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Lost in the Darkness
RP Wanted The Portal 
Where am I? Where's the fire? The herd...what's going on?

The young stallion looked around his surroundings in confusion as he tried to make out where he was and what had happened. One minute, he was trying to find his mother within the chaos as his herd tried to escape from the flames of a wildfire, and the next minute he was running through a smokey anomaly that led him into a strange forest. Moonlight filtered through the thick canopy of trees and fog as an eerie silence plagued the wilderness. Not a single sign of scorched earth was to be seen, and the sounds of a herd in desperation to get to safety couldn't be heard.

I don't understand...the fire...the herd...mother...where is everyone?

He turned around to try and go back, ready to face the flaming menace. Yet, the strange portal he had arrived through earlier was gone, as were the chances to reunite with his mother and father. More confusion and fear began to set in as he tried to put together what was going on. However, as much as he tried, he couldn't figure out what had happened, and he stopped his right fore-hoof in frustration. He shook his head a bit, his antlers nearly catching on a low branch as he did.

The stallion did not wish to give up, and he called out for his herd in desperation. When he received no reply, he shook his head in irritation before throwing himself into a canter in the direction from whence he had come. His small size allowed him to navigate through the thick woods easily, but he remained wary of catching his antlers on any stray branches. Instinct guided him through the darkness, but the shadows played their tricks as he missed stepped on a thick, protruding tree root and fell. Roheryn quickly forced himself back to his hooves but took it a bit slower as he limped onward while attempting to trot.

I have to find them! I have to!
The darkness and moonlight were hers, and she was theirs. It was here, among the night and shadow, that she felt most alive. The world was held in its black embrace, alive in an entirely different way than that of the day. The music of the land changed, the rhythm, the heartbeat. It spoke to her. Sung to her. Whispering sweet words that comforted her soul. It was here, in the darkness of the portal, the star-kissed woman walked. Alone with her shadows and starlight.

Around her orbs floated and drifted, miniature stars that lit her path. Pulsating in different pastel colors. Upon her pelt galaxies shifted and moved. As alive as the heaven above. Her mane and tail had once again dissolved into their gaseous forms littered with the sparkling of stars. Floating and waving as if underwater. Slow, mesmerizing and hypnotic. Her being was the very essence of night as she seemed to glide through the forest as elegantly as a swan upon the water.

Her head turned, dark ears swivel forward atop her cranium as the sound of crashing interrupted the normal nightly serenade. She waited, unbothered, only curious as the one responsible for interrupting her midnight stroll came barreling through. The scent of sweat and fear flowed off of the young stallion as he charged towards her. A new entrant into their world, most likely. She watched him, unmoving.

If he continued on his path he would run past her with barely a hair's breath between them. Still her towering, beautiful frame remained still. Those glowing violent eyes watching him. "You will not return that way." Her silken voice dripped from her lips. Soft, like unto the light of the moon that trickled through the canopy. Among the beautiful tones was a soothing, sympathetic light of one who's heart went out to those trapped by her home. Stolen from their own lands without so much as a warning.

talk talk talk talk
Tell me a story
About how the sun loved the moon so much;
He died every night
to let her breath.
image credit to TayaRavena @

ooc: Not really sure what K'yarie is doing here...
the Rift
The shadows of this place, decidedly unmarked by fire, bend towards you; they wrap around your body, twine around your ankles, push against your skin, like a cold and flimsy blanket that does little to offer comfort. It seeps through your pores, into your flesh, your blood, a cold rush through your veins; but it finds nothing, and the shadows depart, sighing as they return to their original places.


Nothing of note. :o
Welcome! I hope you'll enjoy the Rift. <3
» Presence of the Rift «

The soft voice flowed through Roheryn's mind like a peaceful stream as he skidded to a halt and looked in the direction the voice had come from. What he beheld was a beautiful mare taller than himself standing just a few feet from him. Her very being both allured him with curiosity as well as sent chills down his spine out of slight fear. Never before had he seen a creature of such beauty and unnatural creation. Not even the elders of his herd had ever spoken of any being like the one that stood before him.

However, he didn't let his mystified mind have full satisfaction as he shook his head. Roheryn remembered what she had said, and became a bit concerned. What did she mean that he couldn't return that way? Did this stranger know how to help him get back to his herd? Was she actually a friend, or did her beauty hide a sinister heart intending to harm him?

So many questions ran through his mind as he studied her. Instinct cautioned him to be wary, despite the gentleness that had accompanied her voice. However, wanting to be polite, he bowed his head in greeting and respect. His father had always taught him to be respectful to any mare he came across as if they were his own mother.

"Greetings," he said in a warm, gentle tone. "Mind if I ask who you are and what you meant when you said I couldn't return this way?"
Her words brought him to stop. Her sight caused him pause. He was apparently taken aback by her presence, as if the sight of such a being was new to him. She could not blame him. She was truly a sight to behold, even for those accustomed to the Rift and its wonders. She was a being of beauty and mystery. She did not let the pleasure of causing another such confusion and aw to get to show, or override her initial sympathy for this lost soul.

And as he spoke, she listened. She returned his bow with a graceful dip of her own head. "I do not mind at all. I am K'yarie, a native of this land." She spoke, introducing herself. "The Rift's portal can only take another from their world, it either cannot or will not return them." Her gaze drifted in the direction the man had been running. "None of us understand why it does this, but it does. You are not the only one it has stolen, you likely will not be the last."

Her piece of hope appeared out from behind her. Sensing the other it glowed brightly before splitting in two. She nudged the second orb. "We do not understand why horses are taken. Or why they are not allowed to return. But one thing is for certain. This world is sick and dying. Perhaps this is its attempt to survive, it takes others from the worlds it connects to in hopes of using them to save itself. So little is known about the Rift and its presence."

She gestured towards the orb. "These Pieces of Hope, are designed to help save it. To restore the light that has been lost." She pushed the orb his way. "It will also help fend off some of the Rift's, ill effects. I know it is not much of a consolation, or comfort. But perhaps it will help you." Her glowing gaze settled on the stallion as she paused. It was a lot to take in and she knew this. But the information needed to be shared. He wanted to know. Silence stretched between them as she waited for the other's response to all of this new information, the revelation that he may not be able to return home.

talk talk talk talk
Tell me a story
About how the sun loved the moon so much;
He died every night
to let her breath.
image credit to TayaRavena @