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Looking for plots
Currently championing:
My only girl on here are the moment. An ex-healer carrying a lot of guilt over intentionally harming a bunch of people. Then she gets here and the rift eats her healing magic. It feels like some sort of Devine retribution.

She's a real sad panda at the moment, struggling with ALL the feels. She and could definitely use someone to take her out of herself.

Open to any type of plot.
Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta
Both Rixen and Arithena would be happy to thread with her!
{Image: untitled_drawing_by_indelyde-dceus9t.png}
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I'd love to thread with either of them! Would you like me to start or you? Or you could pop into Amarantha's thread in the portal  If you've got anything in mind, message me and we'll get the ball rolling
Currently championing: None
I said so earlier, but all three of my boys are up for a thread any time! :) Seiji is likely to be sympathetic about her magic being ruined, but Korri is a little better at conversation and has also lost his raven, so he can sympathize as well, to an extent.
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Either one if your boys would be great. Is either of them trialing? If so, she could help that. For you want to start a thread or should I? You can pm me or message me on discord if I'm on to work out details!

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Player is absent until

pushes Savera at you
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Oh, I do like her! Do you want to start a new thread for them, or have her drop in on an existing thread?

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I have a bunch if babies.
@Roscorro the co-lead of The Kingdom of Halyven. Nice guy and gentle giant.

@K'yarie is my unpredictable girl. Tends to be more sensual and manipulative. But is a softy for broken things. (Her tag never works but she can be found through my profile.)

@Ruwin is my grump. Tends to be anti- social but he needs to find a friend. Maybe they can become that, after the cave encounter. Lol

@Hertz is my cocky flirt. Nuff said.

Any of them are open for plots or simple threads.
Currently championing:
They're all great!

I think it would make sense for her and Ruwin to become friends. When she's not being a sad panda, she's really into science, particularly as relates to botany, biochemistry, and anything else that could tie back to healing. But she also loves learning new things, so Rewin's inquisitiveness and tech-ness would appeal to her. They could be science buddies!

I think Amarantha and Roscorro might be interesting too. He's got healing and she just lost hers, so she'll likely have lots of feelings to repress if they meet.