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Guidebook: Rules
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General Rules
  1. Be courteous and polite. Communication is capable of resolving all issues.
  2. No powerplaying, godmoding, or metaplaying unless permission is given; please note permissions in your posts.
  3. Use common sense.
  4. No monetary transactions are allowed through this site, please direct such activities towards an external source (i.e. DeviantArt).
  5. We have a 5 active character limit (see here) to promote a ‘love your character’ mentality!
  6. OOCly, This site runs on UTC for timed events. ICly, 9 real life months equate to 1 IC year. Liquid time is used on this site.
  7. Join our Discord Channel for chat and questions!
  8. You must be 16+ to join, due to mature content.
  1. Create an OOC account and complete our application. Once your application has been accepted, the account will be marked as "OOC".
  2. Create your first character account and link it to your OOC account. Fill out the character's profile to the extent you deem necessary for others to properly be able to interact with it.
  3. First, post in the Portal, then you will automatically become a “Roamer” and may post anywhere. Please note there may be a delay of up to twenty minutes.
    • Please note any mutations, magic, normal items, and enchanted items in the OOC notes of your post.
Character Creation
  1. There are very few design rules in the Rift.
    • Maximum height is 20 hands.
    • Please refer to the Mutations for clarification of design aspects.
  2. Foreigners- Characters from other lands may somehow find themselves entering the Rift through the Portal.
    • Foreigners may join with mutations, normal items, enchanted items, companions, and up to 3 magics. However, the Rift is a place that preys upon magic, so these may be lost or mutated upon entering the Portal. Companions will always go wild until enough Rift Force has been earned to reclaim them.
    • This is dictated by dice rolls in the first Portal post. The more rolls needed, the hungrier the Rift becomes ;)
  3. Riftians - so you want to join a native Rifitan? Fantastic!
    • Read Rift Lore and Glossary thoroughly, please!
    • Rifitans (due to living in the Rift) are guaranteed one joining magic and have a higher chance of keeping other magics/items (same as Foreigners)! However, all is still subject to mutation by dice rolls. As with all rolls, the Rift becomes hungrier with each die ;)
    • The Rift is a wild and dangerous place! Feel free to design as wild - or as conservative - as you would like.
  4. Species
    • Equine - horse in appearance; no wings or horns.
    • Unicorn - horn(s); may have any number, type, and in any position on body.
    • Pegasus - wing(s); may have any number, type, and in any position on body.
    • Hybrid - equid species x equid species/other creature; design must appear at least 50% equid.
    • Tribrid - equid species x equid species/other creature x equid species/other creature; design must appear at least 50% equid.
  5. Character Ages
    • A character's age is automatically calculated using the birth date (part of season, season, and year) you've selected. The current season and year are visible in the sidebar. When you are putting in the birth date, it will automatically show how old the character will be.
    • The new year begins when Late Freeze turns into Early Scorch.
    • If your character is born later in the year than the current season, it has not yet had its birthday, and its age will reflect this.
Activity Rules
  1. For a character to remain ‘Active,’ it must make 1 post per month. After 1 month of no posting, a character will automatically become ‘Inactive.’
  2. ‘Inactive’ characters cannot make posts and are stripped of herd ranks.
  3. Threads with no posts in the last two months will automatically be moved to the correct year's 'Incomplete' archive. Post in Maintenace if you wish to have a thread revived, but please note that threads which have been inactive for over two seasons (6 months) will not be revived.
  4. To change a character from ‘Inactive’ to ‘Active,’ visit the "Manage Characters" section in the User CP. Please note you may only do this from your OOC Account.
  5. Activity checks are run on the 1st of every month. Threads are moved to 'Incomplete' every Sunday. It might be wise to refrain from requesting a dead thread be 'revived' if you will not have time to post before the next Sunday.
  6. Inactive characters are never deleted. It is a safe storage.
  1. Thread titles
    • Write “trigger” in the 'attn' field for sensitive subjects.
    • Avoid ‘clutter’ in titles (i.e. “[Name]”), instead place them in the 'attn' field.
  2. No OOC posts in IC boards or threads.
  3. Our word minimum is 100 words.
  4. When your thread is "Complete" (IC ending), use the Archiving tool.
  5. It is considered polite to wait at least 48 hours before skipping. It is also considered polite not to break 'posting order'.
    If you are ‘busy’ or ‘absent’ for any reason, please utilize your OOC Account's “I’m Away” feature in User CP. This will keep your characters safe. Away characters will still be removed in activity checks if they do not meet the activity requirements; this is largely to protect your characters by placing them in the Inactive storage. Please note that you are not allowed to make posts while 'Away'.
Rank Rules
  1. Newcomer - all characters are assigned this rank upon account creation. They will remain this rank until posting in the Portal. This rank is safe from stealths and fights.
Common Knowledge
    Characters may know general knowledge after spending time in the Rift:
  1. Character Titles - may know Title but not character name.
  2. Herd leaders - may know name.