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[SWP] ... Are You Ready For It?
RP Wanted The Portal 
Vynter the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
He had been summoned and he came forth, despite the way his mind wasn't entirely focused these days. His encounter with the Shieldmaiden has changed something in him that made his whole outward demeanor feel slightly off. There was a more subdued expression on his alabaster face, his bright eyes that were often filled with curiosity are now dimmed into indifference. On his way to the Portal he had made another stop first, the end result being him unable to hear and needing to break something that wasn't his. How he planned to accomplish this the boy wasn't entirely sure, but he figured like everything else it would happen when it needed to.

Ice blossomed beneath each hoof as he slid along silently. Leroy had come to nestle itself between his ears, tenderly weaving his thick mane into small, intricate braids. It almost seemed like the spider bot could sense that something was different about the grullo. And it wasn't the loss of hearing. Although that did hinder things slightly for the cripple. Now that he had lost an entire sense he was struggling to make his way around the lands. Although he could still easily see and move freely, being unable to hear the rustling of the trees, or the sounds of the Rift's magic lurking about, put the colt in a much more vulnerable position.

These lands were dangerous, especially when closer to what seemed to be the main source of power; the portal. But Vynter was never one to be afraid, not to mention Leroy had been helpful with informing him if there was something coming up from behind. The two had a very nice working relationship together.

Before he knew it he was finally at his destination, looking around quietly among the brush in hopes of finding the Living Tree that they were seeking. His orb of light had followed swiftly behind, giving off a soft glow as it pulsated peacefully beside him. It had become another companion of sorts to the paint, its constant light a reminder that he did indeed have a purpose here in these lands. With his little band of buddies behind him, he felt a sense of confidence, and thus patiently waited for any sign of this Tree the Matron had spoken of.

My will is a sword that cuts down anything in my way

TLDR; Vynter's waiting for any sign of the Living Tree so he can catch it.

@Valkyrie @Kisamoa @Ruwin
Ruwin the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
A Living Tree was not something one got to see often. If fact, Ruwin had never seen one in his entire life of living within the Rift. The reclusive creatures were one of the many he knew of, but had never seen personally. So when the opportunity came to lead a lost tree back to his forest, the stallion had accepted to task. Like before it was more out of curiosity then a true desire to complete some task given to him by the matron. He was not the follow orders type, but it was a tree that walked. Come on. Who wouldn't want to go just for the sake of seeing that.

He quietly slid up beside Vynter, giving a nod to the familiar boy. He noted that his little spider still remained with him. It had bonded quite nicely with the yearling and it made the stallion happy. He had never given one of his creations to another. Honestly he had no idea what it would do when separated from him for so long. It was a curious experiment. The outcome even more curious. It was thriving away from him, adapting and growing close to its new owner.

Fascinating. Were they really able to evolve so? How much would it continue to grow. Leroy's many 'family' crawled along their creator's body and mane, acting on their own accord until called upon. Several, noticing their old companion, clicked and whirred in recognition as they sat atop the light colored stallion. Ruwin's ears twitched at the noise, but otherwise made no motion to acknowledge them as he too searched for the tree. I could reflect upon the curious, amazing nature of his machines later.

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Cause I don't give a dang, no.
That's who I am.
You have my permission to use magic/force against Ru.
Maiming and killing is not allowed. You can always message me if you're not sure about anything/want to plot something out. =D
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Valkyrie the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Caevoc
Ever the perceptive and in tune sort (selfish, and shallow as well), Valkyrie had been listening with growing curiosity to conversations that she really had no right to; like this, she had taken an interest in a rumour about a tree who - as she naively understood - uprooted randomly, lifted its leafy skirt and strolled through the forests of this wildly enchanted underworld entirely on its own accord. She could hardly imagine such a  proposterous thing (trees were dense after all), though, after the queer chain of adventures she’d experienced thus far in the Rift, she was a little more inclined to believe what she’d heard. It intrigued her no end.

For this reason, she pursued the concept, crawling a path through the stagnant humidity of the old forest of giant trees and back in the direction she felt sure that the Portal should lie.

Wads of old, matted creamy hair wedged in the grooves of lifting bark as she skimmed by identical haggard trunks (she was moulting that thick cosy coat, thank the Shield), and withered brown leaves, mere skeletons of the emerald sun-suckers they’d been in their prime, tangled into untidy knots as her over-length, ivory tail dragged along the littered forest floor. For the moment she seemed oblivious, striding with bold resolution, riding the wave of attraction like a swallow in a breeze. A good few hours later, when soil-stained hooves did finally fall upon the skirt of the rainforest, she paused hesitantly, for the field of lurking shadow and eyes, spread out before her like the pearly white smile of a crocodile.

“Don’t be daft,” she laughed, scolding herself bitterly, and recalling the countless times she’d wavered on a knife's edge, one slip away from plunging down a mountainside to her death; and that was for fun! “You are a Shieldmaiden, baulking here before the intangible; frightened of ghosts…” Valkyrie had overcome a great many dangers already, and a dauntless sense pride giddied her gut. Long, swinging strides carried her down into the neon brights of the jungle around the portal. With keen blue eyes peeled and prepared for the unexpected (which was everything), the pale horse began to search for the thing called the Living Tree.

It was just unfortunate, that before she stumbled upon the tree, the man who had slathered her weeks prior in saliva appeared… He was with the horse (one of two), whom she’d followed out to sea. She addressed them both with a smile, to begin with, and then, as had become somewhat of an uncouth habit, swerved an oh so subtle glimpse by both of their undercarriages. Those deformities were delightfully hideous. She still imagined Vynter’s would indeed make a fine trophy for the High-Maiden - but she was simply to busy today… “Afternoon…” she greeted politely, unnecessarily so given they were both man. There was a calculated need for information on this occasion, and Valkyrie figured that they might withhold should she show them any less regard. “Is there something you are trying to find?

Vynter the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
He would have missed Ruwin's approach had Leroy not alerted him ahead of time. He looked to his left just in time to find the brute standing close. Although he had been mildly started by the sudden appearance of another, it hadn't been evident across his face. Eyes of ice met his, studying him briefly before concluding he was choosing to travel with him. He certainly didn't mind, he had missed the man's company since his arrival into the Rift. Moving his head to gently touch Ruwin's shoulder in greeting, a tender puff of air left his nose. It was then that he noticed the other spiders mingling on Ruwin's body, scattering blissfully and even looking at Leroy.

Leroy seemed pleased to be back by its own kind, skittering off Vynter's head for a moment to go a reminiscence. The boy let him, not worried that he would leave him for good, and instead kept his pacing even with the buckskins. Although the grullo couldn't hear the man even if he was speaking, it seemed evident to both of them that it wasn't needed. They were the kind of men who were perfectly content with silence.

It was only when Leroy returned and began tugging at his forelock furiously did Vynter realize they were not alone, simply because he did not hear Valkyrie when she had spoken. Turning his head out of curiosity his eyes met those pretty blues he had been so infatuated by. So surprised to see her here again in this place he came to an abrupt stop, staring at her intensely with eyes wide. The memories came flooding back of their previous encounter, of the distaste written all over her face and the way she easily dismissed him. How he had felt bile rise in his throat and looked at his back to find the source of all his problems.

He wasn't supposed to see her again. Not in this state. He was supposed to meet her again when he was no longer wrong. Uncertain on how to respond to her sudden appearance (and understandably not hearing anything she had asked) the boy quickly ducked his head and looked away; not wanting to acknowledge her at this time. She hadn't been pleased with him giving her attention before, so why would this time be any different. As he took a step back he gave Ruwin a quick glance, expression subtly unsure, before slowly turning away from Valkyrie and back towards his original task.

My will is a sword that cuts down anything in my way

@Ruwin @Valkyrie
Zoeya the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
The yearling had no idea what a living tree was,but it defiantly had a Rift feel to it. 'Apparently it can walk, but what else can it do?' The griffin at the filly's side ignored her senseless worrying lost in his own work of curiosity. He could just imagine some strange neon colored tree traipsing through this awesome world. 'What would a walking tree even do?' He mused more to himself than to the girl. "Rift only knows." She mumbled darkly her eyes shifting from tree to tree. She had always been scared of pretty much everything, except trees until this point anyway. Now her gaze darted to each trunk watching it for signs of movement. Were living trees dangerous? Would they smack her with branches if she came too close?

She shuddered darkly at the thought and picked up the pace. 'Can you still smell him?' She glanced quickly down at the husky peacock before looking back up. 'Yes.' She sighed moodily and swished her growing tail. He was a great friend and protector, but his communication was sorely lacking. She snorted and focused on the trees and the ground ahead of them.

The lightning clad girl was so focused on not being whipped by a tree that she didn't even smell the other horses. Ajax carefully kept that tidbit of information to himself as they raced on. His tongue lolled from his husky muzzle while the tips of his feathers dragged the ground. It would be good for his bonded to be around small groups of her own kind. She could feel smugness radiating from him, but before she would ask three horses appeared in front of her.

The Griffin stopped in plenty of time but poor Zoeya was having a much harder time. Her rear legs slid under her stomach as she through on the brakes. Sepia orbs seemed to bulge from her face as she tried desperately to stop before she crashed into winged mare. Pain slammed up her right foreleg as she planted her front legs to avoid the creamy lady. She grimaced and Ajax whimpered softly at her shared pain. After a couple seconds she stood up shakily keep weight off her twisted leg. She bowed her horned head deeply to the stranger. "I am so sorry." Her words were rushed and barely over a whisper her ears tilted outwards in her embarrassment.
Words ;; 400 Hope ya'll don't mind me jumping in!
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- table by Niki -
Currently championing:
He took his time, following in the wake of the bay, lightning-marked filly. She was a lanky thing, a little older than the pale colt who had rushed ahead, and, unless his memory failed him, a Helovian. Not that it mattered anymore: Helovia was a godless realm, and she was here. Kisamoa heaved a sigh. The girl was just beyond the horizon, and there was more than simple consideration for her heart rate that kept him out of sight.

He was in pain.

That wasn't news; his mouth was bleeding, his back was bleeding, and depending on where he stepped, his feet hurt to varying degrees. The constant shifting of his body took its toll.

It was a strange realization, honestly. Most of the time he walked among the living only to demand something, or, in one case, give them hope, and then he would retreat back to the liminal place between worlds. What he did there was a mystery, but likely he brooded or simply laid down.

Now he had been on his feet for hours, moving in a place where his physical body mattered more, and it hurt more than he had expected it would.

When he finally came upon the gathering—walking with grace, as if untroubled by his groaning nerves—the girl he'd been following was looking embarrassed, the mare from Akvo looked at Watcher, next to whom the pale colt was sort of crouched. The latter walked off, though, without a word, and Kisamoa took his eyes off the group to sweep his gaze across the Portal area.

How could something be both so ugly and so beautiful at the same time? It was a raw wound, a rip in the world, a tear between dimensions and realities; he had ripped open the fabric of reality and what he had achieved with the power of the dead gods.. it nearly made him shiver. It was a place that did not bleed like the stolen hearts, but rather, a place that devoured. It ate souls and spat them back out here.
beauty in darkness
kaos in light
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Rift Presence
Currently championing:
the Rift
It did not know where it was going, but it knew it was going somewhere. It was so young, but it had traveled for so long, running from the darkness that had consumed its brethren. You see, the Living Trees were a beautiful, pure source, untouched by the chaos the Rift caused within it’s wake. And the Rift, with it’s strange way of being like a living thing, seemed to prey on the Living Trees, consuming their purity and tainting them, leaving them for dead to become part of the ever changing ecosystem. But the Living Trees had been around far longer than the darkness that succumbed the world, perhaps once upon a time they had been the source of magic and life within the Rift even before there were the gods that ruled this land. So when the Living Tree had been able to walk on its own many roots, and it’s siblings told it to run, it had.

But it had gone too far. No longer did the Tree know where it was going, it just knew it needed to leave before the Rift consumed it too. Yet it hadn’t quite reached the Portal to the outside world, instead, it heard the approach of creatures and froze looking as though it were a tree out of place among the many dark ones that encompassed the land. Quietly, it stood, observing the best way it could, its branches trembling out of fear. Can you help it?

The tree is terrified and doing its best to hide! Can you find it and help it find its way back?

* Each round is 48 hours (give or take), and has no posting order. If you miss a round, don't worry - just post when you have a chance to! The round is open until Rift Presence posts again.
* New characters are always welcome to join the plot
* If you find the pace too high, let us know, and we'll slow down!
* Posts are encouraged to be 400 words or less.
» Presence of the Rift «

Vynter the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
All of sudden they were no longer alone. More had begun to filter in, one in a rather loud fashion. A filly, younger like himself and Valkyrie, had fallen down and on her knees before them all. In an instant he was coming forward, attempting to offer some assistance before stopping himself right in front of her. In the corner of his eye he had seen Valkyrie, and it had reminded him what happened the last time he had tried to aided someone. So instead he took a step back, looking at the filly warily before turning his to skull to Ruwin for some sort of comfort. The boy was not usually this vulnerable, so uncertain and skittish when it came to others. It was hard for him to focus when he was constantly reminded that he was not good company.

This was forgotten when rustling could be seen behind the group, causing Vynter to immediately hone in on the brushes ahead. At once he moved, taking cautious yet firm footing towards the sound. His ears were pricked, eyes unwavering, and even with the ice forming beneath each hoof he managed to keep his balance. He moved almost like a cat stalking its prey, surprisingly full of grace and poise as he drew closer to the place had seen movement. When he was close enough, it was evident in that moment that one of the trees within the vegetation was quivering ever so slightly. His eyes scanned the small tree, feeling certain that he had found their target. However, he chose to not go forward, to instead wait until the tree was ready to come out on its own.
My will is a sword that cuts down anything in my way

Vynter finds the tree and approaches it. He waits until the tree is ready to come out on its own.
Valkyrie the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Caevoc
Something deep within her smarted as the man with the muddy-tinted coat turned, ignoring the question asked entirely, and proceeded without warning to remove himself from her company.

Was Valkyrie offended?

Her eyes narrowed coldly upon the back end of him, the cloak of auburn feathers he wore, and she thought to deal a swift, punishing bite down upon it all before movement just beyond him diverted her notice. Around about the same moment, there came the thunder of another’s hard hooves against loam and without any time between to process, an unfamiliar woman came flying out at speed from the tree line. Impressive was the effort that the other went to, to avoid a collision - the twisted leg and near-violent angel did not pass the Shieldmaiden by unaffected.

A smile ignited upon her lips (rare indeed), and the white flash of her teeth singled a fleeting sense humour. From her belly bubbled the almost audible rumble of a chuckle. “You needn’t be,” she assured the other informatively with warmth she’d never offer to a man. “Are you alright?” she queried genuinely, in addition, noting the lovely paler pattern on her rich brown skin. Without considering the pair prior engaged (Vynter had wandered off anyway), Valkyrie stepped closer to the mare and dipped her soft lips towards the leg being favoured. “Recovery will be faster if you don’t let it stiffen.” Tenderly, though without touching, she examined it and then raised her eyes to find the other’s darling gaze. “I’m Valkyrie.”

Very briefly, she cast a look by the odd-looking creature that had arrived along with her; whatever it was…

Behind it, another figure loomed - enormous, ominous, like thunderheads ballooning ahead of a storm - and though she had seen the monster before (it had hardly presented as such, however), the watching Daughter stiffened, with a thinning, wary gaze. The behaviour, not to mention diversity, of the Rift’s plentiful folk, was certainly unpredictable. The point was validated perfectly as Vynter turned, very like a blood-hound to a scent, and locked eyes upon a rather inconspicuous tree standing huddled with the rest. With limited respect for the man already (there was none, actually, despite his previous aid), she slithered that way and sighed for his benefit alone. “I suppose there’s a likemindedness between you,” she grinned broadly, a whisper that their audience should not be able to hear; perhaps joking - but probably not. “Why don’t you spit on it and see if it likes you back…’

As far as Valkyrie knew, it was just dense wood.

Currently championing:
Was that—


—a scent, a feeling, ripping through him like a hook, lodging somewhere in his flesh; painful and tugging, insistent and sweet, adrenaline and endorphins. Like an expectant hound he stiffened, though his nostrils worked.


Raw, pure. Untainted. Alive. His jaws opened, his pulse quickened, thirst and greed and need combining to whisper killkillkill; consume and devour, rip every shred of magic from its bones. His teeth ached with the thought of it, a quiver of anticipation running down his double spine.

(No, he thinks, somewhere in the back of his warped mind.)

He wanted it. He craved it.

But you can't have it that voice said again, a reminder of what he was doing, a shove back into the confines of his own skull. You are not them. His body twisted within itself; was it just his imagination, or was his form more stable these days..?

He filed it away for later consideration. What mattered now was telling the ghosts of four power-hungry, slavering gods that they would not get to devour this tree.

Fuck but what if they were important? What if they were part of what kept the Rift grounded, going? How were they made? Did they grow like saplings? Could he plant a garden of them?

Letting out a deep, shuddering breath, the tall, dark creature slipped around both the gathering and the tree, his entire being on fire (figuratively) and his brain doing static as he skirted close to it. He shuddered with suppressed need as he situated himself between the frightened tree and the core of the Portal.
beauty in darkness
kaos in light
.. and kaos opened up its eyes