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like drowning above water.
Trial Solanis 
this is fact not fiction, should have held them in your lungs.
the words I said are spinning, reeling; your wide-eyed dreams weigh a ton.
The whistle of wind and the spatter of rain are all she hears, outside of the murmur of joyous spirits flowing through the lively flora surrounding her... at first.  She is not sure when the voices begin to change, to morph into something unfamiliar and biting in tone.  The spirits no longer hum with harmony, but instead the chatter of vicious teeth and dark thoughts filter through the sound of Drench.

She is not welcome here, this worthless wench.  Taivas pauses to glance around, but sees nothing but a massive flower astride a large, ancient bough in the general direction of the sound.  She keeps walking.

I doubt she brings anything of value to the Rift.

The shaman lets out a soft snort, craning her head about, only to find flora glaring back at her.  The voices become louder.

Ah, the idiot girl finally heard us, it seems.  A gaggle of laugher and cackles.  Took her long enough.

"What would you have me do?" the painted girl lets out into the air, fully aware she might be falling victim to hallucinations and looking frankly insane.

Lend us what gives you strength, a huge, multicolored flower hisses, and see if you can still complete these tasks.

Take the feather of an Asulli of the Rainforest Cliffs to return to us, a blue, thick vine wriggles as it speaks.  Have care or you might kill it.

The last, a bright orange fruit spins about its branch, almost loosing itself from the tree.  Convince another you love them, since you're a blank faced wench.

And with that, a cacophony of laughter breaks out amid the flowers and forest, only to fall silent.
Too silent.

Panic sets in as Taivas realizes the familiar hymns of the earth have also failed to return, leaving her tugging toward the invisible lifestream without success.  She cannot summon spirits.  She cannot be calmed by their ethereal whispers.  She cannot gauge the environment or history based on their temperment.  She is alone and weak.

The shaman's eyes flit about with all the colorful flora still glaring at her through the rain, and the memory of their laughter resonating in her ears.  The moonlit girl stands starkly alone for the first time since arriving here in the Rift.

What now?

[ ooc - Taivas is meeting her first Trial requirement: "Destroy that which you use for strength."
She has lost her connection to the spirits for the duration of her trial!  Anyone may feel free to reply.  <3 ]