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In Media Res
RP Wanted The Portal 
Currently championing:
Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;

The silver shape streaked through the air like an arrow shot from a bow. It sliced right through the heart of the rapidly closing hole in the sky and vanished, leaving only a couple of stray feathers, drifting slowly in the hot, summer sky. For the pursuers, always just two steps behind, it was the bitter end to a bitter chase.

There had been no way to know what was on the other side of the hole. But, given the decision between certain death on one side, or uncertain death on the other, the choice had been obvious.

The first thing that hit Peregrine was the cold. It slammed into her lungs like an icy fist.

The second thing that hit Peregrine was a tree. It slammed into her ribs like a great, big, bloody, pine tree.

There was the sound of angry, incoherent swearing, punctuated by shouts of pain, and a series of noises that could only be described as the sound an equine might make if it were falling down a tree and getting hit in the face by every branch on the way down. Which, coincidentally, was exactly what it was.

Some time and lot of swearing later, the grey and white mare was on her way again with a little spring in her step. She’d been roughed up, shot at, chased through a… thingy, and hit in the face with a tree. But she was still here, still free, and still the best at what she did. Looking down at the sparkling pendant that hung around her neck by a thin string, she wondered, for a moment, whether it had been worth it. It had been quite nice back there and, so far, this place was quite miserable by contrast.

On the other hand, she thought to herself, they’d been asking for it, really. No one could blame me. Well, I suppose they could, but they’d have to catch me first.


Defensive: Ability to teleport between two locations. The further apart the locations are, the more energy it takes and the longer it takes to recover. Short hops take less energy and have a shorter recovery time.

Transformation: Ability to shape shift into a peregrine falcon

Feathers for mane and tail, feathered ear tufts

Normal Items
Thin necklace with assorted beads and pendants hanging off of it.

Enchanted Item
Crystal amulet that glows but doesn't really do anything.
Currently championing: Vourib
The portal, the portal. Such a dreary, freaky place. It was also the only place people were spit out into this mare forsaken World. Which meant it was his best vet at finding himself a mare. If he could snag him a damsel in distress then maybe he just might get lucky.

He pranced through the dismal forest like a victorious cock. His gate loud and proud. He paid the eyes no mind. Other than the occasional moment when he added a little extra to his gate. Swinging his great rump in their faces. He was as fearless as ever. Entirely forgetting the fact that he had been screwed with by this world.

It did not take him long to retrace his steps. There he waited for a woman to appear. And appear she did. Swearing and cursing on the entire fall to the earth. He watched as the beauty fell into his lap. Well, figuratively. "So it's true," he began. His pleasant voice smooth and cool. "Angels really do fall from heaven." He sauntered towards her. "Are you alright, niss Angel?" He asked. Couldn't have his first mare in so long break on him already.

Rift Presence
Currently championing:
Hungry— — —

Little spiderlings of shadow, small bodies, tiny legs, scuttling through the underbrush. A living, rolling carpet, their multitude of eyes glistening in the strange and pulsing lights of the Portal.

H u n g — r y

There's a scent of death and blood and terror in the air. A sense of things ending, an overwhelming need to simply collapse and die to escape the merciless pounding of your hearts.

To escape life.

To escape the fear.

The wave of spiderlings break upon the two of you, some flowing past, some rushing up your legs, along your ribs and spines, up your neck, down your ears your nose your mouth your throat—

Their tiny feet are sharp, leaving tiny drops of blood in their wake.

H U — N G R Y —

It looms tall and wide and horrifying: a spider easily four times as tall as a horse, with many, dark eyes, and many sharp teeth. Everything seems to recoil from it.

Just as it's shadow is about to fall on you, it disappears, between one heartbeat and the next. Gone is the oppressive sense of doom and terror, gone is the wave of spiderlings.

It might've just been a dream, if not for the tiny welts and cuts left by the fleeing spiderlings.
the Rift
life between worlds


Defensive: Ability to teleport between two locations.
The Rift devours the shapeshifting magic.

Feathers for mane and tail
Feathered ear tufts

Enchanted Items
Vanity: Glowing crystal amulet

The normal item is fine, just link to this Portal thread for proof from your profile. :D
» Presence of the Rift «

Currently championing:
God damn, that had stung. Luckily nothing was broken. And, of course, she still had her wits about her. If she could just find her way to somewhere civilized, she'd be right back in the game.

A sudden chilling thought occurred - What if there's no one else here? What if it's just forests forever?

The thought brought her to a standstill. Peregrine loved nature, in its place. And itns place was in paintings or in the view from the window of somewhere snug, weatherproof, and filled with every convenience.

The sudden appearance of a stallion put that fear to rest. He was young, tall, well built, with a regal look to him. His colors were striking - dark blue with striking orange markings on one side.

Definitely a nob, she decided.
He was far too pretty to be a mere commoner. She stared uncertainly for a couple of beats, trying to decide how to address him, when he spoke. Angel? Falling from heaven??

She suddenly turned her head away, her shoulders shaking arrhythmically. A muffled choking sound emerged, turning into snorting, and then barely suppressed laughter. When she turned back, her hesitation had melted away. Nob he might or might not be, but anyone who opened a conversation with such terrible pickup lines was her type of people.

"I'm a lot of things," she laughed, "but angel ain't one of 'em."

Things were starting to look up and so, naturally, that was the moment everything went to pot. Spiders. Goddess, why did it have to be spiders? Millions of them, erupting out of nowhere. Peregrine reared and shook, but they covered her skin, went into her nose and mouth, pouring endlessly.

She took off and shifted, hoping to dislodge, only to suddenly shift back and fall to the ground with a loud thump. She could just make out a massive dark shape in the shadows. And then, just like that, they were gone.

"Goddess' Teats!" Peregrine spluttered between gasping breaths "what the hell was that? And why can't I shift?"


OOC:Sorry for the delay getting back to you on this one!