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» Quote of the Month » Peregrine
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"The first thing that hit Peregrine was the cold. It slammed into her lungs like an icy fist.

The second thing that hit Peregrine was a tree. It slammed into her ribs like a great, big, bloody, pine tree."
-- Peregrine in In Media Res

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JULY 2017BABY IONA ““THIS ISN’T FUCKING FUNNY. YOU ALL GET MAKEOVERS AND I GET THIS? WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS?” Iona protested with a stamp of a tiny hoof, her voice coming out in an angry squeak.” in Out of the Frying Pan

AUGUST 2017VOLTERRA  “Inside his mind he pictures Ampere, and despite his concerns about drowning, despite his exhaustion and burning muscles and stinging eyes and utter fatigue, he smiles. Worry not, Sultana, your boy is in safe hands. With every ounce of strength he possesses and the defiant, indomitable will that gives him his name, Volterra tries to guide Iskra back to the shore, supporting the colt with his body if he is allowed to do so.” in Visions from a Past World.

SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER 2017 — Site Freeze. No OTMs were held.

NOVEMBER 2017KIADA “I challenged Kisamoa. I told him how he’d wronged me and hurt me incredibly bad. And he gifted me a trinket with magic. It wasn’t a lot, but there was a feeling with it that almost felt like a warm embrace. And I realized that perhaps despite everything he’d done, perhaps it was in an effort to save what he loved too – this land. It was dying before we came here. Our magic and explorations have revived parts of it. Despite how dark and horrible it can be, I think there might be something more for us in the end.” in a home away

DECEMBER 2017K'YARIE "It was strange. Which made it completely normal within the Rift." in The Tree of Light

JANUARY 2018RIXEN "Where there was once cold darkness, there was now a warm light. It was the light of hope. The soft glow was mesmerizing, a beautiful treasure in this wasteland of a world." in In the Deep

FEBRUARY 2018VYNTER "Should he actually make a connection there would be no force behind it. If anything it would be a simple bump, and his head would rest there as he gasped for air. He would try again, and it would result in yet another futile attempt, because no matter how angry or hurt the boy was he could never try and hurt someone as they did him." in incantations

MARCH 2018SEIJI "Before, when he was younger and unacquainted with loss, he charged recklessly forth. Fear was a stranger; it lagged behind, nipping his heels. And he - so fleet. So arrogant." in {SWP} light it up

APRIL 2018KIADA "And she remembered the conversation between Erebos and her when they first met, when they were young and reckless and both heirs with no crowns to inherit." in » the calm before the storm

MAY 2018KORRI "It teased at his thoughts, distracting just enough to keep him plummeting, a rock shaped like a horse shaped like a falcon. Or maybe the other way around. He thought: the trees in this place must be very tall. Then the ground said hello." in HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON'T;

JUNE 2018SEIJI "There is a time, a time immeasurable, where the two of them communicate in the way most native to Seiji's body. He forgets his stolen voice; it was never the truest thing about him, anyway. Their shadows dance: a waltz of distance, a waltz of silence, two dreamers reaching out to brush against each other." in Keeping Up

JULY 2018PEREGRINE "The first thing that hit Peregrine was the cold. It slammed into her lungs like an icy fist. The second thing that hit Peregrine was a tree. It slammed into her ribs like a great, big, bloody, pine tree." in In Media Res

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