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Where am I?
RP Wanted The Portal 

So, looks like I am off on some crazy adventure. Not exactly given a choice here. One minute i'm out picking flowers for my mother and younger sisters, the next i'm being pulled into some portal that no matter how I tried I couldn't fly out of it. Worse yet, the portal dumps me out into some strange land. It's dark and creepy and nothing like home at all. As if that wasn't bad enough.... IT'S POURING RAIN! My brunette mane is plastered in seconds against my neck and delicate face. The slight curl turning to flat and straight. Ugh. As if my looks weren't back enough now I look like i've half drown or something.

Golden eyes look around, desperate to find someone or something that I knew. Nope. I'm out of luck. The portal is gone too, so it looks like i'm stuck here, wherever here is.

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Joining Foreigner

Vanity - Harmless silver flames flare up from her back and wings with heightened emotion
Magic - Can create dragons composed of liquid mercury that cause chemical burns and/or vertigo, dizziness, flu-like symptoms
Rift Presence
The rain continues to pour, unburdened by the fact that there’s a new arrival. However, what does happen, is the rain begins to swirl like a tornado with you in the calm center. It shifts, spinning and churning, faster and faster until it pelts your body ever so fast. The Rift seeks your magic, devouring one, and changing the other when it can’t grasp it, and leaves you. The world around returns to normal, the rain returning it’s original trajectory.
the Rift
what lies beneath


The Rift devours your dragon magic.

Vanity Magic:
When experiencing heightened emotions, her entire body engulfs in harmless silver flames.
The Rift changes your vanity magic.
» Presence of the Rift «

Here I thought things couldn’t get any worse. Boy was I wrong! The rain began to swirl and twist. My eyes go wide in fear as I wait in the calm of the swirling storm. The calm doesn’t last for long however. The rain begins to pelt me even harder than before, my mane and tail yanked in the winds. I desperately try to at least protect my head by raising my wings to shield me. I scream in pain, and instead of my back and wings lighting in silver flames... My entire body does. I scream louder in shock, as the rain seems to return to its normal downpour.

I try to call my dragon magic... but nothing happens. I try again, and again nothing happens. Oh no... No no no this can not be happening! First I am dragged here, now my magic has changed. My wings tucked tight to my sides as I looked around. What am I going to do now?
Though she loved the rain dearly, so too the cool change which had accompanied the rather potent arrival of Drench, Eira was already growing tired of the constant pattern of wet and the shortening gift of daylight’s blessed hours. The rainforest had quickly been inundated, and what began as fun, splashing and bathing in the refreshing, endless downpour, quickly became a battle to avoid rampant floodwater, and irritated, itchy skin. With the tiny creature she had discovered in the rainforest resting snug still beneath the steamy, drier feathery contours of her wing, she stepped from the mist shrouded labyrinth and down the heavily worn trail that led along to the Portal.

“Ma, make it rain, Ma…? Ma, it’s raining!” The sound of her own voice, a memory, trilling with the innocence and wonderment of babyhood, broke through the mundane drum of the rainfall. It had been Cirrus who’d instilled in her daughter, such a fondness for the weather. There had been days where the curious foal wished to speak of nothing but the clouds, the shapes therein and the patterns streaming slowly in from the horizon. How wonderful it would’ve been to soar among them, lost in the endless sky-blue, to peer down across the rolling ocean and glittering white sands from that otherworldly place.

It had been a good many months since last she’d scoured the land of nauseating light and blinking eyes - and the area was more or less, entirely how she remembered it to be. She remembered easily the moment she’d risen among them for the very first time - her heart began again to pound and as her eyes began to glaze with fear renewed, the tiny horse clenched them closed.

That moment was past.

Should she not have known better, Eira might easily have mistaken the tangled bodies of smooth, gleaming vine for hungry serpents invisible in waiting, to their blind-striding victims. The pale-blue and silver filly, however, stepped with care across their many masses and dipped beneath the burdened boughs from which they were also slung like thickly knotted, tumbled-together rope. Still the rain poured, and without the awning of greenery which had covered her in the rainforest, her emaciated body began to shiver wildly in desperate attempt to create within itself, warmth. The thick, shaggy blanket of never ending fur about her near-rattling bones, was well and truly waterlogged and as the wind whistled by in small, but vigorous bursts, she was forced to brace ,or else be cast down upon the saturated earth.

With the gaping fissure between realms looming within view ahead, the movement of another in between drew the tiny horse’s sapphire-toned eyes away. Carefully she peered through the gnarled, feral vegetation and unsettling fringe of lurking eyes. Indeed there was someone standing in the rain, though it took a few moments longer to untangle the position of her body - that the bright haloing flare her, was in fact a wall of silvery flame and her wings had risen from each flank. Stunned, yet not unfamiliar with the arts of magic (for her very veins coursed with the same), Eira dithered uncertainly; she was rightfully wary of the danger causing such alarm and knew well her vulnerabilities.  


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Okay, okay. Maybe I am over reacting... Then again, I have just been pulled from my home and family. Not only that but I've lost one magic, the one I tend to use to protect myself... The other seems to of been changed. My entire body lit up in flames... I take a few deep breaths trying to calm myself back down. After all, this has to be a dream right? I'll wake up and be back home with my family and everything will be as it's supposed to be.

The rain seemed to be never ending in this dream, which is a bit frustrating. As I look around, I notice the vegetation around me is much different than normal.... Wait, IS THAT EYES?! I try to control my emotions and keep from freaking out. After all, this is just a dream and i'm going to wake up anytime now right? Right?

As I kept looking around for a friendly face, that is when I first caught a glance at the girl. H-hello? I speak softly. I can't get a good look at her, or what I think is her at least. Who knows, this is a dream and my eyes could very well be playing tricks on me. I think I see a filly, a bit younger than me. But the rain is also blurring out most of my vision. Is someone there?

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The little blue orphan had a healthy respect for danger, and a strong want to preserve herself against any further affliction the Rift had the potential to cause.

Already she’d been cursed - two-fold - evident through the raw, red rash which had all but consumed her emaciated frame, and the queer way that her hind, left leg dragged, as though it were sleeping; worse dead. So too had she both witnessed and been touched by the living shadow that receded now from the stranger in the small clearing ahead; the seed of separately-minded wings had been planted upon her breast beneath the same swirling portal, and now - having grown to the size of a fist - they fluttered in a blur of black and teal or slept, thereupon her skin.

Though the pain and discomfort of this new, hapless existence were more often than not a hefty burden, Eira had discovered some good within the shadowy world here, of monsters and magic, including two friends and the tiny fairy Eriucla who slept on soundly, wrapped beneath the blanket of her downy, rear-stretched ear. As the attractive, winged mare (who didn’t look unlike dear Vynter), extended a nervously stuttered greeting towards her still semi-hidden position, the unkempt waif eased forward, upon her crooked knees. The earth beneath her tread was waterlogged after weeks of endless rain, so she worked hard to keep her balance with barbered wings ajar.

With a small, comfortable (for both) distance between them, Eira paused to smile. “Hello,” her muted thoughts gestured kindly, gently, and the sentiment bled equally through her gaunt expression. “I mean you no harm.” She inched forward again, prepared to withhold further advancement if the stranger signalled her discomfort, though if allowed, the frail hybrid sought to reach the soft butt of her dim grey nose forward in a physical offering of peace. Without the art of words, it was the best she had to offer.

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