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Private The Heimasborg 
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
They gathered on the snowy plains of the North, under the colorful northern lights that shifted in hues of blue and green in a sky studded with stars. Tall Aedion, glowing teal in the darkness; short, fluffy Korri; graceful and young Requiem; and the gently glowing shaman, Taivas. They were Champions of Reszo, and they were there to show their strength and skill. It had come to their attention that the MITN had descended from the Bloodmountains and barricaded itself in the Heimasborg. What was worse, the MITN seemed to have enlisted a fair few of the Frozen North’s more dangerous creatures, terrorizing local wildlife and preying on the unwary travelers. No one could enter the Heimasborg anymore.

Getting the MITN out wouldn’t be easy.

The group came to a reluctant halt within the valley stretching out ahead of the Heimasborg. Up in the center of the mountain complex one of the smaller peaks jutted up – and even at that distance, the MITN’s bulk was visible like a shadow against the sky. He roared into the night, a challenge and a claim.

One of the many entrances – and, as it just happened to be, the main one – yawned ahead of the group. It was a black mouth into the mountain, and they could see it was guarded by two Amaroks, who watched them with wary eyes. The snow around the guards was disturbed and red with blood, but there was no sign of anyone else being around, and it was too far to tell whether the blood was theirs or not. Leading away to the east was a faint trail, the tracks blown over by snow.

There wasn’t a lot else in the shadowed valley; a cluster of Firetongue grew nearby, and a few Heart of the North trees dotted the slopes.

“We should be cautious,” Korri said. “We should follow the tracks and see if it leads to a secondary entrance.” Taivas paid him little mind, instead plodding over to the nearest Firetongue to investigate it. Requiem went with her.

“We should grab some of these, in case they’re useful,” Aedion said, before nodding at Korri. “We should definitely take some,” Requiem agreed, as Taivas dug into the Firetongue, revealing the fleshy fruit at the center of it. She scooped it up and placed it on her back, nestled between her wings, before trotting after Aedion and Korri, who looked back at them over his shoulder. “What’s taking you all so long?” he asked playfully.

“We’re collecting things that might be useful,” Requiem answered him as she trotted to catch up with the group, a Firetongue fruit tucked beneath one of her wings.

Korri bent his head to sniff at the tracks they were following. They seemed to be no more than a few hours old at most. The tracks themselves were large: a broad pad, and five digits. Blood had dripped into the snow around them. “Do you think it might be another of those?” Korri asked, gesturing towards the main entrance and the Amaroks. “Does it look larger than the Amaroks?” Aedion wondered.

Requiem looked at the tracks. “I don’t have a good feeling about this.”

“Looks like bear tracks to me,” Taivas said, her expression blank. Aedion seized onto that. “Do you think it could be a Vorbear?”

“A what?” from Korri.

“I know little of the Rift’s fauna, but near the fields large brown bears would leave similar prints,” Taivas explained.

“There’s Vorbears up in the north. They’re white to blend into the snow better, but appear similar to the bears down there,” Aedion said, studying the tracks for clues as to what might have left the blood. There was no sign of anything like prey dragged along, just blood and the bear tracks.

Requiem frowned. “Do you think the blood belongs to the bear or something else?”

Aedion frowned too. “Perhaps from the creature that left it?” he ended up saying at around the same time that Korri exclaimed “Ísbirnir?” and bounced ahead into a trot. “Perhaps we could parlay!”

Taivas frowned, and Aedion followed the excited Pegasus with a sigh. “Better hope this creature isn’t bigger than you are,” he said in jest. Korri, obviously delighted by the discovery that it might be a white bear, called “Everything’s bigger than I am!” over his shoulder, eliciting a laugh from the bigger stallion.

Both Taivas and Requiem hesitated but decided to follow the boys anyway. The path they were on led them east around the Heimasborg, steadily climbing out of the shadow valley. The tracks grew fainter and fainter, for the winds were stronger up on the ridge, and had already blown over the tracks. Still, the terrain was pock-marked with little hollows, and Korri made his way over to one of them to investigate. “Stay close!” he called back to the others, as Taivas parked herself on a small hill to keep an eye on their surroundings. Requiem stuck with her, as Aedion followed Korri to look for the trail.

The two boys browsed the snow in silence. “Korri, look!” Aedion suddenly exclaimed, waving with one of his wings to bring the other over. The bear tracks climbed up a rocky path, and barely had it been pointed out to him before Korri eagerly set off up it. Taivas, one wing extended to shield Requiem from the bitter winds, led the young girl over. From his position at the front, Korri frowned back at them, while Aedion waited for them to catch up. “Thank you,” Requiem said to Taivas once they reached the tall stallion.

“I can take the rear if you want some protection from behind?” Aedion offered. Taivas looked at him with a blank expression. “I prefer to be cautious. You think we are the only creatures who can follow tracks in the snow?”

Korri pinned his ears at that. “Don’t forget we’re here to fight,” he challenged them.

“We can’t fight if something sneaks up on us and kills us all,” Requiem countered.

“Good point,” Aedion said. “You two go in the middle and I’ll watch from the back. They’ll have to get through me first.” He grinned at Taivas and Requiem before taking up his position as rearguard.

Korri sighed and returned his attention to the trail. He spied something up ahead, and squinted as he approached. “Oh!” he called out. “Eyes up! Hello!” He paused, his wings slightly flared, body tense but his posture not threatening. In front of him, what had seemed just another snow-covered boulder moved, sluggishly raising its head to peer at the group. The Vorbear blinked a few times. The scent of blood was sharp in the air, and beneath the snow covering the white fur, the stark red of crusted blood shone through.

Aedion followed at the back, but once he noticed the bear, his ears came forward. “It is a Vorbear. Do you think we could help it?”

“It does not appear to be hostile,” Taivas said flatly, and walked past Korri to step closer to the Vorbear. “Do you need aid, friend?” she asked it quietly, while lowering her head towards it. Korri glared at her, and Requiem slipped past him as well to peer at the bear. “It needs help,” she said, casting around for anything that might allow her to tend to its wounds, while Aedion spread his wings at the back, trying to block out the wind.

The bear looked disoriented, as if she’s recently awoken and not quite sure what she is seeing. Then, slowly, her dark eyes focused on Taivas’s face, and she nodded.

Aedion glanced at the girls. “Do you both still have that plant we grabbed earlier? Might help it some?” Taivas looked towards him and shrugged. “I am not sure,” she said.

“Do any of you know what it does?” Korri asked.

Despite the question Taivas approached the bear, and placed the fleshy fruit on the ground in front of it. “We have this, if you think it might help.” Behind her, Aedion looked at Korri. “It lives here, it’ll know if it’s safe or not, right?” Requiem shook her head. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to eat it and find out.” Meanwhile, the bear looked down at the Firetongue fruit, and after a moment, she began to laugh. It was a slow, deep laugh, as if it was a little painful to do so but she couldn’t help herself. She seemed amused as she watched them debate.

Korri sighed. “Perhaps we should ask the bear’s name,” he suggested. “And, allow her to decide for herself.” Taivas looked slightly confused as to what had irritated him but looked at the surroundings for anything else that might help in the situation. There wasn’t much, just rocks and snow.

Aedion looked confused too. “How can we help you?” he asked the bear.

Requiem tilted her head. “I guess that won’t help,” she said to no one in particular, referring to the Firetongue. “Did one of those Amaroks attack you?”

The bear placed one of her paws next to the Firetongue, but before she had the chance to speak, Taivas summoned strange, cloudy spirits from the ground. They wrapped around the bear, repairing most of the damage inflicted upon her. Startled, Korri took a step back. “Thank you,” the Vorbear said. Her voice was deep, and she still sounded a little amused. “This,” she went on, indicating the plant, “is Firetongue. All you need is a bite of these, and you’ll be passed out drunk in five minutes. It does, however, keep you warm for hours.”

“Thank you for the information,” Taivas said with a nod. Aedion barked out a laugh. “I need this for later when this is all over,” he said. “Huh,” Requiem began. “If we could get the Amaroks to eat them…” She trailed off when Korri’s ears twitched and he spoke. “So... who wants to try tossing some of it into the mouth of those – Amaroks?” Requiem went on, “If we could hide it in meat…”

“Or perhaps you might know of another entrance that’s not guarded?” Aedion asked the bear, as Taivas gave Korri a long, sober look.

Korri privately thought none of them were any fun at all, except Requiem.

“Where will we find any meat?” Aedion asked, looking around curiously. There were only rocks and snow and slopes. “We’re made of meat,” Korri pointed out. “We just need to get the berries in their mouths.” He grinned. “I’m very fast.” At this, the Vorbear laughed again.

Aedion sighed. “I could distract them in my wolf form and you could try to get the Firetongue in their mouths? If not we need to run.” Taivas glanced pointedly at the stallions’s wings. “Or you could hover just out of reach. Unless you actually have a death wish.”

“You want us to fly above them and try to drop it into their mouths?” Aedion asked, looking at Taivas. “Of course,” Korri said, seeming a little perplexed by Taivas’s interjection. “If we could tempt them into trying to bite us, we could probably drop the plant into their mouths.”

Requiem shook her head at them. “What’s going to prevent them from spitting it out even if you get it into their mouths?” she questioned. This caused Aedion to look at the Vorbear. “If we could make it into a paste would it be able to be absorbed, or does it have to be ingested?” he asked her.

“Ingested,” she replied, a humorous twinkle in her eyes. “And if you approach the entrance, beware. There’s an Ursoc close behind them. Two Amaroks I can take down any day, but an Ursoc…” She shook her head slowly.

“What’s an Ursoc?” Taivas asked. Korri thought about it, and he had no idea what an Ursoc was. “Does it possess any kind of weakness? Can it fly?” He flexed his wings.

Aedion, bristling a little, looked at Taivas. “They’re bigger than Vorbears, with a longer tail. Black and white and mean as hell. They can’t fly, either,” he said, the last directed at Korri, before turning his attention back to the Vorbear. “Is there a secondary entrance to the fortress?”

Taivas silently approved of Aedion’s last question. Finally, a sane plan.

“I never learned to fly,” Requiem admitted, both embarrassed and frustrated by it. Korri blinked at her. He felt both a little guilty and a little angry. “Don’t worry!” he said instinctively, glancing at the Vorbear. “We’ll find another entrance, then!”

“That’s okay, Requiem,” Aedion tried to comfort her, nudging her with a wing tip and offering her a big smile.

The Vorbear looked curiously at Requiem, before turning her attention back to Aedion. “There are several entrances. Some are guarded, but perhaps you will find one that is not.”

“Do you have any idea where we might look?” Korri asked.

“The western side has many cracks,” the bear responded.

Korri grinned at the others. “Well, then. Onward and upward?”

“I guess we are off to the west. Thank you,” Taivas said graciously to the Vorbear. Aedion nodded. “Yes, thank you. I’ll keep the rear again.” Requiem added her thanks to theirs, then gave a small smile to both Aedion and Korri, who resumed his position in the lead after nodding to the Vorbear. “Thank you,” he said sincerely to her, but as they prepared to leave, she said “Wait” and stood up. “You helped me, so I will help you. My name is Gianfar.” She made to amble after them, and Aedion paused to wait for her.

“Thank you Gianfar,” he said once she’d caught up. From the front, Korri called back: “It’s a pleasure, Gianfar. I am Korri. We’re honored to have your help.” Then he returned his attention to the front, and Aedion remembered his manners. “I’m Aedion,” he added. “Taivas,” the shaman said with a small smile. “You are welcome.” Requiem smiled warmly at the bear. “Requiem. Thank you for your help, we really appreciate it.” The young girl then followed closely after Korri as he began to lead them back down.

(( Summary of the Speed Group Adventure... There's a lot more to come, I'll edit it in more once I've written it. X__X ))

I think what's going on is Aedion looking for his two new children?


This is the summary thread for the Speed Group Adventure that @Aedion, @Korri, @Requiem and @Taivas did! This thread is for them to continue in/wrap it up and get it in their threadlogs.
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Rift Presence
Currently championing:
placeholder post I might need since the summary is a mile long
» Presence of the Rift «

Rift Presence
Currently championing:
placeholder post I might need since the summary is a mile long 2
» Presence of the Rift «

Rift Presence
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placeholder post I might need since the summary is a mile long 3
» Presence of the Rift «

Rift Presence
Currently championing:
placeholder post I might need since the summary is a mile long 4
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