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» Adoption Thread
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Here is a list of characters our wonderful players have up for adoption! All these characters have some sort of connection to the Rift but with no players to play them. These characters must have a connection to the Rift through either blood ties or plot relation, as to not bog it down with random characters. :)

Please PM Skylark with the character you're putting up for adoption by following this form!

NAME: Character Name goes here.
AGE: Age of character.
GENDER: Gender of character.
CONNECTION TO THE RIFT: How is the character connected to the Rift?
VISION: How would you like this character to grow? Can be up to adopter!
IMAGES: If you have images of the character/character refs, link them here!
OTHER: Anything else the adopter should know?
CONTACT: Please link yourself so the adopter can message you and try out for the character.


NAME: Miette
AGE: 2
GENDER: Female
CONNECTION TO THE RIFT: Only born child of Noah and Nora
VISION: She is a clean slate, though her upbringing was a positive and loving one. Her parents are devoted and decent.
IMAGES: Image 1
OTHER: She has a few previous posts on her birth-site which I’m happy to provide.
Also, if the new writer feels they cannot write her at any point, I'd love to have her back (she is special <3)


NAME: Argus (Can be changed by player)
AGE: 7-13
GENDER: Stallion
CONNECTION TO THE RIFT: He is the love interest/future mate to my mare Fjorgyn Khan
VISION: Up to player
OTHER: He was the leader and best warrior of the herd, he can be however you'd like. He thinks the reason she left/ranaway from the herd was because she thought he was choosing another mare instead of her. Can read more about him sort of in Flora's history Fjorgyn Khan