibberish. Not the normal gibberish of an ancient tongue, true unintelligible words. She knew what she would offer to their hosts. Stepping forward with a graceful, swaying gate. K'yarie gave a small bow as she urged one of her glowing spheres towards the eldest Matron. They were all she had, and she cared for them. These orbs had been her company on long, lonely nights. Lighting her way in the darkness. Now their connection was gone and they were nothing more than raving balls of gas. But still, they were a part of her. Would it be enough to receive of a gift in return?

talk talk talk talk
still, the flowers open as she passes
and the birds they sing to greet her
though she heaves blood.
there is grace in a steeple collapsing.
image credit to lrargerich @

Gifts for K'yarie.

>>Her orbs restored to their original state.
Glowing orbs, like gaseous stars that change their subtle hues, float around her. Lighting her way at night. It is said that those who have a connection to the realm of spirits can hear faint whispers, in an ancient tongue, coming from the orbs. Only K'yarie can understand what they speak. When not in use they disappear into the starry sky that is her body. The largest and oldest of these floating stars posses names and seem to possess personalities.

>>Purple and white, self wielding beads that can wiz around in the air and attack and pierce a target (like a bullet of sorts? They are the size of olden days shot). When not in use they rest in her mane and tail like decorations.
Ruwin the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
Was he entirely trusting of the situation that unfolded before him? No. He had never know the Matrons to be so welcoming and warm. Let alone offering gifts to those within this world. Then again, he had never been addressed by a makeshift god and given a light that filled him with hope before. Perhaps for once he could trust that ill would not come from this experience? With mechanical wings folded uselessly at his side, the lone stallion entered the bubble and stood before the ancient tree. It had been sometime since he had ventured into these parts. Some time indeed. Eyes resting on the tree, so tenderly decorated for the festivities, Watcher hung back. He allowed K'yarie and the dragon-horse to step forward and offer their own gifts. Waiting to see if the Matron would suddenly lash out. But peace reigned within the bubble of winter.

He had to admit that it was nice to escape the infernal heat. The cool air was refreshing as it kissed his skin. Crystal blue eyes watched the world around him, reflecting the sparkling light of the snow. Gifts had been promised as a sign of gratitude, yet they were still required to present their own item to these guardians. Somehow that did not add up in his mind and he gave an incredulous smirk. Still he stood on the outskirt of the merry scene, still unwilling to approach. He remained even after the others stepped back, alive and unharmed. Did he really want to play along? Ah, what the heck. He thought with a shrug. Might as well give it a go. He knew exactly what he treasured, and that it was required for this exchange. Snow crunching underfoot, the stallion approached the eldest Matron. Reaching down he unhooked one of his precious machine from his harness. The little spider-like machine made no complaint as he presented it to the elder. He already had in mind what he wanted in return as he muttered an awkward prayer.

talk talk talk talk
Hiding below my shadow yet dancing above my fears
I grip sorrow's edge as you crumble to fall at my soul's tears
I have not forgotten you,
but sometimes I cannot help feeling numb
image credit to jason-samfield @

Magic restored, no more being knocked out when he connects to his machines.

His wings restored to working order.

And a bottomless satchel.

Wind magic that, when combined with his wings, can give him flight for x amount of time/distance.
Otem the Hopebringer
Currently championing:

Otem was insanely pleased with the glowing orb that was now following her around. Not only did it fill her with a sense of purpose, but in this dark world it was nice to have a bit of light constantly. And that wasn't metaphorical; even though it was Scorch, there were still plenty of places around the Rift that seemed saturated with shadows and darkness.

But apparently this place wasn't one of them.

Hearing the Matron's call (and thinking that if it was Kisamoa, that he certainly sounded sick), Otem dutifully trekked forward. Although she was not especially fond of group gatherings, neither was she fond of being out of the loop. As the girl entered into the slightly-chilly winter wonderland, her eyes widened in amazement. Halting, wings tucked around her to protect against the slight nip in the air, for a moment all Otem could do was look around.  A few others had already gathered, but none that she knew. That wasn't so surprising, not anymore, although Otem did wish that just for once she could see a friendly face.

The tall woman-child watched as the others moved forward towards the Matron and presented small offerings. Nibbling her lip, Otem wondered if she should even be here. But then ... they had all been called, hadn't they? So how did the others know to bring gifts? Anxiety and uncertainty welled up within Otem like helium, lifting her awkwardness up until it burst from her lips in an extended exhale.

On her back, Pandora suddenly hooted loudly and spread her wings. Silently she beat them, golden eyes wide. >>You hear me now too?<< The owl asked her bonded as the sickness that had plagued her mind since coming through the portal slowly began to dissipate. With eyes adorably wide and sincere, Otem craned her neck around as far as she could to look at her owlet with dawning realization. "I can!" The girl exclaimed out loud, forgetting in her excitement that this communication could be done silently as well. With a wide grin Otem looked around, words of joy on her lips. 

But ... 

Where were all the other companions?

Looking around, Otem seemed to be the only one bonded to another soul. Swallowing down the scream of happiness that had lodged itself in her throat, Otem allowed herself a moment to silently vibrate happily at this new realization. What now? Otem whispered into the mind of the young owlet. Pandora nipped gently at the chain around Otem's neck. "But that's all I have of Isopia.." Otem whispered to the owl in a small and pitiful sounding voice. >>Not really Isopia.<< Pandora countered. To this Otem did not have an adequate reply, only her selfish desire to hold onto the item given to her, even if it wasn't actually the real voice of her mother. 

"Fiiiiiiiiie" Otem agreed finally, lowering her neck so that the necklace could fall down onto the ground. Pandora swooped low and grabbed it in her talons, and the pair made their way towards the Matron.

"Thank you for all of this." Otem mumbled uncertainly. The others hadn't really spoken out loud, but instead seemed to be offering silent prayers. Could the Matron read their thoughts? Should Otem use her telepathic magic, or was that over-doing it? Uncertain as always, Otem swallowed and dropped her eyes, as well as the necklace, at the feet of the Matron. Thank you for fixing whatever happened to the companions. That's more than I could have ever asked for. I uhm..I pray that we can use our healing light to help fix this place ... and that if there's anything else we should be doing that Kisamoa would tell us. And if he doesn't know what we should do, that he figures it out. I mean ... unless we aren't supposed to know, in which case...I guess we'll just keep trying ... Otem's telepathic prayer became a winding stream of her current thoughts. She only cut off her rambling when Pandora hooted at her hooves. So I guess that's all...unless... if Kisamoa could ever bring our families back? But.. This time Otem didn't need Pandora to tell her to shut-up. She realized it on her own and let out a little sigh. Never mind. I know that they're gone...sorry for asking.

Otem cleared her throat as she cut off her mental telepathy and took a few hasty steps backwards. Otem was surprised at how sad she suddenly felt, and was immensely glad she'd used her telepathy to offer her prayer, instead of saying the words outloud. How embarrassing would that have been? 

The autumn-girl offered a small apologetic smile and moved out of the way. 

Image Credits

This is so adorable!!! ty ty ty ty!!

Present ideas for Otem
- small glass bottles for her potions?
- Little charms to go in her mane (since they're part of her design but I never acquired them anywhere yet ooops

You may always use magic/force on/against Otem.
Currently championing: None
quote goes along the top like this
quote goes along the top like this
quote goes along the top like this

Hiding. That's what we've been doing for months now it seems. Ceto, seems to not of made it through the portal. My heart breaks for not only myself but Sapphira as well. The depression that followed the loss of one of my daughters, another piece of Brendan... Well, I can't say i've been the best mother. Certainly no mother of the year award coming here. Daenerys has stuck close to both of us, even if it seems that our bond has forever changed. I ache to hear her voice. But she has played with Saph, keeping my precious remaining daughter happy when I could not. I am just happy that I at least have them, while still wishing for the rest of our family. We come out of hiding as Scorch seems to be taking it's toll on our new 'home'. The heat, oh how I am thankful I am more built for the heat. Sapphira, well with her father's heavier build she does not handle it as well. So of course we move about seeking relief from the heat. I have to admit, this new land seems to be my own personal hell. It seems to take away or hurt everyone I love.

What we find, is well a shock to all three of us. One moment, its hot and i'm honestly worried for Sapphira's health, when we step into a Freeze wonderland. Not that it was as harsh as Freeze had been... In fact, it was just perfect. But the best part of all, happened as we neared the tree and the small group that was gathered around it. It's a miracle. My head jerked to my side so fast that if my antlers had not been attached they might of flown off. As it was, the silver chain that Brendan had given to me almost took flight. Dae? I questioned softly. I can hear you! She squealed into my mind. I can hear you too! I exclaimed. For a moment, I pranced in place like an over excited child. Sapphira was looking at me with a mix of joy and confusion. One day, if you ever get the chance to bond you will understand. We settled back down, heading closer to the tree. We should give something, to help decorate the tree. I knew she was right.... But the only thing I had was... I'll be careful. I know what it means to you.

I leaned down, and Dae moved in close to gently pull the chain from it's resting place. Very carefully, she moved to the tree as Sapphira and I looked on and hung it on the tree. I dipped my crowned head down, and sighed softly. So much had happened over the last few years, and I think this was the first time in a long time I had really stopped to think how lucky I really was. I had found love, I have one absolutely stunning daughter who is the perfect mix of Brendan and I... I have Daenerys....

Thank you I speak softly. Thank you for everything..

talk talk talk


Present ideas for Calypso
- beads/charms for her mane/tail
- pretty much up for anything! <3
Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta
the sun inside of her rages like wildfire
The heat of Scorch was unbearable. It was to the point where the spotted woman thought she should simply cut her mane and tail off in the hopes that it might relieve the amount of sweating she had done with such simple movements. She tried to bathe as often as she could, to relish in the colder atmosphere of the water, but it was hard to come across in this world – at least when you could reach it while it was still cool. A huff escaped her lips in her search, Khairi drooping over her neck and using his wings in an attempt at offering shade for the girl’s face and neck.

That was when she heard the call – it was unlike Kisamoa or anyone else she had heard. A sigh passed through her nose, but she did her best to find the energy to move toward it. From the distance she could see a small weird looking part in the world, almost like a shield of some sort. And she made her way toward that, closer and closer as she could get with the heat raging on. When she was finally in the distance where she could see what was inside the shield, it looked like snow! Excitement raced through her blood as she stepped into the bubble into the cold with the soft snow that crunched beneath her hooves.

The sweat began to freeze slowly against her neck and flanks, but she didn’t mind. She glanced around at who had all been gathered, then to the matrons that stood in front of a tree that was slowly becoming decorated with items and gifts. She tilted her head briefly before looking down to the ground with the thick snow and shaking her coat. Kiada then knelt down and rolled, happily, in the soft snow, coating her once too hot body with the cooling effects of the snow. When she stood, she had snow in her hair and covering a majority of her body, but she didn’t mind. This was far better than the sun before. A smile found its way to her lips as she began to make her way toward the elephant-like creatures before she paused, steadying her breathing before a coughing fit would encompass her.

A sensation both new and old tugged at Kiada’s mind. She looked around to see if anyone else felt it before Khairi dove to the ground in front of Kiada, his pale feathers blending in with the ivory snow. “KIA?” He screeched into the bond, it shook Kiada and she felt her legs begin to shake as she lowered her head to him. “Khairi?!” She breathed to him, eyes wide and watching as he nodded his head. “Thank the gods that I can hear you again!” He seemed to scream into the bond, her ears flicked back at the harshness of the sounds but she embraced the bird as much as she could. His white wings wrapped around her dark face, as his pale head buried itself along her cheekbones. “I’ve missed you so much.” She whispered, lingering in the touch of her companion before she lifted Khairi up with her nose and settled him along her withers.

She moved up to the eldest creature in the front, smiling as tears threatened to burn her eyes. Khairi, already knowing what Kiada wanted to offer in terms of décor, clutched her trinket of Kianzo and himself from her neck, sliding it over her head and moving to a branch to drop it off on. “Thank you for this.” She murmured to the oldest looking elephant creature. ‘I wish that my brother is doing well, wherever he is. I hope that my mother, father, and the rest of my siblings are doing fine as well. I hope we can cleanse this land, and I hope that there’s forgiveness among my fellow Helovian’s for Kisamoa’s previous actions.’ She offered as a prayer before dipping her head to the Matrons and moving to the side, looking at the others that had gathered as well as those with their companions.

and she is —
gold, gold, gold.

image | coding

eeee! Present ideas for Kiada!
- A bottomless bag to keep all her armor pieces in
- A couple of charms of a polecat and an elephant to symbolize her mother and father to add to the necklace of Zo and Khairi
- Her spine armor fixed so it doesn't hurt her when she activates it
- Her side effect from the Scint fixed!

Currently championing:
You're not too fond of this turn of events—the season, not the little floating ball of hope. Being thrown into the teeth of a winter far more vicious than any you'd ever experienced was bad enough, but instead of it melting into a long, cool spring, it seemed to thaw overnight and turn into a baking oven. Fortunately for you, your stay in the winter season had been brief enough that you hadn't grown any shaggy fur. You melt in sympathy each time you recall Taivas's thicker fluff.

After weeks of the searing heat, you're worried about the forests and meadows, the flora and fauna. How are they faring? Will they wither and die? Is this extreme weather normal? But so far, no one seems to have suffered undue harm; day activity is at an all-time low, you suppose, a time for finding baths, be they water or mud.

You're not doing much when the call hits you. It is different from the gentle call of Kisamoa—the one time you've heard the strange creature's call, that is, and you'd be surprised, and disappointed, if you ever learned how his first calls were orders—but it feels a bit the same. Bright, hopeful. Lazily, you open one eye and look at the floating orb next to you. Strange how a single thing in this vast, foreign world is capable of making you feel like everything is going to be okay, even though you can't get home to your loved ones.

You figure you're not the only one in this situation. Perhaps you have to find new loved ones here.

While it doesn't sound too bad, the pain is still too raw. You shove the thoughts aside, spread your dark wings, and take to the skies. The merciless sun shines on your sweat-soaked coat, but the temperature is more bearable the higher you go. You sigh in contentment, gliding in the cool air streams towards the strange, burnt-out tree. You're not sure what's so happy about that, but—oh.

Is this place intent on surprising you out of the air? Startled, you nearly drop on the tree itself, like you'd nearly dropped on Kisamoa, but you right yourself rather elegantly. Gone is the burnt-out husk, replaced with a frosty bubble (the temperature shift might've been part of your spook, too), snow and rime ice lacing every branch, glittering ornaments hung on it; the Loricatrunc have similar ornaments hanging from their tusks.

You wonder if you're supposed to hang your contribution on a tusk.

You smother a childish giggle and descend into the snow, disappointed to see Taivas hasn't made it yet. Many of the other faces are vaguely familiar. They were there when Kisamoa called them. One is new, accompanied by a deer. Feeling a bit sheepish, you watch as the bold supporter of the God lets her bird—you're envious, you also want a bird, you realize—hang a charm upon the tree.

You don't own anything but your body and your magic. Slowly, you take a deep breath, your long tail curving behind you.

Briefly, pressure builds in the air, before the distant sound of rumbling thunder is heard; you're not sure how it works, this magic of yours, because you only cause the noise, not the lightning, but the lightning causes the noise normally..? Ah, well—the gentle healing washes through those present, soothing aches and pains, and to brighten up the mood further, you start glowing. It is bright at first, like the lightning flash you can't produce, but gradually settles to something less intense.

Surprised, you look at yourself.

That's... new.

Shrugging, you dip your nose in the snow. You've given what you can, and you're a bit more festive to look at. Can't go wrong, right? Humming innocently, you do your best at rolling the snow into a ball, before pushing the tip of one wing in under it. You were never great at this, but practice makes perfect, or so they claim. Hoping it won't be taken the wrong way, you do your best to flick it off your wing, at Kiada (she was closest), grinning mischievously.

Waker uses his healing magic to glow! He is now very festive. He didn't have anything to hang on the tree. Then he tries to throw a snowball at Kiada.

Present ideas!
- Some charms/beads to put in his mane!
- idk fun things :D
Currently championing:
uh-oh, running out of breath, but I
oh, I, I got stamina

She was not sure why Roscorro had decided to lead them north (being distracted with whispering trees, herself), but she was glad that she had, as she entered the magical serenity that the giant creatures had created about the solemn figure of the mangled tree.  Her tall, haunting body was obscurred by decorations, however, and despite Gwyn knowing that the tree was still burned beneath, she found it much more enchanting this time around, than the fright Uwaritace had caused her, the first time she was here.

The evil voices that taunted and teased her fell away, replaced by the hush of snow, and her large protector's expression of amazement.  The filly is more quiet; her pale eyes search the surrounding, safe haven for a sign of her family, finding room for hope now that she wasn't so distracted by the darkness of the world.

They aren't here.  

Pain flashes through her eyes, deep and piercing, but she quickly looks down at her hooves, and pushes the feeling back inside.  They are all strangers here, except for Roscorro.  She looks back up in time to watch him place his charm on the tree.

What is that about?  She wonders.  Her brows arch inward, confusion and an utter lack of understanding replacing the crushing expression of a lost child in realization of her predicament.  She had never seen the other tree back home, and so has no sort of meaning to place to Roscorro's strange behavior.  She wasn't about to give the tree anything!

Others make their way to the tree, however, and do the same; each time they do, the giant animals guarding Uwaritace seem to smile with gratitude.  She watches this for some while, before a thought begins to nag upon her:  she was supposed to do this too, perhaps?  That thought necessitates a second; what would she give it?  All she had was the loop of her parents hair, and she would be damned if she let some long nosed, giant weirdos have it.

Maybe that was the real point, though, she thinks.  It certainly is complicated and confusing enough to be sensical to adults.  Looking at the little braided loop of gold and black, she feels her heart pang with loneliness for her parents, but does her best to ignore it as she slips the trinket off her ankle, and slowly makes her way to the laden Uwaritace.

Hi,” she tells both the solemn, burned trunk, but also the matrons, her pale eyes fleetingly looking at both; overwhelmed by a sense of her smallness more fully than she ever had been in her life, Gwyn nervously puts her loop of hair on one of the lower branches, where she can try to snatch it back from the titans, if they plan on keeping it.

Backing away from them slowly, the girl nervously positions herself alongside Roscorro, occasionally still looking around for a flash of gold, a lightning laden deer, or a snowy back.


Gwyn's wishes:
Enchanted Item :: Diamond snowflake charm :: Generates the smell of fresh snow and pine.
Medium Item :: Blue Cashmere Scarf :: Dark blue with gold thread pattern and tassels; very long.
Enchanted Item :: Leather Torso Armor ::  Dark leather lined with dark blue fabric, and detailed with gold thread.  It cools or warms as the weather necessitates.

Image by Jody Roberts@Flickr

I'm just wild
so sit the f#@k down

please tag gwyn for opening posts & mentions in group threads only
Currently championing:


We hadn't come to the call of Kisamoa.

This feminine bellow, however, hadn't made my belly clench fast with rancor, or make my eyes immediately narrow upon where it came from with loathing. Instead, I stop, and look towards the summons with lifted ears, and some measure of interest. Duir, too, looks out at it, a soft snort filling the growingly potent silence between us.

Most often, he could only express a single word, or a thought; even then, it only seemed to break through if he really meant it. This is not one of those times. Distracted, I don't notice he's trying to communicate with me until he snorts again. Looking at him quickly, I find his green and gold eyes looking at me with annoyance and concern, at first (a look all too common these days), before it melds into a softer expression. His dark muzzle bobs towards the sound, the ivy on his antlers wavering pitifully in the searing heat.

We leave together, and arrive the same.

At first, its only the matrons I see. Their size alongside the dead, towering tree is magnanimous, and they provide such a presence that its hard to take note of anything else. When the snow crunches beneath my hooves, however, light and crisp, the smell of home wafting up with each step, reality presses in on me, heavily, as it seems to want to do these days.

It's like the Giving Tree, from home; the same one I'd been to the years I'd lived happily in Helovia, before I'd arrived in hell. The people around it are smiling; Kiada and a stranger I don't know even play in the snow, their laughter like music, after so long in this world of howling wickedness. Dancing around their bodies are golden orbs of light; Duir watches them, their shapes reflected in his green eyes.

And moving away from the tree, perfect and alive, is Gwyn.

A feeling of relief and joy floods me, seconded by a solemn, cold fear, as I watch her stand alongside some... dragon-man.

Maybe I should be glad he's kept her safe, but I'm too upset by the thought that I've been replaced by some dragon. My ears flip back, and though I initially want to charge the asshole and run him through, it seems the gifts of the tree are not yet done being given.

Honestly, he'd fight wind, if hurt his feelings, a haughty, familiar voice chimes through my head.

Duir? I ask, stunned, looking towards him with amazement, too delighted to have him back to care he'd just insulted me, assuming I wouldn't hear.

Pausing from where he'd been trotting over to Gwyn, the deer looks back over his shoulder with shock on his face.

You heard? he answers, gold-flecked eyes wide; as he realizes he'd heard me too, his features bloom with elation, and he adds, I heard!

Looking over at the elephant-like animals, Duir asks me if I think that they may have had something to do with it; I can't help but think that they did, like he seems to. Together, we step towards the tree, occasionally looking over at my daughter with a sly grin, anticipating her girlish cry as she notices us standing beneath the tall tree and its guardians.

As I'd done last year in Helovia, I take off my horn ring, and put it on one of the boughs; Duir, too, does as he'd done before. Though his vines are wilted and not quite as grand as they might have been otherwise, he leaves a strand of the ivy which grows through his golden lined, cream antlers among the jutting limbs of the tree.

Rikyn's wishes:
Enchantment: The Black Mirror | Would like his mirror (already owned) enchanted to hold the souls of those who have died nearby it. The user can later summon the souls, who appear as spectral beings within the mirror's face, in order to ask them questions.
Enchantment: Expanding Bronze Alloy Armor | Would like his shoulder plate (already owned) enchanted so that it expands with a verbal cue into a larger set, which protects his full chest, back, belly, and sides.
Enchantment: Bronze Horn Band | Would like to enchant this item (already owned) so that inanimate objects he touches with his horn are temporarily turned into Fool's Gold.

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