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» An Unexpected Party
Open The Pinnacle 
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
The inhabitants of the Rift had not seen him since the day of the party, when Hope had been revealed. Perhaps the Protector was a bit jealous of all the other creatures that had interacted with one another, a family, a life, being able to leave the duties to another and simply explore. But the Protector was none of these things – a solitary being, large and glowing with tendrils, born and built to do nothing else but protect the mountain’s crevice behind him. Perhaps he was simply born in the wrong body, for no other legend of a protector had wanted company, had wanted a life outside of duty.

Yet here the Protector was. Yearning.

He sighed to himself, his glowing teal tendrils snaking around his head as he squinted against the cold of Freeze. Briefly, he wondered if he carried the power to make this place warm and inviting, and if he did would they come? He had enjoyed the party before, and yet he wondered if they had too – if it was some sort of light within the darkness. The Matron had told him she’d done it for the Tree of Light, and yet she wasn’t around to help him. Did he have it in him? He could do many other things, but he’d never tried to tamper with the environment. Perhaps now he should try.

He summoned his strength and let his glowing tendrils snake through the air in odd shapes, hoping that the icy valley around him would thaw and become warm and dry – a safe haven for the time being for chilled bones and exhausted travelers. He tried and tried, and suddenly, his feet grew warm. He dug them into the warm sand, feeling it slide off his plates and his glowing tendrils grew brighter, shifting into what could be considered a brilliant, glowing grin. ”It worked!” His deep voice cascaded through the valley, grinning as wide as he possibly could.

Now, for the party. He reached out in any way he could to try and get others to come, uncertain if his strange hollowed call would be heard across all the lands, but he hoped and he wished that someone could come to give the Protector some company.



The Protector has called a party because he’s lonely, but we’re here to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Rift! :D

So what does this entail, you might ask? We want to celebrate with a party and gifts! You have a few choices to choose from, just ask for what you’d like to receive in the OOC part of your post.
  • Enchant a currently owned item
  • Anything from your Aspirations thread, determined by dice roll
  • Receive an enchanted “mystery item”
  • Receive a personalized Rift Presence encounter, giving you either of the three above choices – dice rolls will decide which one!

And lastly, a bonus of whether or not you’d like the Rift to do something to your appearance! A simple yes or no will work for that one :) If you don’t like what the Rift has done, you can always post in Character Hotfix to have it removed!

The Protector will post again in 1 weeks time, on July 19th to give everyone time to post and update their Aspirations thread! :)

THANK YOU GUYS! You are the absolute best and we couldn’t have done it without you <3
» Presence of the Rift «

Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
He felt the summons. The deep desire for someone to alleviate his loneliness. The gentle hearted leader answered the call. His great wings carrying him swiftly to the pinnacle. To the Protector. He had never met the great creature before. The master of the mountain the dwelled within the light. He only had seen Hope appear from the shining depths.

Now, landing upon the ground before the massive guardian, Roscorro met another. He dipped his head and offered a friendly smile. "Greetings, good sir." he said, his voice ever friendly and warm. "I heard your call for company. Though I may not be much, I can offer my presence." Such a humble being. He sensed no threat from the giant. Though perhaps he should be more cautious amongst a creature of the rift.

His encounters with them in the past year had been both a negative and positive. Since this one conveyed a desire for company of the equine that lived within his world. He suspected no foul play. Though the darker side of the Dragonheart's soul was no so trusting. But that remained hidden. Ready to come forth should the need arise.

talk talk talk talk
I believe this world ain't half as bad as it looks.
I believe most poeple are good.

Rosco would love something from his Asperations thread. Roscorro Rosco can also have more mutations thrown at him.
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Currently championing: Vourib
He was ready to paaaartay! or at least. That was what the giant creature had made it sound like. At the very least. If this dude was summoning people that meant he'd likely get to meet some ladies. At long last! WOMEN! it had been so long since he had met a woman. Oh so long. Far too long!

Every freak'n horse he had met up until now had been males. Sure, it was great to know you weren't the last horse on earth. But seriously, he wanted some mare time. Some female company. What, was this land just made up of stallions? Some were handsome and all, but he just didn't swing that way. Bring on the girls! Bring on the party!

He was one of the first to arrive. Aaaaand, there were no girls. "Sup." He said to the giant-mountain-thing. "You call any ladies here today." he looked over at the porcupine-chicken footed-death-monster. "Or is this just a bro's night?" Please let there be women.


Hertz would love something from his list too. Hertz And he's down for any mutations the rift wants to throw at him.
Ruwin the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
Great. A party. Why was Ruwin here? He hated parties and generally anything social. There was a very simple explanation to that. A very simple one indeed. He was here because he had been sleeping atop the mountain when the Protector had emerged from his hole and started calling people to come join him. Now he was stuck.

Well, he could get up and leave. Which was what he was going to do if no one stopped him as he skirted the edge of the group that was forming. Why should he bother sticking around? No one here interested him. There was no Aurelia, her daughter, or Vynter to convince him to stay. So why stay? He had met the Protector once before. During that time he had helped to answer some riddles. Hopefully the giant would not expect him to answer any more. He hated riddles. If he made a quiet retreat then he might get away before the party thrower noticed.

talk talk talk talk
I'm sorry if you don't like my honest.
But to be fair,
I don't like your lies.

Mutations are always welcome for Ruwin.
And he wants something from his asperations thread. Ruwin
You have my permission to use magic/force against Ru.
Maiming and killing is not allowed. You can always message me if you're not sure about anything/want to plot something out. =D
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K'yarie the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
Hertz wanted a woman. Well, he surely would get one. Though she was a being that he'd never be able to touch. A creature of such ethereal beauty and poise that his lowly presence was a mere eyesore to her. The celestial being walked with grace end elegance. The ghostly starlit orbs floating about her like a radiant escort of light. They emerged from the darkness of the world as the star-kissed maiden stepped forth from the shadows.

At her presence every shadows stirred. Reaching for her beautiful visage as starved heathens reach for salvation. They sought the touch of their goddess. The kiss of her skin against their cool blackness. But she gave them no such pleasure as she glided towards the small group. Her mane and tail were of stardust and neon comet tails. Waving and dancing in a lazy waltz around her being.

Galaxies swam within the dark pool of her pelt. Ghosting and gliding along her curvaceous form. She walked like a queen. No, a goddess. Every step. Every movement spoke of a being beyond touch. A creature of power, mystery and beauty. She was a gracious creature. Poetry in motion that tongue could not describe. Words could not accurately portray. K'yarie was here. Her great and beautiful form sweeping towards the Protector. "Great guardian of the mountain." She purred. Her voice liquid silk. So smooth and luscious. So pleasant to the ear.

"Thank you for inviting us all here, this fine evening. Thank you, for creating such a warm place for us to gather and enjoy the company." She offered a small incline of her head in respect for the Protector. He gaze shifted from the massive form of the one who had gathered them. To the less impressive forms of the stallions who had gathered. She had not yet seen Ruwin. Though the stallion was taking special care to avoid her attention.

talk talk talk talk
Fear not this Night.
You will not go Astray
Though shadows fall, still the Stars find their way
image credit to Achiha-Azteca.

K'yarie will not allow herself to be mutated.
But she does want something from her list. K'yarie
Currently championing:
Apparently the call of the wind—at least, that’s what Zahra had plainly presumed it to be—had been a phenomenon experienced by more than just she and Eleos. As she and Illham crossed the threshold between the foul smelling Tar Pits and the Pinnacle, it became quite obvious that a vast number of bodies were gathering; her pale yellow eyes beheld their seething mass with wary interest, not altogether trusting of the Rift’s cunning plan, and paused a short distance from the rest to assess the unexpected situation.

A chorus of voices, rising and falling, laughter, touched her pricked ears, suggesting that whatever the event, the audience was light of heart and remarkably carefree. Daylight soaked the region, thankfully, and the shadows which had long haunted the North had all but vanished from sight. Zahra sighed softly, turning to find the painted stallion she kept company with. “What do you suppose this is about?” she asked vaguely, not expecting Eleos to produce any valid explanation, more articulating that it—they—were a rather unexpected discovery.

She was all too aware of his broken faith and lingered a while longer.

When the draper was content with her silent observations and had gathered heart enough to continue, her neck craned around so that she might offer the stallion a reassuring, gentle nuzzle. “Wait if you like. I will return once I’ve figured it out,” then turning back to the crowd, Zahra and her tiny bonded, picked a slow path between warm bodies (for the cold of Freeze seemed not to touch them any longer), searching for any that might seem familiar.


Happy first birthday to the Rift :)  May we see many more!
Thank you to our wonderful admins for all that you have inspired us with.
- Anything from your Aspirations thread, determined by dice roll
- Yes to mutations

(Anyone is welcome to approach Zahra! She doesn't bite anymore)
Currently championing: Reszo
Eira remembered the Pinnacle well, the journey she had made in the company of the conceited white mare, Valkyrie, too, and for the most part—despite the overwhelming crowd and sounds of the Matron’s party that night—there was fondness surrounding the flashbacks in her mind.

One day, born upon the bitter winds of mid-freeze, a strange, summoning call touched her ears as she strolled through the valley of her home. Downy ears pricked at once, and the soft drumming beat of her heart quickened slightly; there was an inaudible thrum in the air which called to her very spirit, beyond the awareness of any perceptive, trained senses.

The scrawny orphan could not help but answer as fascination stirred through her core. The blood in her veins, enchanted and roused by the Protector’s own, surged with wild excitement. Burning, itching legs were enticed, driven forward and Eira started the short journey towards the North.

She was surprised to discover the mildness of the weather when she arrived—unusually swift upon her toes, as though the hinder of her deformed knees held no bearing at all. Warmth embraced the waif’s underfed frame immediately, stealing away the painful chill from her bared bones and filling the empty gut beneath with a cosy kind of fullness.

It was such a wonderful feeling that she moved further, to find the Protector by his post at the Pinnacle’s famous crevice. Though she might ordinarily have hesitated, Eira approached the ferocious-looking rift creature with a steadying smile. Many others stood near also, attracted by the hollowed sound of his voice, and the young filly took confidence in their company, faith in their protection.

“This is nice,” her thoughts offered quickly, igniting a blushing smile through her expression. Overwhelmed then by her own shyness in the face of a stranger, the little blue horse swivelled upon her hocks and located the familiar flank of Roscorro to recover against. “What’s happening?” her mind whispered in the meantime, imploring blue eyes steadying towards his enormous, horned head.


- Anything from your Aspirations thread, determined by dice roll
- Yes!
Mentions: @Roscorro
Currently championing: None
You don't answer the summons because you feel called. You don't answer to anything here in the Rift. But you wonder who calls, and who is called, all the same. You wonder who will answer, so your flight path banks in the direction of the noise. It's rare to find you airborne of your own volition, but you needed more practice, and the icy skies above the sands were as good a place as any. That decision serves you well as curiosity draws you toward the pinnacle, flight a swifter path than walking or even running might have been.

You fly a cautious circle first, not because you are afraid but because you ought to be circumspect in the event Savera has followed you here. But it appears... maybe not safe. Safe enough. The tremendous guardian is still, ugly but apparently not hostile, and there are others.... milling around. The air here feels warmer than it did farther away, and so you drift down, your features locked in a perpetual scowl, your eyes roving with poorly disguised curiosity. You haven't been among the southlands in so long — who knows what they get up to here? It's a little.... interesting.

Still, you have an image to uphold. You land on the outskirts of the gathering, your eyes flicking from person to person and recognizing none of them. Dismissing them as Rift natives and therefore unworthy of your attention. Most of them are quite ugly... You don't see the need to engage in conversation. You stand off to the side, scowling, observing. For now.

light shines brighter in the dark

ooc// please feel free to bother him ;)
I guess he'll take anything off his (scant, I know) Aspiration thread.
Hmm... no changes to his appearance right now, I think.
Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta
and if you are to love, love as the moon loves;

We all must have heard the Protector’s summors. For when I reached the Pinnacle, I found many other horses standing there. Most of them looked familiar to me, but there were a few who did not. Here, the snow had been melted away, perhaps the Protector’s doing, to reveal the dunes of warm, golden sand that lay below. A comforting heat radiated up from each grain, able to be felt beneath my hooves, melting away all hints of winter cold.

It was a party. Or at least, that’s what I inferred from the scene before me. The Protector was looking quite pleased from where he stood before everyone, waving his many tentacles gleefully to and fro. He was an odd creature, but a friendly one, and somehow he seemed to know that this was just the sort of thing we all needed. Something to lift our spirits and relieve our minds of the stress brought by the harsh freeze conditions. I recalled the last celebration of sorts, when Hope had emerged from the Pinnacle’s very depths. And the one before that, decorating Unwaritace with all manner of trinkets and treasures. It was a sight to behold. 

More than anything, I enjoyed the social aspect of these festive gatherings. Everyone would come, from miles and miles away even, no matter where they settled down in the Rift. It was an opportunity to reconnect with those who I hadn’t seen in some time, as well as meet the horses who were new. I didn’t say anything, yet, though. Instead, I simply hung back at the edge of the crowd, soaking in the scene and enjoying the celebration from a short distance away. I cocked one hoof to stand in a more relaxed position, midnight-hued tail occasionally swishing, gently slapping the backs of my hocks.


it does not steal the night —
it only unveils the beauty of the dark


Rixen would like something from his Aspirations thread!
And no mutations for this guy this time around. :D
{Image: untitled_drawing_by_indelyde-dceus9t.png}
Currently championing:

Player is absent until


Savera follows in her brother's tailwind, for once content to fall behind. She glides easily despite her youth, and from her vantage point in the sky this phenomenon is more manageable, less hopelessly vast than it might be on the ground. Deeply curious, onslaughts of information nevertheless leave the morning star easily overwhelmed - she is grateful for her Virga's cautious nature, his strange protectiveness that allows her time to soak in the scenery without appearing a coward.

She is struck most by the giant beast. It looms over the growing gathering, a thing of earth and light. Is this a god?  If so, the girl is underwhelmed. It is large, to be sure, but it lacks the terrible grace of her parents' deities, the beautiful majesty of her grandmother, the Moon. Compared to those stories this thing is a monster, lumbering, inelegant, but still powerful, still warm. The girl follows her brother's descent, skeptical but still brightly curious. Behind you, Devi brings up the rear.

Cloven toes grip the rocky earth. The ground is warm, so much so that she begins to grow uncomfortable under the weight of her appallingly shaggy winter coat. They land on the outskirts of the gathering, two observant stars surveying the mortals who trespass on the ground. The whole thing is interesting, if a little mystifying - what is the purpose of this gathering? Is it a social visit, a holiday party arranged by a lonely rock? Savera glances at Virga, and shrugs, before suddenly drifting away from her brother on legs of shimmering gold. She sports another reluctant party-goer, cream and blue, horned, stoic - as good a mark as any. She wonders if Virga will play.

Sliding in beside the larger adult, the morning star looks up with silver eyes. "What is this?" the girl asks, gesturing at the gathering, the giant monster thing, all of this. It's not that she implicitly trusts adults (far from it), but the girl has to get answers from somewhere.

At least, until she's able to find them herself.

savera & devi
we might be hollow, but we're brave
image credits

ooc ;; @Virga, @Ruwin

- Receive a personalized Rift Presence encounter, giving you either of the three above choices – dice rolls will decide which one!
- Mutate away