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sunset shadows
RP Wanted The Portal 
Currently championing: None

Ah, back to my home. My roots. Eris was raised here with her aunt while she was a filly. Older now, she has returned. A true riftian in their most powerful form. Back home in the Rift. She even felt more powerful, which was a little odd, though not going unnoticed. Eris liked it. The way her heart fluttered at every glance to the treetops where birds seemed to sing for her. Though that might just be her overreacting and just happy to be home, whatever it may be, she was happy. This was where she felt she truly belonged.

The sun shown through the trees, the rays falling through the breaks in the trees on the colder day seemed so lonely seeing as it was still cool in the shade. Like their light wasn’t even effecting anything. Just something pretty for the day to hold. The shadows danced when the wind blew the treetops controlling the way they held their shape on the forest floor. The usually ever-present thick smoke was a little less today, allowing her to see her hooves.

"Anyone out there?” She calls for anyone to hear. She’s pretty sure someone’s gotta be there. There were eyes with no bodies blinking at her from every direction. There had to be at least one either lost or very certain company for her.

OOC: she is a rift native and the potential magic I had in mind of obtaining at some point for her is
Defensive: On her command a blue kinda mist can surround her hide/distract attention from her form like a shield.

goddess of discord
you always hurt the one you love
image || coding
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
The clouds within the Rift shift and adjust until they surround you in their fluffy encasing, pulsing and swirling around you until you can’t see anything beyond their dark grey hues. After a few moments, it realizes that you are a daughter of the Rift. It hums with an almost pleased kind of sound before disappearing completely and leaving you as you were before.
damnation prayer


Defensive: Can summon a shield of blue mist that hides Eris from view.

Welcome to the Rift! :D Sorry it took so long, but if you have any questions feel free to ask in the Discord or poke one of the admins!
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