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Currently championing: None
Champions of the Gods

Hope has set you down the PATHS: four choices, for four Gods. » choose your path
Which one will you choose?

Which one will you choose to Champion?

VOURIB: the polar bear God rumored to have steered his Bloodmountains, with the heart being the Blood Falls, into the Rift by his own volition. Proud and indomitable, his main traits are STRENGTH and TRUTH.

CAEVOC: the cunning crocodile God who duped even the Sun God of Helovia when the latter stole his Halcyon Flats. Surprisingly, he wields both fire and frost, but his main traits are ILLUSIONS and PROTECTION.

VJANTA: the three-eyed tiger Goddess of the South, whose home was the thriving and lush Riptide Isles. Vjanta, sometimes considered the aspect of life, is all about elegance, with her main traits being COMMAND and CONTROL.

RESZO: the shadowy wolf God, who once saw wisdom and truth and beauty in the verdant Green Labyrinth he called home. A mentor and spiritual pathfinder to all who seek his guidance, Reszo's main traits are WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE.

What is the objective?

PATHS is a sort of arms race: by posting and participating in certain events, you earn points for your chosen God. PATHS ends when one God hits (or goes beyond; we're not picky!) 200* points!
* this number might be adjusted, once we see how fast the plot progresses

How do I Champion a God?

That's easy! You just go to the User CP > Edit Profile, and below the avatar, select which God you're currently Championing. :) And, you can switch teams at any time, without any penalty! Your points count towards the God you're Championing at the time the thread starts - if you've changed God before finishing a thread for your previous one, please leave an OOC note at the bottom of a post letting the admin know which God you Championed while writing the thread!

What earns my God points?

Several different things! We don't want this plot to take over your RP entirely, so how much you put into it is entirely up to you! Here's the comprehensive list of what earns a God points:

+10 per challenge won against someone Championing another god
+4 per spar completed between two characters Championing the same god

+3 per character converted to your God
+3 per thread completed in your God's heart territory

+5 per Trial completed for your God

+10 to the God of the winner
+5 to the God of the 2nd place
+2 to the God of the 3rd place

+10 to your God if you successfully complete the objective

+5 to +10 if your team wins
+1 to +5 if your team is second

Rather than clutter up the list with notes, we'll just lay down the law in this section.

These are all counted per occurrence, not per character. For example, if two characters championing Vourib finish a thread in the Blood Falls, that's only +3, and not +6.

Click to expand me for the explanation!


I'm new to the plot and don't know how to join it. What do I do?
No worries! You can assume your character knows about PATHS without having been told in a thread. Consider which God would appeal the most to your character, then go into the User CP > Edit Profile and select it! Alternatively, you can ask in #plots on Discord, or post in the Plot board here, and get a few characters to interact with yours and tell them of the Gods. Once you've selected your God, just get going with earning points for them: hit up characters Championing the same in your Heart territory, or take to the battlefield against those Championing others! Posting to the Rift Presence encounters or joining speed adventure groups is another great way to get into the thick of things.

Do I get extra Rift Force for the threads that fulfill any of these objects?
Generally speaking, no. SPEED GROUP ADVENTURES give you +3 Rift Force for participating in them, though.

Can I change which God my character is Championing?
Yep! Just change which God in your profile. There's no penalty at all for changing. :) But if you do change God, please leave a note at the bottom of a post in ongoing threads stating which God you were Championing at the time, so we're not confused when we review point claims.

Proximo, are you in danger of becoming a good man?
Currently championing: None


» whatever helps you cope
Hope reveals the Heated Heart, which draws the attention of Kisamoa. Once the Gods confirm that they are, indeed, present in Kisamoa, Hope traps him in a cage of light.

» choose your path
Hope calls the inhabitants of the Rift together, revealing to them her plans, and asking them to pick a God to Champion.
Proximo, are you in danger of becoming a good man?