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How I would have fought this
Trial Ennunyenda 
Aurelia the Hopebringer
Currently championing: None

It is mid-sentence that he questions where they've traveled to. She blinks, a blank expression shrouding her face as she simply watches him awkwardly. Where are they? The walls had narrowed, covered in a thin layer of slick moistness. Her muzzle stretches to feel the cold stone beside her burning body, the fire covering her snout cracking and hissing and weaking in response, relighting as she withdraws from the wetness. "Let's get out of here," she demands, a slight feeling of anxiousness beginning to ruin her perfectly cultivated high.

She knew only 4 things about being lost in caves: 1, make a prominent mark as a 'base' mark and from there venture around, returning to that point every once in a while, 2, YELL, 3, listen for any sounds, 4, find any air currents- they may hint towards an inlet or outlet direction. She couldn't quite form any of this advice into horribly slurred words, so she began silently working. She began shifting loose footing into a sort of makeshift pile in front of her- base mark, done. After this, she begins to neigh, listening to the echoes and dead silent reponse. Sound would not help them out of their predicament, she was sure. Her eyes flutter upwards, watching the smoke cascade from the flames on her body and waft slowly in the air before sluggishly moving one direction.

Aurelia, though not a book-smart mare at all, did have common sense and a basic grasp on a wide variety of topics. She knew random facts of knowledge, though if asked would surely never be able to answer a complex mathematics problem, or identify different herbs, or be able to break down and analyze fighting techniques. She was a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

She began walking the opposite direction that the smoke did (for if the smoke was going south, let's say, the entrance of the cave had to be in a northernly direction for the wind to push the smoke in this direction.) It all made sense in her mind. "I think we go this way," she gestured with her snout the direction she had decided was correct before shimmying around and heading off.

Still there were two things she was oblivious too: 1, her company only saw her as a fat, floppy bunny, and 2, the drugs easily could give her a false sense of knowledge and she could be unknowingly leading them further (only time would tell). Many would advise Rixen not to trust Aurelia, for she was coniving and decietul, but in this moment, Aurelia was the only one who had put forth true effort to get them out- what choice did Rixen really have?

light is easy to love
show me your darkness
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Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta
Rise and rise again until lambs become lions;
I was certain that Aurelia had said something. Yet I could not make out what it was. Instead, it seemed like a bunch of gibberish, because my brain was too numb and too foggy to distinguish one word from another. I was looking in her direction with a twisted expression, one of surprise and awe and perplexity. Like I’d seen a ghost. But this was no ghost standing before me. The burning mare had vanished, and in her place stood a giant, combusting bunny. Was this real? It was impossible to tell reality from illusion anymore. All I could do was stand there, hooves glued to the ground, my ears flicking back and forth, with one eyebrow cocked as I tried to process what I was seeing. 

While I was thinking about the rabbit, and whether or not it was something I should be afraid of, a tiny bit of my mind was still in the process of making out the stranger’s words, which had echoed off of the low ceiling and dissipated into the darkness nearly as soon as they’d arrived. Then the high sort of let up for a moment, and I remembered her voice: let’s get out of here. Good idea. But was it the bunny who’d spoken? Or was it the horse? Or… were they the same? I was faintly aware that my mind was somehow deceiving me, but when I tried to think beyond that, I was met by an impenetrable barrier. At this point, it almost didn’t matter who had spoken to me, because the words were too good an offer. I was beginning to think that getting out of here sounded like a good idea. But which direction did we come from? I couldn’t remember. Maybe the horse- or the bunny- whichever it was knew the right way. They couldn’t be lost. No. That was out of the question.

Apparently the flaming bunny knew which way to go. Even though she’d appeared almost out of thin air, all thoughts of questioning her were gone. One thought at a time was about as much as I could handle, and my mind was now focused on finding a way out. The cave made me feel nice, light, as if I were floating on a cloud but there was something about it that was off putting. That, and the walls were very close together, and I wasn’t really sure if I was a big fan of tight quarters. While I was normally a rather logical character, the ability to think things out rationally seemed to have escaped me. So I hoped for the best and followed the bunny as it hopped slowly through the tunnel. Thankfully it gave off enough light that the path before me was visible. "Are we lost?" I asked softly after a few moments of walking through the caverns, coughing a little on the smoke.

Then, rather suddenly, the smoke seemed to clear up. Somehow, despite the cavern's thought-impairing gases, I was able to draw a conclusion from this simple observation: there was only way such a thing could happen in such a tightly enclosed space as this, and that meant there was a breeze. The draft had to be coming from somewhere outside and that could mean only one thing - an exit, which fortunately, we must have been close to. "Wait... come on. I think there's a way out over here." I gestured to the strange rabbit sitting there, who I assumed would follow me, not really bothering to question what had become of the mare. I stepped forward gingerly, picking my way around scattered rocks and rubble that must have fallen from the roof at one point or another. Like the body of a serpent, the tunnel curved smoothly around a corner, and I followed it. At the very end, which was visible now, I could see a small circle of white light, sunlight, growing brighter and brighter as I neared. Perhaps it wasn't the way we'd come in, but this was a way out, and it seemed wise to take it while there was still a chance.



@Aurelia ack this is so late too :c

{Update: I edited this to have an ending so we can wrap the thread up here}
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