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JULY 2017CLEMENTINE & MELITA They took the Rift by citrus scented surprise at the beginning. This sibling duo managed to bring light to the darkness of the Rift as each other's shadows despite their missing mother. We can't wait to see what adventure sweeps them away! Congratulations!

AUGUST 2017ISKRA & MAUNA An uncle-nephew duo, this pair is a joy to read! Despite the sad undertones of loss, these two remaining family members provide a much-needed sense of belonging with each other, making their relationship a starkly light contrast to the darkness of the Rift! We can't wait to see how their relationship evolves as Mauna grows. Congratulations!

— Site Freeze. No OTMs were held.

NOVEMBER 2017ROSCORRO & GWYN Gwyn and Roscorro are the strangers made friends through a small amount of desperation. Gwyn tries her hardest to ignore the fact that he’s there while she continues to search for her father, Roscorro with his huge heart became her protector to help her in whatever trials the Rift has brought for the small filly. Her snarkiness toward him keeps us wanting more of their interactions! We can’t wait to see how their relationship goes! Congratulations!

DECEMBER 2017TAIVAS & WAKER From the very beginning, we knew that Taivas and Waker would be a pairing that we were excited to see grow. Waker, injured after falling through the Portal to the Rift, met Taivas, a kind and helpful soul who wanted to do nothing but help. We love their interactions and the care they have for those around them. We can’t wait to see what else these two get into! Congratulations!

JANUARY 2018RIXEN & KIADA Kiada and Rixen first met in a group meeting on top of the Pinnacle, but soon, friendship blossomed between them. When the matron called on them to spread hope, they banded together, facing down the dangerous Forest Walkers of the Rainforest Cliffs. As their friendship deepens, one can't help but wonder.. will more come of it? We can't wait to see! Congrulations!


  • POTM celebrates a pair (romantic or not!) that you just can't stop reading! Whether it be from pulling at your heartstrings to diving into devilish fancies; from mortal enemies to birds of a feather. Whatever and whoever you've been stalking the past month!
  • Anyone may nominate any (and as many) pairs as they wish.
  • Please provide a (very) brief reason for nomination when posting here.
  • Nominations close and voting begins the last 3 days of the month.
  • A character may win POTM an unlimited amount of times.
  • You cannot nominate yourself.
  • Only OOC accounts may vote.

  • +3 RF to each character
  • Profile badge
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Congratulations to Vynter and Roscorro!
Congrats Vynter and Rosco!
Congrats Rosco and Az, I love writing Vynter with you and showing their love. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity and thank you everyone else for nominating us <3
{Image: ouoE8.gif}{Image: TucmI.gif}
Thank you so much form nominating Rosco and Vynter! I adore Vynter and his relationship with my boy! <3
Nominating Vynter and Ruwin. They are so alike and so very comfortable with each other despite rarely uttering a word. Kindred spirits in many ways. <3