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  1. Rift Force is a sort of 'measuring unit' for how attuned a character is to the Rift. Usually, it is expressed in 'magical strength' (level). Gaining RF allows increases in magic power and number, as well as companions and other extras.
  2. In addition to the ways listed below, characters may earn Rift Force via participation in site wide plots (SWPs). This will be variable and will be handled on a plot-by-plot basis.
  3. Rift Force is specific to characters and cannot be exchanged/transferred.
  4. Rift Force may only be claimed for actions/threads involving characters, not companions being written alone in a thread.
  5. If a character goes into negative RF, their abilities are frozen until they regain positive RF.
    • 20+ years old characters get a grace period of 3 months from joining before their annual aging deductions begin.
  6. You may redeem threads for Rift Force here.
  7. Requirements for thread to be eligible for claiming Rift Force:
    • Must be completed, which means have an IC conclusion (can be a fade-to-black).
    • Archived thread (using Archiving Tool).
    • 6+ posts total.
    • 3+ posts by your character.
    • 2+ thread participants.
  8. If you are "teaching" or "being taught" about the lore, please make an OOC note stating, for example, "Teaching post 1/4"
  9. Kisamoa & Hope do not count as "meeting a new character" unless explicitly stated they do.

Losing & Earning Rift Force

    -20 RF
  • Every year over character age of 20 1
    -5 RF
  • Failing a trial 2
    1 RF
  • Lose a spar
  • Successfully recruit a herd member
  • Participate in a Rift Presence encounter
    2 RF
  • Meet a new character 3
  • Draw a spar
  • Win a fast fight
  • Be taught about the lore 4
  • Sire a sick foal
  • Sire sick twins
  • Teach about the lore 4
    3 RF
  • Complete a thread
  • Unsuccessfully challenge
  • Birth a sick foal
  • Birth sick twins
  • Sire a healthy foal
  • Sire healthy twins
  • Winning Thread of the Month
  • Winning Pair of the Month
  • Winning Quote of the Month
    4 RF
  • Birth a healthy foal
  • Birth healthy twins
  • Win a spar
    5 RF
  • Join a herd 5
  • Complete a trial
  • Lose an invasion
  • Successfully challenge
    6 RF
  • Kill someone 6
    7 RF
  • Be a founding member of a herd 7
    9 RF
  • Win an invasion
    10 RF
  • Become leader of a herd 7
  • Winning Character of the Month
    11 RF
  • Be a founding leader of a herd
  • 1: Excluding characters with >L5 immortality magic. Automatically deducted on the character's birthday
  • 2: Automatically deducted upon having your trial "time out"
  • 3: Other character must post at least twice - if thread has more than five participants, you need to have an acknowledged interaction with the other in order to claim for meeting them
  • 4: At least 4 posts revolving around the learning of information, with at least 2 by your character
  • 5: Cannot be claimed by founding members
  • 6: Character being killed must have at least 50 posts on site
  • 7: Cannot be claimed by founding leaders


    0 RF
  • Level 1 Magic
    10 RF
  • Level 2 Magic
  • Character may breed
    50 RF
  • Level 3 Magic
    75 RF
  • 4th Magic Slot
  • Mundane companion
    85 RF
  • 1st companion magic
    100 RF
  • Level 4 Magic
  • 2nd 'safe slot' for item.
    125 RF
  • Helovian-granted 2nd companions
  • Peculiar companion
    150 RF
  • Level 5 Magic
  • 5th Magic Slot
    200 RF
  • Level 6 Magic
  • 3rd 'safe slot' for item.
    250 RF
  • Level 7 Magic
  • 2nd companion
  • 6th Magic Slot
    260 RF
  • 2nd companion magic
    300 RF
  • Level 8 Magic
  • 4th 'safe slot' for item.
    350 RF
  • Level 9 Magic
  • 7th Magic Slot
    400 RF
  • Level 10 Magic
  • 5th 'safe slot' for item.
    450 RF
  • 8th Magic Slot