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» An Unexpected Party
Open The Pinnacle 
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
Newcomers continued to pour in, mingling gently into the mix of those that had already gathered and began to receive gifts. The Protector was pleased with the outcome, glancing across everyone as well as he could with his tendrils. They waved, excitedly, shaping into what would appear to be a smile of sorts. It was a strange phenomenon, much like the Rift was in itself, but the Protector remained, pleased and content with the outcome.

His loneliness wasn’t a problem, as he soon learned that he could summon them much as Hope and Kisamoa and the Matriarch had. Perhaps he could find excuses more often to gather everyone to simply just chat – or perhaps with the benefit of the prizes arriving to everyone gathered that it would gather him some favor. Perhaps someone might come by to simply see how he was! Yet the Protector was content to simply wait there and enjoy the party, his tendrils swaying to the music, watching everything unfold before him.

More presents continued to rain from the sky, scuttling along to those that had just arrived. The Protector wasn’t sure what they all were, but he did hope that they liked them.


Thanks everyone for being a part of this birthday party! :D New magic/item gifts should be added in soon, please do let us know if we’ve missed anyone but I think we managed to get everyone that posted between last round and this round! Also, feel free to continue to mingle and chat with one another. We'll archive this thread in a few weeks!

Results of the final round:

  • Waker: Enchanted item!
    Defensive: Silver and blue ear cuff that expands to cover his neck in blue and silver armor plating.
    Rift mutation: When happy, his blue dorsal stripe bleeds down his sides like lightning.

  • Mauja: Second Helovia Companion!
    Irma, Snowy Owl. Link here for proof of receiving the companion since it's not done via trial/RF :)
    Rift mutation: His spots swirl like ink in water with heightened emotions.

  • Taivas: Enchanted Item!
    Vanity: Headdress that allows Taivas to speak to the spirit world.
    Rift mutation: When she flies, her feathers cause the wind passing through them to sing.

  • Aedion: Magic!
    Offensive: His howl in wolf form is piercing and painful to the ears.
    Rift mutation: Leaves glowing markings where he steps, the color matches whatever color his markings are.

  • Arithena: Mystery item!
    Defensive: Flower spine armor that encases her spine in crystal spikes.
    Rift mutation: Crystal flowers grow on horns.

  • Sansa: Magic!
    Offensive: Can create a flame that doesn't burn, but instead blinds the opponent temporarily.
    Rift mutation: Emerald green ivy grows up her legs.

  • Sapphira: RP Encounter!
    Stay tuned for a personal RP tag in the near future :)
    Rift mutation: Antlers ignite in harmless blue flame when experiencing heightened emotions.

  • Calypso: Mystery item!
    Vanity: Silver headdress with teal gems that glow when danger is nearby.
    Rift mutation: Antlers are made of black crystal with glowing teal veins in it.

  • Peregrine: Mystery Item!
    Defensive: Gold necklace that expands into a peregrine shaped chest plate.
    Rift mutation: When she screams, it sounds like a raptor bird shriek.

  • Yves: Mystery Item!
    Vanity: Enchanted book that when a plant is pressed to an empty page, retains information of said plant.
    (think like a pokedex!)
    Rift mutation: When he stands still, herbs sprout around his feet.
» Presence of the Rift «

Currently championing: Vourib
but somewhere here in between the city walls of dyin' dreams
It was a time for celebration—that much even Mauja understood. He was emaciated, not dumb. There was laughter, there was warmth (he didn't feel it), and .. gifts .. rained from an empty sky.

An item here, an item there. Mauja turned his head up, his pale eyes tracing the things as they rained down.

It was..bizarre, to say the least.

Nothing touched him.

Nothing that he felt, anyway.

He hadn't felt her going, so he didn't feel her coming.

It was just him and Diego, and the now truly empty sky. No more gifts rained down. Strangely enough, he found himself blinking tears away, but he couldn't tell why. He wasn't bitter he hadn't received anything. He wasn't sad about it, either. He just felt .. cold. Alone. Relieved.

It was a confirmation that it was just him and his owls.

No one knew them. Oh, he saw Kiada, and Rexanna, of course, but they were merely strangers in the crowd. No one needed him, except his owls. No one cared about him. He could drift away. Float away. Become one with the northern snows, a ghost forever haunting the aurora plains.

A ghost and his owls.

Owls? He blinked, slowly. A long time ago, he had had owls—now, it was just one. As he turned his head to glance at Diego, he wondered why his mind had slipped back to old habits now.

But Diego merely looked back with his amber eyes, offering no answers to all his questions. Too tired to even shrug, Mauja turned, and left. He'd said neither hello nor goodbye, and he allowed his worn, exhausted body to carry him back north.

[ HOLY SHIT RNG?! I'm going to have Mauja find her in a different thread but shnngnhgnhng <33 Anyway yeah to conserve my firepower, I'm having him just quietly grump out of here. ]
man, I ain't changed, but I know I ain't the same
angels, they fell first, but I'm still here
Currently championing: Reszo
You could still be what you want to —
(what you said you were when I met you)

A cool voice called his thoughts to order. Blinking, Korri looked up. His eyes fell upon the mare from before, violent and teal, her delicate features turned in his direction. "Ah," he managed. A soft word, more of a breath than a vocalization. Korri continued to blink, his eyes searching the crowd. They came back to him slowly. The others received gifts as well. And there Korri stood, watching them, frowning slightly, waiting for the catch.

There was no catch.

He swallowed, and finally returned his gaze to the mare. "Y-Yes," he managed. "I'm fine. Just surprised, really." A little laugh escaped him, slightly manic, but he was beginning to calm. Something about the mare's voice was pleasant, and he found he wanted to keep speaking with her, despite the instinct screaming in the back of his mind (run run this is a trap).

Korri looked her up and down briefly, his gaze inquisitive but hardly intrusive. "You did receive something as well?" he wondered, and turned to scrutinize the others. "I wonder how it knew..."


collect your tears, shoot 'em down
even giants hit the ground
Seiji the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Caevoc

This means less to him, perhaps, than to the others. What Seiji desires awaits him elsewhere. It will not arrive as a gift, given back freely. He blinks in surprise, first as the Protector speaks and then as the gifts appear, but he harbors neither optimism nor envy. Not optimism for what he himself may receive. Not envy for those who are pleased with their gifts. He does not belong here. He feels better receiving nothing than he might taking anything, at all. He has already acquired much here in the Rift. Much he does not need.

He lingers for a while, watching anyway. It is warm here, pleasant on his narrow frame, and he has no pressing appointments elsewhere. And it is a good thing: Seiji spies a familiar black and blue shape slicing downward through the air. Waker! he thinks, and his heart gives a little jump. Familiarity, maybe. He begins to move in that direction, but he soon finds himself obstructed.

A tricolor filly — black, gold, white — stands in his way. She reminds him of someone. Seiji hesitates, blinking, for a moment struggling between Requiem and not Requiem until the stranger speaks. Zahra — her name. She wants something from him — companionship maybe — and silently Seiji bids farewell to Waker. He smiles at this girl instead, and inclines his head slightly toward her. He cannot give his name, of course. He can only nod, and look upon her kindly. He wonders if she has received anything, but as his eyes skate over her, he notices nothing. And she speaks of nothing. So he gestures at the Protector, at the party at large, as if to say, This is nice, isn't it? Small talk becomes so difficult without the ability to — well.


If you only listen with your ears I can't get in