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Plots for my Puppets
Currently championing:
Tribrid: Pegasus, Unicorn, Dragon
Gentle/ kind/ patient/ curious/ naïve/ stubborn/ Quick learner/ Tenacious/  Haunted by his blood
Rosco needs to experience the world! He grew up in a cave after all. he is untested and inexperienced with the world. But he is a fighter despite his gentle nature. He holds a dark place within his soul that he is currently terrified of as an ancient voice that is his own, yet isn't, taunts and insults him in the shadows of his mind. He had no idea what it is, but it keeps bemoaning that it hates the fact that he has its blood. I'd love to put him all kinds of situations. Peaceful, dangerous, etc. He needs to grow!

I would love to put him any sort of situation that will test his patients and push his limits. He has currently had it pretty easy. He needs someone to seriously push his boundaries and get him riled up!

UPDATE!!! Roscorro and Rixen are now herd leaders. He needs threads with herd-mates! Also, Rosco has gained the power to transform into a dragon. But he has yet to tap this power. I want him to be forced into a situation that will cause this. I am planning to bring in the Rift Havoc for this, but he needs to be compelled to tap this power. He needs someone he wants to protect from the danger in a way that normally would be impossible otherwise. Plots?

Smart/ Witty/ Cunning/ Adaptable/ Wise/ Hardy/ Warrior/ Elegant/ Poised/ Calculating/ Flirtatious/ Hard to read and can change unexpectedly
K'yarie is my flirtatious spitfire. Her personality greatly depends on the horse she is facing. Most of the time she is well mannered and helpful, especially to those who are injured or young. It honestly depends on the horse she is facing and the circumstances. She is a bit of a wild card so be prepared for her to act in unexpected ways with your horse. If she likes you she is generally friendly.

She is also undergoing a trial! Her tasks are...
Carve your name in the Ultima cave wall. COMPLETE
Help another steal something valuable. (doing)
Coerce another to steal (doing)

If anyone wants to be apart of her trials, let me know! She needs help!

Stoic / calm / quiet / straight forward / stubborn / difficult to read / unchanging / fearless / intelligent / observant / humble / confident / quietly proud / kind-ish
My unsocial boy needs to be forced to socialize. He is a semi,well known figure to other natives, who gave him the name Watcher. He tends to be more quiet, don't expect much of a conversation unless he warms up to your horse. Even then he doesn't say much. He needs people to poke and pester him, as well as people to become friends with. He truly has no purpose at the moment and is wanderer through the land. Due to a fight he was in he does desire to grow stronger and will be taking on some trials to gain power.


Family Oriented - Protective - Dare-Devil - Brave - Competitive - Cocky - "Ladies Man" - Silver Tongued - Doesn't think before doing or saying - Trouble Maker
This boy is entirely open for shenanigans! Semp has lent me him to play out on here. He needs lots of experiences!

He is also undergoing a trial.

Have sex with another character
Create a fire and burn a piece of yourself in it. (Underway)
Collect flora from three different regions

Tribrid: Horse, Lionfish, Duck
Proud/ Confidant/ Defiant/ Smart Alec/ Stubborn/ Brash/ Smart/ Vengeful/ Won't stop until he is dead/ A big personality in a little body/ Follows his own law and moral code, which can be quite skewed
Okay, so this guy is still very new. Really a skeleton of an idea. His personality is very vague at this point because I want him to develop a lot through rp (he is my experiment to see how the Rift forms him). So really I am just looking for people to throw him at as I try and feel out a personality for this guy. ^^

Flood me with your plot ideas or thread requests! I want to get these guys out there!
Currently championing: None
I'd love to thread Waker with any of yours :D
Currently championing:
I would love for them to meet Waker! Anyone in particular you want to have him run into first?

Currently championing:
Whichever you prefer? :O @Tech
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc

I have an open thread if you want to have Walker officially meet Rosco.

He has sort already met him and K'yarie but they should thread again. K'yarie doesn't have too many friends and maybe Walker might become one? We will have to see what happens after the trials. ^^
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Currently championing:
Just updated this to edit my existing character's info/want adds, as well as to add Khaun to my list of characters
Currently championing: