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Southern Sea
Riptide Isles
When the foreign gods ripped the Isles from the South Sea, they left vicious water vortices and constant cyclones in their wake. A great hole awns in the middle of the violent, watery upheaval, stretching far and deep into a black abyss. Beware traveling through this region of the sea, for no one knows what is at its heart, now.
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Akvo City
Perched near where the ocean’s floor plunges into the great blue beyond is a massive underwater city created of coral. What once was a vibrant, bustling hub of the Southern Sea is, sadly, now an underwater prison. The entirety of Akvo is layered with sand that has placed it in suspended animation. No movement is seen, except for the occasional fish or shark spiraling the once-proud spires. Though eerie, Akvo is still a beautiful sight to behold...if you’re brave enough to enter the gates.
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Waterlogged 07-14-2018, 11:07 PM by Rift Presence
A crystal cave entrance yawns open on the southern coastline amid an unfitting rocky outcropping. The clear walls dive into the icy seas, allowing one to see whatever creatures they walk alongside. Eventually, the cavern re-surfaces in a hidden cove accessible only by this underwater cave system. The shore is a colorful one, filled with seaglass, and generally protected from inclement weather.
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Rainforest Cliffs
Cliffs stretch a small portion of the southern coastline, and the warm sea’s humid air rises and deluges over a thick, overgrown, and ancient rainforest. The Rift’s Portal abuts the inland portion of this lush jungle, though the flora thickens in growth and shadows as it stretches to the high sea cliffs. All throughout the vegetation, hungry eyes and ominous neon light stalk any traveler that dares to pass through. What will you find?
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Whatever It Takes Today, 12:27 AM by Amarantha
Floating Key
A small island filled with life is the last place untouched by the Rift’s sickness. This floating islet is supposed to sit atop the carapace of a massive sea turtle-thought it is so rarely visited that none are certain. It, also, is uncertain if this land was pulled into the Rift, or arrived here on its own. Regardless, if one is lucky enough to come across this tropical, wild isle, they will be treated with miniature creatures and deliciously sweet fruits.
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A beautiful shade of hurt... 06-28-2018, 01:27 AM by Nora