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RP Wanted The Portal 
Currently championing:
even after the darkest of nights, dawn comes again
It all happened so fast.

When her senses had returned to as close to 'normal' as before the Moon Goddess' words had rung out across the Edge's misty woods, the dragonmare realised with startling clarity just how much the world had declined into chaos around them. While her depression, her shock had blinded her, numbed her to the goings-on, she hadn't realised fully the extent to which this Kaos' reached extended, the effect it had on the lands she knew.

Every one of them had known her hooves upon their surface at one time or another, she thought, anyway. As the end neared, she could not help but reflect on all that she knew, and the vast greater that she wished she knew.

We are going to die, Dramyrth.

I think not,
was his response, cool and confident, sure and allowing no room for his bondmate to deny him this belief.

How do you know?

We have too much to live for.

The dragonmare sighed, not sure what it was she was feeling at this moment, as her wings stretched out and cupped the winds that held her aloft over the ruined lands of Helovia. She was not immune to the push, the urgings to travel south, to the Marshes, the very lands that consumed her mother all those years ago. She couldn't deny that she was afraid, and once she identified that, she clung to the feeling, for at least it was something she could feel, something she could identify, though she was careful not to let it envelop here completely.

Dramyrth helped, as he always did. He buffeted her fear with courage, his sure heart carrying them through this time, reminding her of all it was they had to live for. Each other, naturally, and that would have been enough on its own, but he flashed images, memories tainted with powerful emotions through her mind's eye, of her newborn nieces, of her cousin-sister, of those she held great affection for, of those she loved and cherished and wanted to see live on even if Helovia fell.

They arrived at the Marshes alongside everyone else. They watched the battle unfurl - though it was hardly a battle, more like a massacre, a suicide mission to any who stood against the being Kaos.

That old numbness entered her again as she watched familiar faces go into the fight, as she swallowed the tears, the cries, the anguish of wanting to intervene, to save and rescue and protect and preserve - but it was impossible, as she stood by her family, her familiars, her bondmate and cousin and Mesec and their daughters. She stood amongst them, and then moved forward with them as the portal opened, as its yawning, gaping mouth ushered them onwards.

Dramyrth… was the last thought that went through her head while she still stood upon Helovian soil.

Everything went black - or, well, everything seemed to cease, and black was the only word suitable to describe the sensation. Even the bond went silent, and the dragonmare knew that she existed only by the fact that her consciousness still clung to something telling her she was alive, that she was still Amaris even if she felt nothing else but this strange feeling of bland consciousness.

Then her hooves were upon soil again, and her weight settled upon them, her legs snapping into place, Dramyrth's claws once again pinched her back, his mind still present (but distant, like before, when she had left Helovia and he had grown sick, but he was alive still, not unwell, just.. distant).

And then her eyes were open again, though she didn't remember closing them, she didn't remember telling them to close, or even to open once more.

The world was different.

She was alone, except for Dramyrth.

Her lungs tried the air, taking deep gulps of it - she had not realised that she had been holding it.

With her stance wide and her wings spread, she stood, gasping, calculating, trying to stop the storm of emotions from hitting her and wiping her out.

They were alive.


She couldn't hear Dramyrth's reply if he gave one, couldn't feel his sure, steady emotional core, but she could physically feel him, his talons upon her back, his weight upon her withers. He purred deeply, hoping to soothe her, and it worked, to an extent.

Where are we? she couldn't help but ask, reach out for him, the habit too well formed in her to cease so soon.

"Tandavi…?" she asked out loud this time, testing her voice, hearing it whisper between the trees as it left her lips. Amaris breathed again, steadying herself, though still barely grasping onto this new reality, this new world which would never see the faces of those who had sacrificed themselves for her and whoever else wandered to the realm to survive, to live.

Someday, she would make the conscious decision to honour their sacrifice, to live. But today, she hurt too much. Today, the wounds were still too raw, too fresh.

She was caught between her emotions, too numb to move, too shocked to scream, too scared to do anything but stand there, and wait for whatever was to come to come.

A m a r i s

littlewillow-art | whimzi
on deviantart


:: [ Magic: FirexLight (U) | Can summon 5 small (plain), or 2 large (royal) dragon apparitions who can breathe fire ]
:: [ Restrictions | Difficult to maintain; each dragon can use one fire breathing ability per summoning ]

:: [ Magic: LightxSpark (U) | Via illusionary bolts of lightning 'mindshock' is induced in another, triggering a severe static-y migraine or temporary crippling paralysis. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Requires permission outside battle. Effects last 30 seconds in battle. ]


:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Able to bond to 2 companions. ]

:: [ Item: Electrum Whip | A sturdy whip forged in arcs of lightning and fire, when in use, it crackles and leaves burns in its wake; has a leather core and is coated in electrum, giving it a silver-gold finish. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can be somewhat unwieldy to use. ]

:: [ Item: Medium Mutation | Genetic Mutation. Blood is liquid silver. ]


:: [ Companion: Gold Dragon | Fire Breath & Frost Breath | 1 yr 4 mos ]

:: [ Moon Amulet ] (contains her mother's illusion magic) :: [ Kaos Amulet ] :: [ Kaos Amulet ] :: [ Sun Amulet ] :: [ Moon Amulet ] (given to Mirage by Moon Goddess forever ago, contains magic to be able to turn into a shadow and travel across the lands)

No major or permanent appearance changes please!

@Rift Presence @Tandavi @Mesec @Vesper ???
Rift Presence
Currently championing:

If the shadows could like their chops, they would. One could feel the saliva dripping from these unseen, non-extant, shadow-jowls. And that saliva came as rain, thick and drenching across your coat. It sinks into your skin, coating between your scales; tasting, tugging, ripping, as if ephemeral teeth were apart of this never-ending torrent.

the Rift


Offensive: Can summon fire-breathing dragon apparitions.
Defensive: Hallucinogenic saliva seeps out from under scales. (see Amulets)
Unseen jaws crunch nearly audibly on your other magic.

Offensive: Electrum whip, that crackles and leaves burns in its wake. Has a leather core and is coated in electrum, giving it a silver-gold finish.

Blood is liquid silver.

The drops of godsblood you carry suddenly feel slick and slimy against you skin, as if they are coated in drool. And it begins to spread from the amulets, dripping from your skin and slipping beneath your scales. So coated are you, that you feel you will never be dry.... and you won't. The Rift's saliva has found a home beneath your scales...but I wonder what will happen if you get it in your own mouth?

Dramyrth : Dragon
OOC Obtained: 26 March 2016
Rift Birthdate: Mid Scorch 1172
» Presence of the Rift «

Otem the Hopebringer
Currently championing:


After hearing that Iskra's magic had changed (and not necessarily for the better) when he had come through the Rift, Otem had taken it upon herself to try and warn those still coming through. Her mother had died in an attempt to protect everyone - wasn't it Otem's responsibility to continue her work on the other side?

"Don't let it get you-" But the girl's words were lost amidst the crunching sound of whatever it was eating bits of the Helovian's magic.

Once the sound of bones breaking had gone, the small ram-horned filly came out of the foliage. Although she had never met Amaris (???), Isopia had told her children of her life in the Edge and the dragon-mare who had served the Moon Goddess alongside her, and aided with her quest. "Amaris?" Otem called out slightly hesitating, wondering if she had the right mare. But who else could be so adorned with scales and leathery wings? Surely this had to be the one her mother had told her about?

"Did it get you?" Otem asked cautiously, sniffing the air to see if Amaris suddenly smelled like wet socks the way that Iskra did.

Image Credits

You may always use magic/force on/against Otem.
Currently championing:
even after the darkest of nights, dawn comes again
Had Amaris been her mother, perhaps the encroaching shadows would not have unnerved her so. Had Amaris not been Amaris and instead been the DragonHeart, the shadowmare, the dark lady who danced amidst the shadows, perhaps she would have welcomed the creeping, crawling, stretching, yawning darkness that reached towards her, instead of twitching, flinching, jumping sideways. The motions were all useless, and once she realised that pain was not the shadow's objectives, she calmed somewhat - she could still hear Dramyrth's purrs, still feel him, and though he paused a moment while the shadows crossed over him, he reassured her through his touch that he was fine, that she was fine, that they were still alive even if this strange world was intent on swallowing them whole.

It swallowed something, anyway. Amaris could hear the gulp, the swallow, even as she felt the strange, sickly, sticky saliva coat her. Were they being consumed?

When the strange 'light' of the realm returned, and the sensation of being dripping wet lessened, Amaris knew she had been … changed. Physically, her scales felt slick, damp, as if they were seeping some kind of oily, perpetually wet substance - her scales had always glistened in the sunlight, but now they seemed to attract all photons of light, mirroring this strange land on the golden planes of her bodice.

Stretching a wing out experimentally, she sniffed the scales that lined it, viewing these changes with a critical stare, testing it with the flick of her tongue flashing between golden lips.

She wasn't left alone to learn about these changes for long, however, as her name was spoken by…

By Isopia.

The dragonmare blinked, and when her gaze fell upon the mare again, it wasn't the Mountain that Knows, it wasn't her Seer, her friend, her mentor and idol. No, it wasn't Isopia, but a mare who so looked like her that her heart broke all over again. Otem, she thought she recalled, though without her beloved Dramyrth's thoughts right beside her own she was left wondering if even that fleeting, momentary meeting on the borders of her former home with her former Seer had even happened…

"Yes," she supplied, though the word was offered somewhat uncertainly, hinting at the varying emotions that ran through her - relief, for they were alive; an impending sense of grief, for all who were not alive; fear, for where was Tandavi and her family?; and above all that deadening, all-encompassing numbness that seemed to wash everything else aside and leave her feeling raw, vacant, empty.

"But I appear to be mostly intact, though I cannot hear Dramyrth's thoughts like I used to before, I can still feel him.." at this she glanced to the golden dragon who lay upon her back, sniffing at the damp scales he sat upon but decidedly not doing anything else.

"Are you alright?" she turned her attention back to the young mare, as her numb mind slowly reminded her that she was alone, that there were others most likely being affected by whatever it was that 'welcomed' newcomers here, and that they were probably affected in different, varying ways, if the general strangeness of the realm was anything to go by.

"And your -" family, she was going to say, but then paused, for she knew that Isopia was one, she had seen it, the way the Mountain made her final sacrifice, to give them the chance to live on, "- brother, and father, are they alright too?" She thought it a safer question to phrase, for she had heard Volterra's trumpeting call, his summons, his protective ushering of his children, and Amaris knew Otem and her brother to fall in that definition.

A m a r i s

littlewillow-art | whimzi
on deviantart

Otem the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
another mind, another soul, another body to grow old.
it's not complicated.

Otem's heartbeat slowed slightly as Amaris confirmed she was indeed Amaris. The sunlight and soil dappled girl was not extroverted by nature, no matter how clearly the face she presented to the world suggested that she was. Unlike Isopia, the Mountain's daughter did understand social norms and expectations and was happy to conform to them if only to hide the darkness she felt inside. Nevertheless, she would have felt awkward if she'd just ambled up to a complete stranger.

Otem's gaze followed Amaris' to the dragon coiled upon her spine. The golden beast didn't seem to be bothered by the glistening moisture seeping from the dragon mare's scales, but then again Otem knew little of dragons. Hubris and Babel had followed her around to keep an eye on her, but Otem had been interested in other things and had thought there was more time to learn of her draconic babysitters. "It will get better."  Otem offered reassuringly, as if it were her place to make the older mare feel at ease. "The same thing happened with Pandora and I", she continued knowledgeably, nodding her ram-horned head to where her tawny companion sat. "There were some whose companions abandoned them ... You're lucky the portal didn't take him from you."

Otem gulped down a surge of emotions as Amaris' attention was turned back upon her. No, she was not alright, but she wasn't going to talk about that now. Not with Amaris. Probably not with anyone. She was devastated that Isopia was gone, but her sorrows had filled her with what felt like a midnight ocean of cold water. It sloshed through her, numbing the parts of herself that used to feel joy and happiness and love. Now those things were merely displayed on her body by forcing her muscles to remember how to smile, laugh, and seem happy.  "Yep. Father's entire hoard made it through I think." Otem forced a chuckle, "Or at least the ones I know about anyways. It really is hard to keep track of them all. I don't know how he does it." The girl rambled with a shrug of her youthful shoulders.

"There aren't herds or anything here ... at least not that I've seen. It really isn't like home at all." Otem glanced over her shoulder her ears straining. Would the thing come back? If they stayed long enough would it decide that they didn't deserve the magics they had been left with, and would try to take more from them? Otem's magic hadn't been effected by her entrance here, but that didn't make her any less nervous about this place. "But we really shouldn't stay here. Bad things seem to happen.."

art by Chloe!



You may always use magic/force on/against Otem.
Currently championing:
even after the darkest of nights, dawn comes again
The illusion had been so convincing, the image of Isopia standing there before her, speaking her name, enquiring after her wellbeing - she ached for it to be real. But it hadn't been real, it couldn't be, because she was gone, dead, sacrificed to the dark neon beast who brought them all here.

She felt a nudge from Dramyrth - their bond, whilst not what it used to be, was still there, and snippets of feelings seemed to dribble through between them. It was a blessing, a lifeline, it grounded her more than anything else could have. As he nudged her scaled wither with his maw, he flicked his tongue out to wipe away the moisture that gathered.

It was momentary, brief, a flash of a strange vision encroaching upon the dragonmare's mind, before the link was severed again, and Amaris was left wondering what had happened. Silent again, Dramyrth merely blinked, his purrs turning into uncertain growls for a moment as he shook his head, evidently also shaking away the strange images of neon lights pulsing all around them that had surfaced in his mind.

What was happening to them? Seeing things that weren't there, being coated in a strange slime, being here, alive but changed - had Amaris not been born to a land that where unusual was more common than usual, she might not have been able to cope with everything that was happening.

And well, she wasn't coping, not really. Amaris was putting on the strong face while another stood so near to her, she was swallowing the despair and welcoming the numbness that would allow her to continue on with this charade of 'normalcy'.

The girl spoke reassuring words, and Amaris felt ashamed that such a young girl would be forced to live through these events so soon, that she would be the one to offer reassurances to her, not the other way around. "You're right," she murmured in response, offering a thin smile that held no sincerity behind it - it was just a mask, a feigned motion that had no effort or truth behind it at all. Yes, Amaris knew that she was fortunate to still be alive, with her companion - and when she heard that some companions had left the sides of their bonded on their journey here, she felt a very real pang of guilt flare, as if it were her own fault, though that in itself was puzzling.

Concern bloomed within her then, as the girl spoke of her many siblings with such dismissive gestures, even shrugging them aside with a motion of her shoulders. Amaris was aware of Volterra and his many children, and she had assumed that Isopia knew as well, and that the children would be raised knowing this, accepting this as the norm - could it be that Otem was not appreciative of sharing her genetics with so many?

But was it even Amaris' place to be concerned?

She had cared about Isopia, very deeply, and she cared about Volterra too - by extension, even in her numb state, she cared about Otem and her brother too.

Still, was it her business? Why was she filled with the urge to reach out to the girl, to pull her into an embrace and help her face the tortures they had all just been through?

Amaris nodded as Otem spoke, acknowledging her words, though her gaze was sharp, enquiring - she wanted to bring this up again later, wanted to discuss it, to get to the heart of it, perhaps even to commiserate openly about the loss of Isopia, for if Otem felt emotions even a fraction of the way Amaris did, she knew the loss of her mother was not something one simply chuckled away.

"Home is where the heart is," Amaris said softly, taking a step forward, stretching out a wingtip to gently touch the side of the girl's neck, offering a more sincere smile to her.

"Yes, we should keep moving," she agreed, withdrawing her wing, and motioning to begin walking away. "I need to find my family," she began, before pausing - she didn't want to seem dismissive of Otem's presence. "I am glad to know you are alive, thank you for finding me - you are welcome to travel with me as long as you like if you so desire."

It was a genuine offer, a plea, an opportunity for the dragonmare to cling to something from her homeland, something she did not want to let go of, even if Otem was far too grown up for a mother's doting affection, Amaris felt herself wanting to give it to her anyway (if only the girl would accept).
A m a r i s

littlewillow-art | whimzi
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Otem the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
another mind, another soul, another body to grow old.
it's not complicated.

Although Otem could be sure that it certainly wasn't Amaris' intention to say anything emotionally off-putting, her words nevertheless caused a golf-ball sized lump of sadness to form in the back of the girl's throat.

Home is where the heart is. All sorts of mellow dramatic thoughts flowed into Otem's mind, fueled by youthful angst. I don't think I have a heart anymore, the mental thread started. I am black inside. I don't feel anything anymore. Maybe I never did. But of course she couldn't say this. Unlike Isopia, Otem was very in tune with what society expected of her and she always tried to act accordingly. It would be something like blasphemy to ever reveal that while she looked like a normal girl on the outside-and acted like one too-that inside she felt very very different from everyone else.

Still, Otem kept her face almost blank, looking only slightly expectant and perhaps a bit curious at Amaris' words. She even allowed a smile to part her lips as the dragon mare's strange wing brushed against the side of her neck, despite the fact that Otem hated physical touches just as her mother had.

"I met someone - Erthe I think her name was - who said this place would never be our home. But I think you're right. This could be home now, for those who want it to be."

A genuine smile did spread across Otem's tawny face as Amaris' extended an invitation to travel with her. Already the girl had been trying to parse out what she should do next - Politely say goodbye? Make up some sort of excuse so that Amaris wouldn't feel bad or obligated to take her back to Volterra? That the older mare had offered before things became awkward reassured the sunlight and soil dappled child that her presence was wanted. Otem hated feeling like a burden.

"Sure!" Otem chirped, moving forward to match whatever pace the older mare wanted to set. "Who are they? Since there are no herds, its been a bit tricky to find anyone. There doesn't really seem to be anywhere in particular that everyone is going." Not unlike Amaris, Otem felt a swell of emotion inside herself directed towards the other. She had known her Mother. She had even liked. So many had just known of Isopia, or thought that she was simply odd or difficult or both (which she often was). To find someone who wasn't her Father who liked The Mountain was rare indeed. And even if they didn't say another word about Isopia, knowing that those thoughts and memories existed within Amaris made her like a shining light in Otem's blackened heart.

art by Chloe!


You may always use magic/force on/against Otem.
Currently championing:
”Amarees?” Her accented voice seems to come from someone else, from some ghost version of herself, as it wafts through the darkness and mists. Luckily for Yael, she is the only one with such vocal qualities, and to her friend, she hopes there can be no mistakes as to who calls her name. This seems a familiar scene, what with the mists and all, as each woman has found the other in some part of the Edge’s fog-wrapped forest. But this, as they both know, is entirely different. Too different. Heart-breakingly different.

Her normally lean, rib-tight body swells with a giant child, and she can no longer hide it. Not that she’d want to keep this a secret from her friend, but Yael doesn’t want the focus to be on her. She doesn’t deserve that type of attention (it is an odd sort of mental oscillation that she rides, swinging from one end to the other on several emotional axis). “Amarees, ees zat you?” Slowly, two shapes begin to take shape until the tiny mare is all of a sudden upon the both of them. She offers the filly, who carries an edge of familiarity in her features, though Yael obviously cannot know who’s daughter she is, a weary smile. They seemed to be a little more upbeat than the rest of the Helovians, and it makes the mother in her quite glad.

Until she sees the slick coat of Amaris’s skin, that is. Brown eyes go wide as Yael takes it in. She’d been burned by molten metal, but the wounds from the God’s blood would heal in time. It is normal. Slime? How does one get rid of that?. She refrains from asking anything aloud, sure that the woman could see the questions and concern in her gaze.

Zani could care less, of course, letting out only the occasional, pitiful yowl of protest to her now rocking gait. He is a most unhappy little kitten.


a lover of the light


@Otem @Amaris
-crash lands- Sorry not sorrrrrry
Currently championing:
even after the darkest of nights, dawn comes again
Thrown as she was into this situation, tilted, off-kilter, Amaris did not notice a difference between the girl's false-smile and true-smile. Perhaps, had she been less numb, less altered and more 'herself', she might have noticed the subtle difference, the way the girl hesitated a mere fragment of a moment before reacting, the way her body rejected the touch through its silent, miniscule tensions - Amaris was blind to it all, unseeing, wilfully ignorant of seeing anything but what she wanted to see in this child of the Mountain she had loved. And whenever she was back to 'herself', would this wilful blindness be lifted? Would she be able to identify that which made Otem different, made her numb, ignorant to the throes of feelings and emotions yet all the more intelligent, smarter, cleverer for it? It was impossible to know.

Otem spoke of things others had said, and Amaris nodded, vaguely recognising the name, though not necessarily agreeing with the words. Amaris had had many homes in her short lifetime, many herds, many realms, though Helovia had always been at the heart of them, the land her soul yearned for - Helovia was no longer to be, no longer an option, no longer possible, though hope still lingered stubbornly within her, she knew she should move on, start the healing process now - even if the only way she could do that was to swallow the despair, the grief, the depression that wanted to consume her whole.

A smile curved her lips as the yearling agreed to join her, at least in this wandering, and she set off at a brisk walk, happy for the movement and the company in this uniquely odd moment.

Amaris listened to Otem's words again, her curiosity urging her to ask more about what the girl had learned so far but not voicing them yet. "Tandavi is my cousin, and her daughters, Neara and Savera, are my relatives by blood. But there are many more whom I consider family." Would it have been too forward for her to tell Otem she held affection for her, even if she knew nothing of her aside from her parentage? Would it be foolish to tell her of the friendship she held with Volterra, her father, of the truly profound way her heart missed Isopia's presence, of how it had broken when the then-Seer had stepped down, had ventured to the Throat to be with him, to birth this girl and her brother..?

It was too much, Amaris knew, and so she held her tongue on that fact, trying to think of all the names of those she cared about, and wondering at how the list had grown so great in such a short expanse of time. Be still, my aching, breaking heart, she pleaded with herself, shoving aside that rising despair that always danced just beneath the surface of her level of control.

Amarees? the question came on tones she knew all too well, tones that lifted her spirits, the raised her heart rate, that caused excitement to thrum happily through her veins. "Yael," she breathed, pressing onwards, finding the mare - the very pregnant, bruised and battered and burned golden mare, thrilled to see her alive at least. "Yael!" she greeted happily, trotting forward, wanting to reach out and touch her, embrace her - but remembering her altered state, the watery saliva that now coated her, that had uncertain affects upon her or anyone who touched it. Who knew what it might do to one with open wounds, with a child growing in their womb?

"Are you alright?" she asked, before gesturing to herself. "It would appear the touch of this place affected us both in different ways - I'm not sure if this new wetness upon my scales is harmful or not."

She turned back to Otem, to ensure she knew this beautiful golden mare was another friend, another member of the family Amaris had etched onto the sides of her heart.

"Otem," she purred, "this is Yael. Isopia named her Sage of the World's Edge," (when the World's Edge was still a place that held physical significance in their hearts.) "Yael, this is Otem, Daughter of the Mountain that Knows, and my treasured friend and knowledgeable companion in this strange place." She didn't know whether they knew each other already, whether Isopia had managed to introduce her daughter to everyone before everything fell apart - she was only going on the assumption that Yael greeted only Amaris by name and peered with silent questions that they were as yet unintroduced, and so hoped to rectify that.

A trickle of comfort, of solace, was found in the mare, as she experienced a sense of déjà vu, of three kindred spirits reuniting, even if one of those was the daughter of the third soul - it didn't matter, for Amaris' heart beat all the happier for it regardless.

A m a r i s

littlewillow-art | whimzi
on deviantart

Happy to work this towards fading to black in the next few posts and maybe pick a new thread with them all - sorry for the wait ladies <33
Otem the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
another mind, another soul, another body to grow old.
it's not complicated.

"I met them!" The words burst from the ram-headed girl's lips, fueled by her excitement and desire to please. If asked, she likely wouldn't have been able to articulate the names of the odd twins that she had met, but hearing their names rolling of off Amaris' tongue struck an instant chord of recognition in the girl's mind. "They are young, and one is blind?" She hesitantly added, still feeling confident, but wanting to be sure. "They were in the woods..well, not really woods. There wasn't nothing like it back in Helovia. The trees were.." Otem paused. She had no words for many of the things she'd come across already in the Rift, but if felt strange not to be able to describe the types of trees there were. Then again, how could she possibly know it was a tropical rainforest? "...well, different. But it isn't far. Should we go there next?"

At Yael's approach, Otem could feel her body (and mind) want to instinctively harden. So she worked extra hard to smooth out the creases of her face and smile as the golden mare arrived. Inside her body the filly could feel a shard of ice begin to gather, poking her in the gut. The two mares addressed each other with such familiarity that Otem felt nearly certain Amaris' would bid her goodbye and go off now that she had located someone she actually knew. If life hadn't been so rough on the girl from the very start it likely would have taken her much longer to become as jaded as she already was.

That was why, even as Amaris introduced the mare as Yael, a woman that Isopia had indeed told her daughter about many times, the autumn-coloured girl was still skeptical that she would now be anything but a third wheel. Just as she was about to make up an excuse to leave before she was pushed out ("I really have to go find my twin, I just remembered! Sorry! Bye!"), the last bit of Amaris' words to Yael caught in her ears the way a branch might snag ones' mane: ...and my treasured friend and knowledgeable companion in this strange place. For a moment Otem thought that Amaris must be speaking of Isopia, but of course that couldn't be... then...then Amaris was talking about her?

Joy filled her small chest like a helium balloon, and a glistening smile replaced the falsely polite one which she had donned for Yael's arrival. "Hello Yael." She greeted, mis-matched eyes closing as her head dipped slightly. "My mother told me about you. She didn't often speak highly of anyone ... but she did of you. It's nice to meet you."

art by Chloe!


I'm happy to fade and pick up elsewhere!

You may always use magic/force on/against Otem.