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» Hope, Companions, & the North!
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Deer in Hopelights

SWP: Hopebringers has finally come to an end! Our ambition to make it a "fast mini SWP" .. turned out to be way off target, as it's taken the better part of three months from start to finish. We thank you all for your patience and participation! <3

In case you do not see the updated banner, please hard refresh and/or clear your cache. And go read this post here! :o

With Hope revealed, the Reign of Kaos | Exploration | Hopebringers phase of the SWP has come to an end! Please hop over to » SWP : Reign of Kaos | Explore the Rift | Hopebringers and tally your threads! You can list incomplete threads, too - we'll check which ones are complete or incomplete once we're wrapping things up. ;) Complete ones will count for more, but incomplete ones will still count! We'll tally on April 16th, giving you plenty of time to put your threads in and maybe wrap a few more up!

Regarding the Pieces of Hope, you'll find out soon enough what'll happen to them. :) But they are no longer share-able.

Companions have now been released! You can read about them in the Guidebook, but the tl;dr is that you can bond to ..well, anything!

And last but not least, the Frozen North has been unveiled! Hop over to the Guidebook and read more about it here! (There's still a black blot on the map? Aah! Yes. There's stuff hidden in there.)

We're still working on getting everybody's Vanity Magic added back in as Mutations, thank you all for your patience. <3

Proximo, are you in danger of becoming a good man?