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Guidebook: Systems » Companions
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  1. Companions are creatures that are miniaturized versions of themselves. The largest most companions grow is ~1.5m.
  2. Please see the Rift Force benchmarks for when you are capable of bonding to a companion.
  3. Companions may be obtained via completing a trial.
  4. Companions share a part of the character's soul. Losing your companion is an incredibly traumatic experience.
  5. Companions have their own personalities. They can mind-speak to their bonded, a skill that is mastered as they grow. When a companion is about 2 years of age, they are usually proficient at it.
  6. When bonding, a companion may be found newborn or bonded to later in the companion's life. If so, the bonding process will shrink the creature, if it is too large.
  7. The bonding process varies and is unique to each character/companion. It may be painful (i.e. if bonding to a predator) or euphoric (i.e. if bonding to a fairy or hallucogenic creature); it may be calm (i.e. bonding to a herbivore) or explosive (i.e. bonding to an aggressive creature).
  8. You may join with companions, but they will go wild in the Portal until you have earned enough Rift Force to reclaim them.
Companion Magic
  1. A companion may hold any category of magic. Please see the Rift Force benchmarks for when your companion is capable of attaining its magic.
  2. Companion magic may be obtained via completing a trial.
  3. Companion magic strength will always be 50% that of its bondeds’ level.
    • i.e. “Character” is at level 4 magic; its companion would be at level 2 magic.
  4. Companion magic levels round down
    • i.e. “Character” is at level 5 magic; its companion would be at level 2 magic.
Companion Types
  1. Mundane companions are all currently extant animals in the real world - foxes, deer, cat, birds, fish (impractical!), what have you.
  2. Mundane companions can be slightly altered to better fit the aesthetic of the Rift, for example fur color, patterns (on no more than 33% of the body), horn growths, etc. If you are unsure, please contact Staff with your idea.
  3. Mundane companions cannot have for example extra limbs or magical effects.
  1. Peculiar companions are all Rift creatures that there are more than one of, meaning you can't bond to the Protector!, as well as any in the real world extinct animal, such as quaggas and mammoths.
  2. For the time being, please consult the land guides for the list of all fauna present.
  3. Want to bond to a creature you made up yourself? Submit them here and we'll look them over, and hopefully add them as Rift creatures! This would enable you and everyone else to bond with them.