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Frozen North
Blood Falls
After the Helovian gods took this heart from the Rift, it was replaced with repeating, never-ending avalanches in the Freeze and mudslides in the Drench the repeat over and over. Between the violently falling earth, boiling red-mud pots snap and pop in the earth’s carnage.
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a torrid love affair. Yesterday, 01:49 AM by Miin
A mountain range leaps from the earth, separating the Frozen North from the rest of the Rift. These mountains are made from iron-rich earth that makes it look like they are streaming blood every Scorch season and when the Freeze’s ice melts. While breathtakingly tall and strikingly red, the sheer height often robs unwary travellers of oxygen and send them plummeting over their cliffs. A sparse evergreen forest breaks up the iron-rich earth; though their trunks are stained red by the soil. Beware the perils that find refuge in the ruby shadows. The heart of the region, Blood Falls, in the center of this Range.
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stranger than earth 07-14-2018, 05:33 PM by Virga
The Heimasborg
A natural mountain fortress, the Rift clearly pulled the Heimasborg from a frigid, mountainous realm. It is an intricate system of caverns, with several plateaus, alcoves, and natural “windows” looking out into the surrounding mountains. The many caves yield several entrances, with the most easily accessible being a narrow valley that lies in ominous shadow. Rare, ice-loving lichen give an intermittent, soft blue-green glow through the dark caverns; and the lights from the Tundra also offer some colored illumination.
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it's too much 06-21-2018, 11:41 PM by Valkyrie
Aurora Tundra
A flat, vast, expanse of snow stretches north from the base of the Bloodmountains to the Frozen Sea’s ice. Never seeing true warmth, the ground is a hard permafrost; however, a wild form of Aurora Borealis forever lights up the skies. In the evenings, it glows a neon green laced with blues and vibrant purples. During the day, a fainter, and perhaps more sinister, red laced with oranges and yellows weave through the skies.
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sounds like hallelujah 07-15-2018, 02:17 AM by Aedion
Frozen Sea
The Tundra’s permafrost gives way to massively thick ice that extends into a dangerously frigid sea. Fluorescent organisms color the ice with a varied range of pulsing glows, giving light to the land in lieu of the dimmed skies. Occasionally the Aurora Borealis reaches to the craggy, iceberg littered black water. Watch your step, for though the ice is thick, who knows what monstrosities lurk beneath.
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Bring back what once was ... 06-07-2018, 08:44 AM by Vezér