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Herds: Basics

  • A herd is a band of equines with a permanent, claimed location. A herd consists of a minimum of four members (played by four unique players), two of which are leaders.
  • A herd has a unique name (for example Moonlight Ridge, Yarren Copse, etc) and a unique color in the member/online list.
  • A herd receives a sub-forum in their chosen region; they do not claim an entire region as theirs, but rather, a smaller section of it, leaving the main part of the land open to free roleplay.
  • How many herds the Rift can support depends on the current activity, but it can always support at least two herds. It is based on a formula of 10 active characters per herd. The Rift can currently support: 2 herds.
  • Herd ranks are decided upon by the herd leaders.
  • All ranks within a herd can be challenged for.
  • Herd ranks cannot be challenged for by Roamers, but entry into a herd can be challenged for.
  • All herds can be invaded, by a minimum of four characters (by four different players), with two designated leaders should the invasion be successful.
  • Herds can move, as long as they still meet the founding requirements.


  • An invasion starts with a 48 hour window during which the invaders post Challenge fights in the herd territory. They cannot target specific members of the herd, unless agreed upon by both parties. Any herd member can answer these challenges.
  • After the first 48 hours, an additional 24 hours are offered, in which herd members that have been left without a fight may post "defenses". A defense is an open counter-challenge and may be answered by anyone.
  • A character can only participate in one fight at the time. Theoretically, it is thus possible to blaze through your fight and answer another before it times out.
  • The outcome is settled by the number of wins vs losses. In case of a tie, the defending party wins.


  • The minimum requirement is four founding members, by four unique players, two of which are the designated leaders.
    • The two leaders must have at least 40 posts between the two of them.
    • All founding members must be Roamers.
  • Once you have the necessary members and the intention of creating a herd, PM the current Staff and run your idea by them - just to make sure the numbers and requirements all work out. Please include the following information: herd name, location (including a marker on the map), desired color, founding members, description for the herd region. Ideally, you have a Creative Commons Modifications Allowed (or similarly licensed) image of your herdland picked out, but if you're lacking one, Staff will try to find a suitable image for you.
  • When given the go-ahead, post a claiming thread in the area you are claiming. Once the claiming thread is completed and archived, the herd will be set up.