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the Regions
The northern regions of the Rift have pulled a short-spanning, but massively tall mountain range from other worlds. This condensed Blood Mountain range stab out of the earth, providing a home for the region’s heart: the Blood Falls. Also, it marks the beginning of an alpine forest and frozen tundra that gives way to a northern sea of ice. As one passes through the edges of each land, they are shrouded in dim shadows and distorted light.
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The eastern regions of the Rift, though deceptively flat, are far from lifeless. What may, at first, seem to stretch as a lifeless and monotonous landscape quickly reveals itself as a minefield of dangers and delights. Starting at the eastern coast with its heart as the Halcyon Flats, this absorbed land stretches inland as a desert. Any life that succeeds here must learn to hide in plain sight. As one passes through the edges of each land, they are shrouded in dim shadows and distorted light.
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To Tell A Joke 09-12-2018, 01:20 AM by Roscorro
Arid, red-tinged mountains roll in gentle waves and jut skyward as modest peaks in a portion of land that seems never quite gripped by the harshness of the elements. Scorches are mild in the greener fringe areas, and the warm center offers many dry nooks and crannies in Drench, and Freeze seems little more than an occasionally biting-cold rainfall.
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weathered 09-07-2018, 11:31 PM by Ruwin
The southern regions of the Rift have pulled a vast, warm sea into its dimension. In doing so, the foreign and hungry ocean wrapped around the existing lands, spreading far to the north and creating the Frozen Sea. The temperate water provides thick and humid air along the coasts, growing beautiful rainforests and aside from a short expanse of cliffs in the southeastern shore, sandy and verdant beaches stretch along the southern coasts. Amid the warm sea’s swells are it’s heart: the Riptide Isles. However, beneath the waves holds the south’s true splendor. Take a bite of the Malspira plant and discover the Sea’s delights… beware diving too deep, for who knows what dangers lurk in these dark depths.
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The western regions of the Rift are pulled from a realm whose life force must have been a misted, ethereal creature. A film of fog covers the entire west, with various landmarks bulging out of the unearthly vapor. At its magical heart is the Green Labyrinth, waiting to cause unwary wanderers to be hopelessly lost. Low hills roll in the southwest the give way to a freshwater inlet. Strange things hide just beyond sight in these mists, so it’s best to pay close attention to the fluorescent radiances all around.
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on a cold winter night 09-10-2018, 03:48 AM by Skylark