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If you need help with anything, do not hesitate to ask questions in the appropriate forum, the discord channel, or via PM. We don’t bite. :]

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What is an OOC account?

Am I required to make an OOC account?

How do I link my OOC account with my characters’ accounts?

How can I delete a character account?

How many characters can I have?

How do I edit my profile?

How do I tag someone?


What are the limitations on my character’s appearance, mutations, items, and/or magical abilities?

Can I join with a companion?

How many magics can I join with?

How do I set my character’s age?

What differentiates a magical ability from a mutation?

Where do I make my first post?

When my character goes through the Portal, what decides if their magic and items are kept?

Can I join with normal items?

How can I obtain art of my character(s)?

How are character ranks obtained?


Do I have to post with a table?

Is there a max table width?

How did my non-native character wind up in the Rift?

What narrative style should I use?

ICly, how should I properly indicate the end of a thread?

Do all characters involved need to write "exit posts" in order for a thread to be completed?

Is it beneficial to complete threads?

How do I archive a thread?

Will my character encounter Riftian creatures?

Do I have to be a good writer?

How do I get involved in site events?

What is a SWP (Site Wide Plot)?


What are enchanted items versus normal items?


How do I get magic?

What types of items can my character craft?


How do I get a companion?


What is a trial?

Do trials auto-fail after a certain date?

Can I trial for anything?

When interacting with a Riftian creature for my trial, who do I tag?

If I join with an enchanted item or magic that is eaten by the Rift, can I trial to get the same thing back?

Rift Force

What is Rift Force?

Why is Rift Force important?

Do I get RF from my Portal thread?

Can I use my Portal thread as a ‘Participated in Rift Presence encounter’ RF?

Does a thread have to have 6 posts even if my character posts 3 times to claim RF?

Do I need a thread to get ‘join a herd’ RF?

Rift Presence and Rift Havoc

What is Rift Presence?

What is Rift Havoc?


How do I join a herd?

I have been accepted into a herd but my rank hasn't changed. Why?

How do I join my herd's Discord channel?

Do I have to join a herd?


Is there somewhere to suggest my ideas for the site?

Can I create creatures and/or flora that are not listed in the guidebook? Or suggest new words for the Glossary?