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Whatever It Takes
Open Rainforest Cliffs 
Rixen the Vine King
i have late night conversations with the moon;

I walked along the cliff's edge. Not too close - it was high up, and that meant that one wrong step could put you over, send you flying, falling through the air and crashing into whatever lay below. A morbid thought. There was the rhythmic sound of the waves slapping against the jagged rocks: slap, slap, slap. I certainly wouldn't want to be one of the waves. But the view was beautiful from up here, and I thought it worthwhile to take the risk of walking as close to it was possibly. I had sense, so not too close of course. I wasn't that daring. 

It was nice to trace my way along the cliff, keeping a perfect distance between myself and the drop. The entire ocean, stretching for miles, was visible from here. The water was dark blue, a reflection of the cold grey sky. This was not an unusual sight for the winter months. In some places of the Rift, this time of year meant that everything was shrouded in darkness and the sun did not come out. Fortunately, warmth still found its way to Halyven, where I lived, somehow, and we did not have to endure the Rift's most extreme natural elements.

Each sturdy hoof carried my lingeringly forward. Every now and then I would pause, to breathe, to soak in the view. The clouds were actually rather thin, and it allowed me to see a great distance across the ocean from where I stood. The wind came in gusts now and then, tossing my black and white-hued tresses to and fro. This I did not mind. On my mind, as usual, dwindled the thoughts of my herd. What needed to be accomplished next. Mundane things, like when we should begin to train the foals, what time was best to send out regular patrols, where we should organize various building materials, and so on and so forth. My focus would fade in and out, between important matters and wandering to the gently rolling sea. 


he tells me about the sun
and I tell him about you.


@Amarantha and anyone else who wants to join in! :D
{Image: untitled_drawing_by_indelyde-dceus9t.png}
Eira was more than pleased to be free from the tangle of shadow and queer neon foliage whose unsettling, undeniably shocking variety of hues, made any feeling of contentment or inner-peace, impossible.

The level of relief was obvious, visible in the swing of her awkward, slow gait, the bob of the giant head perched at the tip of her scrawny, horizontal neck, but perhaps it was most notable in the softness again written through her strange, young expression. Furry ears bounced freely upon the pinnacle of her pointed poll and her eyes rolled gently, even casually, from left to right, scanning the changing scenery around them for any shift or movement.

The region beneath the Portal was behind them.

Pausing for a moment, Eira’s thoughts announced with considerably more brightness, “This is the rainforest, now.” The young horse offered a forward sweeping gesture with her narrow maw, lips curled into a fresh, unbridled smile, and afterwards, her too-large head swung back to allow her curious eyes vantage of the other. She sought the mare's thoughts about this through expression, gaze swimming between the pretty pools highlighting the face beneath her horn, examining the lines riddling her exquisite complexion for any suggestion made available.

The storm she had generated still rumbled in the distance, its black presence lost beneath a new canopy of thicker foliage. The wind by the border where they were halted was less and above them, the sky was a milder, bleak grey.

They still had an awfully long journey ahead—secretly, the sickly waif dreaded it, but this creature offered nice company and that soothed a good portion of the burden. “Come on!” Eira’s mind continued only when enough time had been given for the other to absorb her changing circumstance; bent knees lead them forward once more, cloven toes finding a path to follow that was well travelled and comfortably broad between the thickening forest timber. Many times this labyrinth had swallowed her…

It was difficult to be sure of the time. Eira was aware that a solid span of hours had passed since they’d met in the shadows, and fatigue nagged constantly at her thin, weak frame. Occasionally, when the weariness felt unbearable, the scrawny filly asked her friend for a break and slipped beneath a light blanket of sleep to recover—never did she seek to nourish herself with browse.

When deepening shadow signalled the fading light of afternoon, the ease had been lost from her gaunt appearance and nervousness was leaking into the contours of her expression; this (the whole of the Rift too), after dark, was not a safe place for wounded souls without protection. Eira had been chased by many of the predators in the rainforest, and dreaded demise should they not be able to evade them now. Another problem dawned too, as they came upon the first rocks before the cliff. “I…” her mind stuttered, wracked with guilt and swollen shame, “I think we’re lost.” At that point, the filly’s stride came to a stop and she turned with remorseful eyes to find the other mare.



Strange, unfamiliar shapes loom out of the twilight. Trees and plants she had never seen before.  Neon lights flickered eerily, sending colored shadows dancing across the blankness, confusing the eye. There wass a sense of being watched, and unfamiliar cries hung in the air. If ever Amarantha doubted how far she was from home, every careful step brought  fresh proof.

As they left the area of the portal, with it's sudden and inexplicable storm behind, Amarantha felt a sense of relief. When, an indeterminable later, Eira announced that they had arrived at the rainforest, she seemed relieved too. Amaratha nodded acknowledgement and then, because the younger females gaze seemed epectant, she said, "I'm glad to be away from there. My home was a forest like this one," she added a little wistfully, mostly to herself. Light rippled briefly across her skin.

As they traveled, Amarantha noted her guide's growing need for rest, a that she hadn't eaten. Given the state of her legs, she knew it must be hard for the young filly to keep up this pace. More than once, she considered telling her to stop, rest, and eat. But she wasn't sure how this skittish young waif would take orders from a total stranger. Besides, for all Amarantha knew, their destination might have been just around the corner, and the dim twilight of the day was turning into true night. She knew, instinctively, that they didn't want to be caught here after dark.

When Eira admitted that she was lost, Amarantha's heart sank. Not that she regretted following Eira - even a guide who was lost was better than none at all in a strange place. But she worried that she might not be able to protect the both of them if they were attacked. She could see the unhappiness in her young friend's expression though, and mustered all her calmness and poise to avoid alarming her further.

"We'll need to find a place to shelter until light," she said in neutral tones. "Maybe a tree with overhanging branches we can shelter under, and a sturdy trunk to put our backs to"

And please Goddess don't let there be anything up in the canopy to drop down on us, she prayed silently.

"Come," she gestured with her head, "let's see what we can find." As they walked to find shelter, Amarantha hoped that they found it before something found them.


You were named for the Amaranth
Whose bloom means life unending
And whose name means "Love Lies Bleeding"

@Eira @Rixen
Rixen the Vine King
i have late night conversations with the moon;

There was the crashing of the waves below. The whistling of the wind rising up from the water, up, up over the rocky cliffside. Occasionally, a bird would screech from above as it flew by, gliding easily on sleek, silver-feathered wings. Then there was the faint sound of voices. 

At first, I thought I might just be hearing things. I hadn’t seen anyone around on the trek to reach the oceanside, nor had I spotted anyone wandering along the same path I was now. The words, though I was unable to distinguish which they were or form them into coherent sentences, couldn’t have come from the rocks below. The drop was far, far below. One could probably fly down there if they really wanted to, but it seemed like a dangerous place, certainly not ideal spot for sightseeing or mulling about. I didn’t have wings, though, so I’d probably never make the trip to find out.

My antlered head swung around slowly, my emerald gaze scanning the foliage that lay on the side opposite the water. I didn’t see anyone, but it would be no surprise if the source of the voices was coming from somewhere nearby. The rainforest was a rather quiet place, eerily so, and that meant that any noise, even the snapping of a branch beneath one’s hoof, tended to travel around quickly and easily. 

So I veered away from the sandy edge, and began to make my way in what I guessed was the right direction. I’d soon find out. Both ears swiveled back and forth, listening intently for any more sound to grasp onto. Indeed there was: we need to find a place to shelter until light. Newcomers, perhaps?

Picking my way carefully through the tangled, fallen branches that obstructed my path, I veered slightly to the right. I was among the trees now, a little way into the forest, but not so far from the water that I couldn’t hear it, or smell the salty tang that still hung in the air. Everything around me was a mixture of faded greens and gray, the color of the sky, which was still visible between the leafy canopy. 

I could see two shapes between the trees. One familiar, the young filly, and one not so much - she was a vibrantly colored creature, decorated with bluish markings that glowed faintly. They were hard to miss against her muted backdrop. The rustling of leaves brushing against my flanks announced my presence as I stepped through a gap formed by two closely growing saplings. "Hello little one. It is getting a little late to be traveling out to the cliffside - the sun will be setting soon. I was just about to make my way back, and I hope you were intending to do the same." I smiled at Eira, then turned to look directly at the stranger, scanning her for a moment, from nose to silken tail. "And who might you be?"


he tells me about the sun
and I tell him about you.


@Amarantha @Eira
{Image: untitled_drawing_by_indelyde-dceus9t.png}