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» Arcs, Hotfix, Survey Resuts 14 December 2017, Long overdue update with Character Arcs, Character Hotfixes, and Survey Results! Along with a few more things.

» Fighting, Stealing, and Prowess 16 August 2017, Characters may now fight, steal, and earn Prowess. Make sure to read their GB sections and visit the Prowess Log!

» SWP : Reign of Kaos | Explore the Rift 7 August 2017, Information about the current SWP and a way to keep track of character involvement!

» Breeding 7 August 2017, Breeding may now occur between characters and is accessed from the User CP!

» Shortcodes 30 July 2017, you can use shortcodes for easy linking!

» Claiming Rift Force! 28 July 2017, Claiming RF is now automated in User CP!

» Kisamoa & Western Mists Guide 27 July 2017, What's this?! A new part of the Rift has been released from the shadows!

» Kisamoa & Southern Seas Guide 20 July 2017, Kisamoa has reappeared and the Southern Seas guide has been released! Enjoy :D

» News Update! 19 July 2017, Archiving, Items, Magic, & more!

» Introducing: Trials! 16 July 2017, we have introduced the Trials systems!

» GB Update! 16 July 2017, please read our GB updates about RF, vanity magics, and mutations!

» Welcome! 13 July 2017, please read our welcome thread and explore around the site!

Character of the Month

ROSCORRO came into the Rift as a loveable, strange creature. He became similar to a father figure for the young lost children in the world as well as an adventurer, keeping an eye out for those who need it most. Despite the hardships of his past, he has an incredibly large heart that the Rift continues to test. He still moves on against the odds and we can’t wait to see where it takes him! Congratulations!

Thread of the Month


Quote of the Month

"I challenged Kisamoa. I told him how he’d wronged me and hurt me incredibly bad. And he gifted me a trinket with magic. It wasn’t a lot, but there was a feeling with it that almost felt like a warm embrace. And I realized that perhaps despite everything he’d done, perhaps it was in an effort to save what he loved too – this land. It was dying before we came here. Our magic and explorations have revived parts of it. Despite how dark and horrible it can be, I think there might be something more for us in the end." -- Kiada in » a home away

Pair of the Month

Gwyn & Roscorro
They are the strangers made friends through a small amount of desperation. Gwyn tries her hardest to ignore the fact that he’s there while she continues to search for her father, Roscorro with his huge heart became her protector to help her in whatever trials the Rift has brought for the small filly. Her snarky mouth toward him keeps us wanting more of their interactions! We can’t wait to see how their relationship goes! Congratulations!

Early Scorch, 1174

Scorch hesitates as it comes to the Rift, as if the first of any truly bright sunlight to touch the Rift since the Portal’s opening need to survey the changes of the land and its inhabitants. Relatively comfortable temperatures persist for a few weeks; however the bright sunlight Freeze’s lingering icy snow gives rise to many cases of Scalds. Gradually Scorch’s heat builds, making itself known remarkable displays of heat lightning arcing through the skies. The slowly melting snow does provide for an unusually lush overgrowth of flora and fauna alike early in the season. Though, this gift turns to a curse late in the season as wildfires sweep across the abundant kindling. Luckily, this season yields very few of Scorch Wildfires, the magical deathtraps of the season. Overall, it’s a rather… docile season for the Rift.

Map of the Rift

Created by Kaos, the Portal is a shadowy place filled with smoke and mist that curl around thick trees and vines. Bright, hungry neon eyes blink in and out of the ethereal glow that creates deep shadows everywhere you turn. The Portal serves as the main entryway to the Rift, so travel with a wary eye and a healthy dose of caution.
» Threads: 7 » Posts: 44 » Last Post: Eyes in the Dark 39 minutes ago by K'yarie
The eastern regions of the Rift, though deceptively flat, are far from lifeless. What may, at first, seem to stretch as a lifeless and monotonous landscape quickly reveals itself as a minefield of dangers and delights. Starting at the eastern coast with its heart as the Halcyon Flats, this absorbed land stretches inland as a desert. Any life that succeeds here must learn to hide in plain sight. As one passes through the edges of each land, they are shrouded in dim shadows and distorted light.
In place of the beautiful, eye-tricking tidal flats are bright and fluorescent mirages as far as the eye can see. Though, don’t trust your eyes, for whatever they reveal to you is merely a ploy to trap you in the endless expanse of quicksands that stretch this region’s empty heart. Of course, this quicksand isn’t quite like any other; anyone who touches it experiences hallucinations of all kinds.
» Threads: 1 » Posts: 4 » Last Post: you'll be safe in my arms 11-10-2017, 10:48 AM by Cahira
Other than Halcyon’s salt flats, most of the eastern coast is rocky and flat, creating the perfect conditions for tidepools. These briny pools range in size from mere puddles to small lakes-- but all are filled with a vast array of vividly fluorescent life washed in daily by the ocean’s unpredictable tides. Clinging to what little sandy soil is scattered among these craggy shores are clumps of mangroves. These hardy trees provide sheltered and shadowed roots for all manner of creatures and traveller alike.
» Threads: 1 » Posts: 5 » Last Post: » damned if I do 10-30-2017, 05:43 PM by Castiella
The pale desert sands darken to an indigo-black, marking the edges of a large tar pit. Deep indigo tar fluoresces and hisses whenever it comes in contact with life. The sticky, deadly tar has a pungent scent to warn of its dangers. However, a large pool of slightly sour-tasting water collects here--one of the few sources of liquid in the desert.
» Threads: 1 » Posts: 7 » Last Post: it's in the smoke and pou... 12-13-2017, 08:46 PM by Taivas
Rising from the vast desert’s great dunes is an even larger monolith: the Pinnacle. The massive, rocky eminence is sharp and jagged; the shifting sands uselessly try to overtake its soaring crown. However there is a single split in the giant mount that no sand dares to block: a great crevasse that spans vertically along its eastern wall. A bright, fluorescent blue light glows white-hot from this fissure. None know where it leads, for no brave soul that enters it ever returns.
» Threads: 0 » Posts: 0 » Last Post: Never
To the north of the Eastern Flats rises a few, ivory spires. These remnants sit on a lone cluster of mountains that the Rift pulled along with the immaculately white city. Though, on closer inspection, these beautifully silver walls are crumbling and no life is found in this misplaced, stolen city. Only a single spire remains standing untouched by the destruction of time and greed. The remaining, ivory shadows are an eerie, strangely silent reminder of what great city the Rift pulled into its clutches.
» Threads: 1 » Posts: 1 » Last Post: whatever lets you cope 11-29-2017, 07:27 AM by Rexanna
The southern regions of the Rift have pulled a vast, warm sea into its dimension. In doing so, the foreign and hungry ocean wrapped around the existing lands, spreading far to the north and creating the Frozen Sea. The temperate water provides thick and humid air along the coasts, growing beautiful rainforests and aside from a short expanse of cliffs in the southeastern shore, sandy and verdant beaches stretch along the southern coasts. Amid the warm sea’s swells are it’s heart: the Riptide Isles. However, beneath the waves holds the south’s true splendor. Take a bite of the Malspira plant and discover the Sea’s delights… beware diving too deep, for who knows what dangers lurk in these dark depths.
When the foreign gods ripped the Isles from the South Sea, they left vicious water vortices and constant cyclones in their wake. A great hole awns in the middle of the violent, watery upheaval, stretching far and deep into a black abyss. Beware traveling through this region of the sea, for no one knows what is at its heart, now.
» Threads: 0 » Posts: 0 » Last Post: Never
Perched near where the ocean’s floor plunges into the great blue beyond is a massive underwater city created of coral. What once was a vibrant, bustling hub of the Southern Sea is, sadly, now an underwater prison. The entirety of Akvo is layered with sand that has placed it in suspended animation. No movement is seen, except for the occasional fish or shark spiraling the once-proud spires. Though eerie, Akvo is still a beautiful sight to behold...if you’re brave enough to enter the gates.
» Threads: 0 » Posts: 0 » Last Post: Never
A crystal cave entrance yawns open on the southern coastline amid an unfitting rocky outcropping. The clear walls dive into the icy seas, allowing one to see whatever creatures they walk alongside. Eventually, the cavern re-surfaces in a hidden cove accessible only by this underwater cave system. The shore is a colorful one, filled with seaglass, and generally protected from inclement weather.
» Threads: 4 » Posts: 5 » Last Post: Glittering Irritation [O] 12-16-2017, 05:11 AM by Roscorro
Cliffs stretch a small portion of the southern coastline, and the warm sea’s humid air rises and deluges over a thick, overgrown, and ancient rainforest. The Rift’s Portal abuts the inland portion of this lush jungle, though the flora thickens in growth and shadows as it stretches to the high sea cliffs. All throughout the vegetation, hungry eyes and ominous neon light stalk any traveler that dares to pass through. What will you find?
» Threads: 1 » Posts: 2 » Last Post: House of Memories 11-04-2017, 11:36 PM by Lena
A small island filled with life is the last place untouched by the Rift’s sickness. This floating islet is supposed to sit atop the carapace of a massive sea turtle-thought it is so rarely visited that none are certain. It, also, is uncertain if this land was pulled into the Rift, or arrived here on its own. Regardless, if one is lucky enough to come across this tropical, wild isle, they will be treated with miniature creatures and deliciously sweet fruits.
» Threads: 0 » Posts: 0 » Last Post: Never
The western regions of the Rift are pulled from a realm whose life force must have been a misted, ethereal creature. A film of fog covers the entire west, with various landmarks bulging out of the unearthly vapor. At its magical heart is the Green Labyrinth, waiting to cause unwary wanderers to be hopelessly lost. Low hills roll in the southwest the give way to a freshwater inlet. Strange things hide just beyond sight in these mists, so it’s best to pay close attention to the fluorescent radiances all around.
When the Helovian gods took this heart, the bamboo maze was replaced with a swirling, tumultuous mist-storm. The mists contorts to vengeful, haunting spirits whenever a trespasser dares to brave them.
» Threads: 2 » Posts: 12 » Last Post: divine absolution 12-08-2017, 02:36 AM by Rift Havoc
A small cave system with rounded rocks and entrances that subtly rise out of the foothills is in the West. However, its air is heavy with opium and various other gases that may rob one of their sensibility (and possibly memories). Many come to experience such euphoria. Beware, fun and games often spiral out of control here.
» Threads: 0 » Posts: 0 » Last Post: Never
A lone, extinct volcano rises from the mists and looks out of place amid the western lands. A thick, but curiously young, pine forest blankets its slopes and surrounding grounds, and somewhere hidden in this young forest are impressively large obsidian stones with runes that have been nearly polished away. A perfectly round lake sits at the base of this mount and is home to its namesake: sirens (both friendly and dangerous, alike).
» Threads: 2 » Posts: 16 » Last Post: small lights 11-30-2017, 03:30 PM by Gwyn
From the persistent mists sprouts stark, barren branches of what once was a great, elegant, and incomprehensibly massive tree. This sorrowfully ominous landmark was, at some point, burned from the inside out; black scorch marks twine through its many layers of roots and trunks while soot permanently stains the bark deep grey. But there is something spiritual about this slaughtered mother tree; she is a gentle presence amid a dangerous and broken land. And, somehow, all who pass through her shadow know her name: Uwaritace.
» Threads: 1 » Posts: 10 » Last Post: shadow of the bars 11-30-2017, 05:36 PM by Taivas
A lush and painfully vibrant forest grows in the west, not quite as thick or wild or shadowed as its rainforest cousin in the south. Large ferns take the place of trees, easily growing larger than any equid. A particular tree, called a dragonfly willow, often plays tricks on unsuspecting travelers as their fronds flutter once they fall. The bright yellow flowers that glow thickly underfoot are called Solar Flowers, and give the land it's name.
» Threads: 3 » Posts: 28 » Last Post: Cold Less than 1 minute ago by Roscorro
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