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» In the End
Open The Pinnacle 
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
the Rift
The Matron had covered herself in glitter, a striking, glimmering war paint of sorts as she lead the group to the Pinnacle. The large, giant crevice that opened, leaked that brilliant blue color as though the inside were a beacon of light. The Protector was nowhere in sight, and she didn’t mind not seeing her old friend, for what was to come.

This would be an event for the world to see.

She grinned up at the crevice, looking over her broad warrior’s shoulder, to look back at the group that had gathered. ”This is it. Enjoy, rejoice, and remember all of the good you have done.” The Matron boomed to them, a grin reaching her lips once again as she began to sway. Music billowed from the crevices, floating on the wind and raking against the rocks that surrounded them. And all while the music built and her glittering body moved, she hoped they did the same – she hoped they enjoyed what this was, and even more, what was to come.

For they had accomplished so much, and they had hardly anything to see from it. This would be a reward, a beautiful sweet treat, something that the Rift craved.

Essentially, this is the party! There's music, dancing, and just an overall happy atmosphere. But stay tuned, there's more ;)

* Each round is 48 hours (give or take), and has no posting order. If you miss a round, don't worry - just post when you have a chance to! The round is open until Rift Presence posts again.
* New characters are always welcome to join the plot
* If you find the pace too high, let us know, and we'll slow down!
* Posts are encouraged to be 400 words or less.
» Presence of the Rift «

Ruwin the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
He was not the partying type. He had only followed the Matron because she had been the orchestrator of all of this and had bade them come. he held a brooding look upon his face as he followed the Matron. The curious nature within him driving him to follow. What was to happen next? Was this another trial of sorts? They were returning to the Pinnacle, the place where he happened to join in on this madness. A set of strange tasks said to actually help the rift. Yet he saw so little in the way of change. The Protector had thanked them, called them the hope of this land. But what had they really done?

He had yet to see anything substantial happen, as such he was still quite skeptical of the whole things. Perhaps it was just some clever ruse designed to keep them distracted while a plot moved in the shadows. Or perhaps he was thinking on this too much. Too darkly. As they reached the top the sparkling Matron turned and address them. Music seemed to float from the shinning light. Its origins unknown. Rejoice? Enjoy? What had they actually done? Yet the feeling in the air was unmistakable. It was like the presence of the rift, but lighter. Happier. Something was changing, though he could not see it yet. So he stood there like a stick in the mud. He wasn't much for parties.


You have three choices in Life:
Get up, give in,
Or give it all you've got!
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You have my permission to use magic/force against Ru.
Maiming and killing is not allowed. You can always message me if you're not sure about anything/want to plot something out. =D
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K'yarie the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
She was literally glowing. Not just the soft hues cast by her stars or glowing mane and tail, but from a soft yellow light left by the grateful flowers of Solanis. The glitter upon her body was lost among the glittering of galaxies within her pelt. But they were present, only truly visible upon her white face where no stars shone.

She glided after the matron, interested in the mention of party. She so love music and dance and the chance to truly mingle with those that had come together to help save her world. She was grateful to them. The majority not native yet so willingly help. No, in fact the only native she was aware of was the grumpy buckskin that stood on the fringes of the crowd. A mischievous smile touched her lips and she quietly walked towards him. She came up beside him, as silently as a shadow, her lips softly brushing his ear as she whispered to him "Come and dance you old sauerkraut." She said, before slipping away to join the others.

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Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
They were having a party! he excitedly followed the matron to the pinnacle, a goofy grin never quite leaving his face. He'd never been to a party, always confined to the darkness of his caves. This would be his first ever celebration. And he had helped bring it about! He had helped the rift, though his actions were humble and simple in his mind. He had somehow played a part in bringing all of this about. He felt a sense of pride in being able to help his homeland. Fore he may not be a native, but he felt a deep sense of loyalty to the world where people accepted him.

His steps were bouncy and energetic as he swayed to the music, eager to learn what a party entailed. He had only ever heard stories so he was not entirely sure how to go about partying. What exactly was he supposed to do at a party? At a loss he followed the Matron's example and began to sway, his massive wings spreading out to help him keep his balance as he danced.


I may not be the most important person in your life.
I just hope when you hear my name,
You smile and say "That's my friend!"
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You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Seiji the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Caevoc

So, something is happening. Helping K’yarie and Waker and their third, nameless, friend in the forest had been a good decision, after all. Seiji is a paradoxical thing now, black and gold, soft and curious, on the heels of this new gathering. Keenly aware he doesn’t belong here; the Rift will never own him. It claims no purchase in his heart, not even now, not even with the golden light of Solanis limning his otherwise inky features. It never will; he thinks of the crashing of waves as he walks. Different gatherings: the master’s helpers flitting through the trees, along the rock wall. Colored lights blooming as the sun disappears. Muted voices. Touches on his flanks and shoulders.


He makes a gallant effort to hide the feeling. His steps are measured, light and graceful. His dark eyes lifted to the strange, shimmering creature who leads them. He doesn’t know her. No one yet speaks her name. Something in him yearns to know it, to know if she holds the answer to the only question he cares about, but even if she did he cannot ask. And even if he asked, why should she tell? He resigns himself to observation, now. A celebration is a good place to learn, after all.

He mingles. Music emanates from somewhere, sweet and dreamy. Seiji wonders if he ought to approach those he recognizes, or those he does not. He settles for wandering, his footfalls unconsciously even with the rhythm of the music, his eyes flicking from one reveler to the next, up along the spire, the blue light emanating from within. Mistrust makes him light on his feet.

img by Tildae @ flickr
Vynter the Hopebringer
Currently championing:

He was now covered in glitter. It fell upon him like a delicate blanket, one that caused a sense of warmth to engulf his lanky form. His eyes looked on in wonder at the spectacle, watching as the Matron offered to celebrate their hard work. Yet as everyone began to disperse to mingle amongst themselves, the boy was stuck in a standstill. Social gatherings had never been something he was a part of, and thus he didn't know what the process was of partaking in such an event. Was he meant to stand and smile and nod during someone's conversation, or was he meant to step along to a rhythm he currently could not hear others dancing to.

There were plenty of options but there wasn't a clear first he thought he was supposed to accomplish. So he aimlessly wandered until he figured what to do next. It was when his eyes fell upon a black brute did something strike him. Around them both others had begun to pair off to dance, swaying in sync to a beat that Vynter could only see. Yet he was intrigued, and definitely wanted to partake. Except he currently had no partner. Perhaps this new man would be willing to dance with him? Surely he wanted to do something other than awkwardly stand too.

So with the utmost confidence he trotted up to the tall, graceful man, before bowing down with one hoof forward as he had seen the other stallions do to mares. Although his ebony companion was indeed not a woman, it didn't change the fact that Vynter saw this as the only way to offer the invitation of a dance. He didn't exactly know how he would respond, but as soon as a nod of his head was apparent the boy stood closer, pressing his side to the taller man's and beginning to take the lead in their silent waltz. The grullo concentrated greatly on his footing, relying on the view of other horses to show him what the rhythm was. Given the circumstances, he was doing rather well, and he guided this tall stranger through the steps with uncommon grace.

His eyes met his partner's once or twice, but he mostly kept his attention on other couples to make sure he was still dancing in tune. He felt accomplished, knowing that even with the inability to hear; he was still able to function rather normally. He could only hope at this point that his dance partner wouldn't talk and expect him to have a conversation.

My will is a sword that cuts down anything in my way

Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta
Following the Matron to the Pinnacle, I could not help but wonder how much in the Rift had really changed. Sure, it seemed more alive in some places than before, but overall this world retained its feeling of danger and mystery around every corner. Certainly there was far more work to be done, for a few trips here or there could not possibly heal the entire land in every way it needed to be healed. For the next few hours, though, I decided to set aside my doubts and try to enjoy myself.

When we reached the party, as the Matron referred to it, all signs of disease seemed to be gone. There was glitter everywhere; dancing, and music filled the air without effort, like the waves filling holes in beach sand as the sound rushed in between every horse in the clearing. Some reacted to the pleasant beat, while others continued in chatter. Either way the melody always spoke to its listeners in some manner. A lively tempo could lift them, elevate the spirit, or move them to dance, whilst a slow one might relax the mood. Without the notes filling the air every horse was an island, and with it they all enjoyed the same tidal flows and the beginnings of togetherness felt warm. 

The glitter still clung to my hide, shimmering every time light touched it. I'd been to celebrations before, in my homeland. I couldn't say that this lived up to their grandeur, but it did fill me with nostalgia, a reminder of home and of my family before the world had gone so wrong. Now, the Rift seemed to be a place of unrestrained joy. The glitter lit up the warm day, a riot of color to rival any fairytale's paradise. It was a time to celebrate what we had done to help the Rift, despite hardly noticing the impact of our collective efforts on the land. It was there somewhere. It had to be.


they heard me singing and they told me to stop
quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock

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Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta
Outside, Kiada was silent with the trek to the Pinnacle. Inside, she was screaming in excitement and glee. She couldn’t wait to see what awaited them at the mouth of the glowing mountain. And finally, before she thought she’d literally burst in excitement, they arrived. The Matron spoke evenly and calm, before swaying to the music. Kiada’s ears perked and she watched the Matron as well as listening closely to the music. Her eyes darted around, her head swiveling as the glitter flickered along her skin at all those gathered. She recognized quite a few of them now, and offered a smile of glee in their directions should they look to her.

But then, as she moved further into the party, the music filling her with a beautiful grace. She moved swift and strong, but agile in place where she was most lean. Her focus was pinned on one person. She looked toward Rixen, her eyes alight and happy as she approached him, padding ever so closer, somewhat moving to the music. She offered him a brilliant smile before asking a bit timidly, “do you want to dance with me?” She felt like a child asking someone for something they might decline, but the music and glitter had made her bold, and she was curious if he would.

After a few moments of waiting, she, too, began to sway, her head and body moving in a rhythmic movement, following the crescendos of the music, her eyes closed despite all that surrounded them. Then, slowly, she opened her eyes to see if Rixen had joined in with her, or if he had simply left to avoid her and her antics.

there is something moon soaked and dawn flavoured about her.
something kissed by the wild and loved by lightning
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Mentions @Rixen!

Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta
Though the clearing was far from empty, I was alone - but not for long. A figure approached me. She was a familiar one at that. I noticed her moving through the crowd only a heartbeat after she must have noticed me. With her glitter-covered hide, though, it was a wonder that I had not caught sight of her earlier. She was like the sun, impossible to miss against a clear blue sky. When our eyes met and her smile fell upon me, her gaze burned mine like I'd been staring at the sun for too long. 

"Kiada," I breathed when the gilded mare was within earshot, my lips curled upward in a wide grin that I did not even attempt to hide. "You’re… covered in glitter." I finished my observation with an almost childish giggle, my green eyes scanning her shimmering frame. Somehow I’d failed to notice how much glitter there really was. Not only did it cover Kiada almost entirely, but also everyone and everything around us. As instructed by the Matron, I’d decorated myself with glitter as well, but I was not nearly the beacon of sparkling glory that she was. My heart flickered as each tiny piece coruscated in the light.

Watching her move to the music, my head tilted to one side and a hopeful smile played on my lips. "It would be an honor to dance with you. I’m not the best dancer, though. Don’t say I didn’t warn you." My lighthearted words emerged as a shout over the commotion of the voices and music. Blue light from the Pinnacle flooded the floor, growing increasingly brighter, and the music’s rhythm started to pulse into me. First one hoof tapped to the steady beat, and the other three followed shortly after. Back and forth, I swayed beside Kiada, trying my best to keep up as the beat picked up pace.


they heard me singing and they told me to stop
quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock

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@Kiada :D
{Image: untitled_drawing_by_indelyde-dceus9t.png}
Currently championing:
Glitter. Party. Crowd.

This time, he hadn't phased out to get there ahead of them—partially out of fear that his glitter would fall off when he stepped into the other place, and partially out of a strange sense of loyalty. His mind was still burning with thoughts about the Living Trees, digging through centuries of knowledge taken for granted to the point that it was lost, but whatever brain capacity he had left was turning over what had happened in the most recent past.

From the abandoned Akvo City to the Tree trying to flee through the Portal.. and everything in between: he, Kisamoa, and his continued adventures in kindness.

He was so lost in thought, as he brought up the rear of the group heading to the party, that he almost stepped on Ruwin when they stopped. Blinking in surprise, the deity simply shifted his mass sideways, looking all sorts of wrong as he avoided the recalcitrant, glittering stallion.

And that's when things started to get strange.

Music, its source unseen, began to hum through the air, a beat traveling through his skin to his bones, shaking them; his vision clipped between reality and memories of days long since past, when such celebrations had not been rare things. As he peered at the horses breaking off into groups, or slowly slipping into dance, he wondered how long it was since the Rift had seen something like this. The last few hundred years of his memories were a dark blur, full of sickness and greed.

He was in remission, but he wondered how long it would last.

Kisamoa was in many ways a hideous thing: he stood upon four long legs, none quite like the other, his body a mess of scars and black, oily fur. A long tail, that once might've been soft, was strung out behind him, a tangled mess. And from his broad shoulders arched an elegant neck, marred by the scars where fur and scales met; his head, forehead covered in glitter, tapered to a thinner nose than a horse's, and shorter, too. Antlers, wrong-looking and sharp, sprouted from the base of his skull on that day.

Mismatched fangs crowded his mouth.

But there was one thing about him that was always soft: his eyes.

They were as black as the void, but just eyes like any other, with long lashes, and soft, soft fur around them.

He narrowed his eyes, trapped in a conflict between the anger and the child within; a god's voice, probably, yelling in the back of his mind that this was a waste of time, in every way, countered by that weird sense of self that wanted to disappear in the beat of the music, and be carried away by it.

After a moment, he let his awareness sink into the realm around him, touching the golden, glowing veins of hope pulsing through it. They were a trail, easy to follow, mapping the paths that had been taken to bring Hope to the lands; a spiderweb of achievements, an echo of life.

A dream of a brighter future, for that moment shared by all of the land.

Kisamoa remained lost in the bliss of those currents, eyes closed, but his long tail flicked rhythmically to the beat of the music.
beauty in darkness
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