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Eastern Flats
In place of the beautiful, eye-tricking tidal flats are bright and fluorescent mirages as far as the eye can see. Though, don’t trust your eyes, for whatever they reveal to you is merely a ploy to trap you in the endless expanse of quicksands that stretch this region’s empty heart. Of course, this quicksand isn’t quite like any other; anyone who touches it experiences hallucinations of all kinds.
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DON'T KNOW WHAT I THOUGHT... 08-25-2018, 04:59 PM by Sansa
Other than Halcyon’s salt flats, most of the eastern coast is rocky and flat, creating the perfect conditions for tidepools. These briny pools range in size from mere puddles to small lakes-- but all are filled with a vast array of vividly fluorescent life washed in daily by the ocean’s unpredictable tides. Clinging to what little sandy soil is scattered among these craggy shores are clumps of mangroves. These hardy trees provide sheltered and shadowed roots for all manner of creatures and traveller alike.
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The pale desert sands darken to an indigo-black, marking the edges of a large tar pit. Deep indigo tar fluoresces and hisses whenever it comes in contact with life. The sticky, deadly tar has a pungent scent to warn of its dangers. However, a large pool of slightly sour-tasting water collects here--one of the few sources of liquid in the desert.
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Bitter Taste 08-03-2018, 05:46 PM by Seiji
Rising from the vast desert’s great dunes is an even larger monolith: the Pinnacle. The massive, rocky eminence is sharp and jagged; the shifting sands uselessly try to overtake its soaring crown. However there is a single split in the giant mount that no sand dares to block: a great crevasse that spans vertically along its eastern wall. A bright, fluorescent blue light glows white-hot from this fissure. None know where it leads, for no brave soul that enters it ever returns.
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Things Lost, Things Found 08-02-2018, 07:26 PM by Seiji
To the north of the Eastern Flats rises a few, ivory spires. These remnants sit on a lone cluster of mountains that the Rift pulled along with the immaculately white city. Though, on closer inspection, these beautifully silver walls are crumbling and no life is found in this misplaced, stolen city. Only a single spire remains standing untouched by the destruction of time and greed. The remaining, ivory shadows are an eerie, strangely silent reminder of what great city the Rift pulled into its clutches.
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To Tell A Joke 09-12-2018, 01:20 AM by Roscorro