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» New Beginnings
Open Rainforest Cliffs 
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
the Rift
"Come," the vulviper pleaded with the siren—its dark eyes bored relentlessly into those of the much smaller snake-fox. It was only about the hundredth time it asked the siren, who still stoically refused. With a hiss and a flick of its long tail, it disappeared back beneath the waves, leaving the vulviper to stare dejectedly after it. "But what's the point of unity," it mumbled in its own language to the ripples, "if we're not united..?"

But was it still true unity, when some of the species, frankly, did not care? The little vulviper sighed, momentarily cheered by the loricatrunc's trunk stroking its head. They had tried. Sirens were stubborn at the best of times, and lately, times weren't the best. Even the not-so-bright of the Rift creatures felt the life force bleed out of the lands day by day.

The loricatrunc swept up the tiny vulviper, and along with a cohort of Western Mists creatures, they set off towards the turbulent shores of the Southern Seas.

Once there, the representatives of the species gathered; beaked bear, asulli, dusk howler, fimalgo, glimmer bird, both Ennunyenda and pavo cat, even a sceletus hovering with apparent disinterest above the group, and more unmentioned. Laying in the shallows were the creatures of the deep: pistris, a bird-eating whale, ceteyan, even a baleano. Most, but not all, species were represented, but some—like the nighura—had tried to eat the messenger, and some—like the Protector—didn't care. Even the equines, in their multitude and complexity and rather separate existence, were invited.

After a moment, the hubbub died down, and the matriarch of the loricatrunc—simply the one most used to addressing others—stepped forward. "Hope has been rekindled in these lands," she said, the creases around her eyes deepening with her gentle smile. A murmur greeted her words. "But, it does not yet shine into the deepest, coldest of shadows. The sirens have forgotten it. Please," and now, she turned to the gathered equines and their glowing orbs of hope, bestowed upon them by their confused deity, "will you come with us? Help us relight hope where it has gone out?"

To kick 2018 off, we're doing a speed plot of varying tasks! Consider it a kind of mini SWP-in-the-SWP, intended to be fast-paced. If it turns out to be too fast-paced, let us know, and we'll slow it down! The OOC guidelines are as follows:
* Each round is 48 hours, and has no posting order. If you miss a round, don't worry - just post when you have a chance to!
* Posts are encouraged to be 400 words or less.

This is a starting round, we'll move off to the Summit in the next one!

The IC task the Rift creatures has laid before you is to bring Hope to the surly sirens of the Summit!
» Presence of the Rift «

Taivas the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
If you'll be my star, I'll be your sky
You can hide underneath me and come out at night
She had never seen anything like it, to be honest.

Much like a fox but scaled and clawed.  The small creature found the shaman amid the stones, still contemplating their existence here within the young forest.  His voice, with a sharp lilt and strange dialect, requested her presence at a meeting for hope.  Now, Taivas knew this had been the task thrust upon her shoulders by Kisamoa, and so how could she refuse?

The gathering astounded her, seeing all the creatures of the Western Mists, even a noble guardian of Uwaritace, awaiting the arrival of others.  Taivas finds her way amid the myriad of faces and nods, waiting quietly for those still flowing into the small area.

The Matriarch steps forth, and the painted girl remembers her from the Tree of Light, the one whose sorrowful voice notified the shaman that the illusion was but temporary.  The large creature speaks of the Sirens and their lost hope, and the girl does not have to think before her answer comes spilling out of her mouth:

"Of course."
When I turn jet black, and you show off your light
I live to let you shine
Aurelia the Hopebringer
Currently championing: None
Aurelia was drawn here for reasons she didn't completely understand. Yet when she arrived, she wasn't exactly happy to see Taivus. The mare had been difficult, but Aurelia paid her no attention now, only focusing on the myriad of shapes and beings before her.

When one of the things comes forward, it asks for help. Asking the group that is forming quickly to follow them. Aurelia, again is drawn back to Taivus. Why the fuck was she here if she thought helping the land was simply living on it according to strengths and weaknesses? Aurelia actually wanted to make a change by acting and researching and doing. Taivus had disagreed with her vehemently, but clearly, she didn't actually, as she was here just like Aurelia.

Aurelia didn't know these beings, but she did slightly recognized the Matriarch who spoke. The Tree of Light was brought back into her mind, her thoughts being pulled to the serpent locket that hung around her neck on the same chain as her locket.

"Gladly," was all she offered, but there wasn't much more to say for the time being, though she was sure she'd have more and more blooming questions as time began to pass.

in madness
we reign
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{Image: 1zxwow6.jpg}
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
The creatures of thee Rift were unlike any he had ever seen. Of course, he had seen very few fauna of his birth-land. Confined to the underground cave system beneath his parent's kingdom he had only ever known of that which dwelt in the dark, cold, and damp. Now to see so many different creatures made him as bright eyed as a little child. He particularly loved the strange fox creature and watched it inquisitively as it spoke wit the Sirens. It seemed they did not come to an agreement.

He came to stand beside his friend, Taivas as the Matron addressed them. Like the healer Roscorro knew his answer, though he was unable to say it at the time, still between trials. So he offered a firm nod to show that he was also determined to help.
talk talk talk
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta

I had never seen so many strange creatures in my life, and definitely not all gathered in one place like this. They came in all shapes and sizes, spiked, tusked, feathered, and furry, to name a few of their prominent characteristics. Yet it was no surprise to me that the Rift was home to such a wide variety of fauna, many of which bore a resemblance to animals from my home land. I approached the commotion with my ears pricked forward and an attentive expression in my emerald eyes. 

Standing a distance away from me were Aurelia and Taivas. With them stood a strange and very tall purple creature that looked to be at the very least part equine. He had large dragon-like wings and a long, furry tail. Spikes ran down his back, visible through his long tresses. Protruding from his jaw were sharp fangs. Interesting. I made a mental note to ask who he was later.

I came forward to stand beside the others, listening to the Matron’s words intently. Anything I could do to help the Rift to heal, I would. I hadn’t shared my orb with anyone, and I felt useless just sitting around, waiting for some miracle to happen. It was time to act, to take matters into my own hooves if I could. Dipping my antlered head, I spoke. "Whatever I can do to help." Were the only words that came from my mouth as I awaited further instruction from the Matron or my equine brethren.


they heard me singing and they told me to stop
quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock

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{Image: untitled_drawing_by_indelyde-dceus9t.png}
Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta
thank you for loving me
when i still tasted of heartache and war
The gathering was unlike anything Kiada had seen thus far in the Rift. There were creatures of all shapes and sizes, from all across the lands, summoned them to a specific location. And so Kiada and Khairi obliged, stepping into the gathering and spotting some familiar faces among those she had yet to meet. Her eyes landed on the eldest Matron, watching as the elephant-like creature addressed them all once again. As she spoke, Kiada’s mind whirled with the possibilities that this quest had to offer.

And quietly, as the rest of those gathered offered their help, she dipped her armored face and grinned to the creatures and beasts gathered. “I will help as well.” She offered to them before settling somewhere alongside Rixen, her icy eyes dancing to those around them as Khairi surveyed from his perch along her withers.

This was something that would help the Rift, despite her troubles actually sharing things. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she glanced toward the other faces of creatures she hadn't seen yet - wondering where exactly they may have lived and if this was the only time that these beasts would be pleasant. She came prepared, nonetheless, her armor stretching across her body and covering her face in the attempt that she could fight if this event backfired.

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K'yarie the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
Unlike the other K'yarie knew of the creatures that stood before her. She knew the names of each one and the dangers they were known for. Never before had she known the to so eagerly try to work together, especially with that of the equine race. It was a curious thing, the Rift. The conversation seemed urgent on the vulviper's side, though the siren was obviously not interested in what it had to say. The dark mare watched the siren slip away under the waves, leaving a disappointed fox-snake behind. It seemed not all were on board with the plan to save their home. She noticed a distinct lack in a certain, grumpy stallion. Apparently he didn't care either. Or he just wanted to avoid yet another crowd.

She wasn't entirely sure that it was going to work. But the strange way the fauna seemed to be coming together indicated that something was changing. So she was here, hoping to lend her own effort. Not out of duty to her homeland, though she didn't want it to die, but out of a curiosity. She had to see more result before throwing her faith into this strange method. She had hoped one too many times and had it crushed beneath the cruel reality of this world. She was not about to do it again until she knew without a doubt that Koas's plan would indeed work.

talk talk talk talk
Fear not this Night.
You will not go Astray
Though shadoes fall, still the Stars find their way
image credit to Achiha-Azteca.
Currently championing:
On the subject of shocking entrances: how about the massive meeting of really weird things on the shore? You land, hesitant, at the back, ears flickering, eyes darting, trying to take in the improbable mix of colors, sharp angles, and sheer, massive size. Something huge and bony lurks above all of you, yet no one seems afraid of its shadow, and something huge and glowing and full of teeth lays halfway up the shore.

Something tells you they don't gather regularly for tea parties, and that at any other time, at least half of you would be dead already, and the other half about to be the same. There's too many teeth, too much muscle.

It's that elephant again, holding you all in thrall, even the predators. She speaks, and you listen, and something gives you the feeling that all the gathered creatures—probably the non-equine natives of this land—have already agreed to that which she asks. Why else would they be there? Why else would she address your kin the way she does?

Taivas is quick to pledge her aid, followed by a chorus as more slip out of the woodwork. You don't add your voice to theirs, but you nod, firmly.
Otem the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
Trouble is as a trouble does, when it's on a troubled mind
Reasons come and reasons will go when the blind are followin' the blind

Otem felt like the request was more rhetorical. All gathered had bright orbs of light with them. They all had, collectively, drank the Kaos koolaid.
They had all given their ascent to bring hope and help cleanse, so how could they cry off now?

Besides, Sirens surely couldn't be so frightening?

Otem wished she could linger, her bi-coloured gaze locked upon the Asulli, which looked so shy and gentle that it seemed to make her heart hurt. Slyl, Otem's magic pulls some of the bioluminescent moss towards the creature with slow languid tugs of magic, hoping not to frighten it.

Turning her gaze back towards the matriarch and, like Waker, also offered a silent nod of affirmation.

Image Credits

You may always use magic/force on/against Otem.
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
the Rift
The matriarch's dark eyes twinkled with each new arrival—hope wasn't just in the orbs following the gathered equines, hope was in this, the coming-together. It was in the implication that the Rift was home to all of them, and that, despite the fact that they normally did not communicate with one another, for their home they were willing to cross borders they normally were incapable of crossing. Who had ever heard of a baleano peacefully lying in the shallows, after all?

Those gathered all agreed to help the sirens see the light, whether their affirmation was verbal or silent. From the corner of her eye, the matriarch noticed luminescent moss creeping towards the asulli; the great beast eyed it with an obvious mix of wariness and desire, a deep, low moan rumbling from his throat. It sounded tortured, but the matriarch simply smiled—had he truly been frightened, he would've fled. Asulli had learned long ago to run. Tentatively, he stretched his neck as far as it would, sniffing the encroaching moss.

"Let us go, then," she declared, beginning to turn to the west with purpose giving her aging body a sharper edge. However, she didn't get very far before the baleano thrashed upon the shore, and, heart skipping a beat—they were, after all, vicious killers—she turned back to it. "Yes?" she inquired softly. It took a moment, then its deep, guttural voice, magically altered for the moment to be comprehensible, sounded like the sighing of the ocean over the shore. "Take Malspira. We will wait here," it declared. The matriarch offered it a nod, before turning to lead the contingent of Rift creatures and equines towards the Siren's Summit—the fleet vulviper remained behind to gather some malspira, before scuttling up the leg of the sceletus, the last to leave the shore behind. It didn't seem to notice, for which the vulviper was grateful.

New thread is coming up in the Summit in a moment - this one will be archived in a few days, there is no need to respond here again, unless you really want to!
» Presence of the Rift «