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Crippled and Orphaned
RP Wanted The Portal 
Currently championing:

Kolr's life thus far had not been an easy one. She was different, nearly-mute by choice, incredibly awkward, physically disabled (though it was hard to see this, which made her disability even more aggravating),  and she was always rather sickly.

But then both of her parents had be annihilated before her very eyes, and that made her knobby knees and pigeon-toed hooves seem entirely unimportant. Kolr had always felt like she was alone in this world, but of course she never really was. Until now. 

The pale filly didn't remember much of what had happened after her mother and father had died. There were sounds and screams, but everything was blissfully numb to the small watercolour child. One moment she was in the Marshes watching everything around her disappear, and then she was ... here.

Kolr's large blue eyes scanned the area, seeing clusters of horses banding together and then dispersing. The girl shivered, wrapping her ashen tail around her body and allowing her head to drop low. She wanted to cry, to sob, but it seemed pointless. Tears wouldn't do any good now. And so, without much thought to her long term survival, Kolr hobbled awkwardly towards a tree and allowed her frail body to lean against it. 

Image Credits


:: [ Magic: Light | Can create watercolor visual illusions of her thoughts. ] 

:: [ Restrictions | Lasts one post in battle, extends 10m from body. ]

Species change (if applicable) : N/A?

Requests: Not using my save pass. MUTATE ALL THE THINGS if you want :)

[*]Other item:: [ Item: Rainbow stone | A small, rainbow-colored stone. ]

Kyros the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
Warm comforting darkness took over after a strange light colored stallion had nudged him into the portal. His mind went blank as he allowed the abyss to pull and push him somewhere else. He welcomed the nothingness embracing it like an old friend. His short life had gone to hell in a hand basket, and just when it seemed to be getting better. He had known his Grandmother for a short time along with his Aunt, and it had been magical. Then in a blink of the eye they were all taken from him. Ever last person he knew had been snuffed out; taken.

His eyes flew open seconds before he smashed into the ground. The breath burst from his lunges as his eyes widened with shock. After what seemed like years he was finally able to pull air back into his lunges. Slowly he lifted his ivy marked head wincing as the sore muscles were pulled tight. He ground his teeth as he pulled himself up stiffly. "Damnit..." The curse really wasn't for the fall but the fail. He was already a failure. He had failed his family by allowing them to die. He could still hear his father's last words ringing in his ears. 'I love you stay strong.'

With a grunt he shook himself clearing his thoughts. He would live because his father had told him to. Now he turned his black eyes to take in the alien world around him. Lifting his head proudly he looked down at the collar around his neck. "I will carry on for you Pa." Determination surged through him making him walk towards an younger mare ahead of him. "Hello miss." He smiled softly still walking towards her.

When he caught sight of her features he froze mid step his right fore leg hanging in the air. Ilios had told him about his siblings, explaining what they looked like in case he ever stumbled across them. To his utter surprise and joy his half sister stood before him. She was leaning dejectedly against a tree. His mouth opened soundlessly as he struggled to speak. Closing his mouth he swallowed then tried again, "Kolr?" He stumbled forward a step his knees feeling weak and rubbery. Was this really his sister? Or was Kaos playing some twisted prank on the lost boy? He didn't care he swallowed again then stopped a couple feet away his eyes glimmering with unshed tears. "I... I'm Ilios's son Kyros..." He had no idea what else to say as he stared at his beautiful sister.

Words;; 427 @Kolr

{SWP Participant}
{Safe} :: [ Magic: EarthxFire | Able to ignite plant matter. ]
:: [ Restrictions | 5m radius ]

Enchanted items
{Safe} :: [ Item: Armor | Defensive. Silver armor that collapses into a collar by touching sun engraving on chest. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Heavy when fully expanded. ]
{*]:: [ Item: Trinket | A figurine of a black tiger with smoke billowing from its jaws and a small blue-glowing crystal from the body of the Rift Bear God on a chain in his mane. ] \n\nRift-god / Kaos items\n[*}Blue-glowing crystal from the body of the Rift Bear God (see above)

Amulets : (provide number)

Companion/s :

Species change (if applicable) :

Requests: Has a mutation, not sure if it matters though? :: [ Item: Medium Mutation | Genetic Mutation. Height increased from 14.3 to 16 hands. ]

Items: ::  Defensive. Boots that are chained around his canon bone and glow silver. They have spikes in the shape of a circle on the front.  
Band of the Tree | Bracelet of gold leaf and green stones (from the Giving Tree 2015). ]
Thick silver bangle on his right front pastern with gold ivy markings. ]

image credits
- table by Niki -
{Image: GXaleou.png}{Image: 7fHJvV8.png} 
Currently championing:

Kolr had every intention of ignoring the colt who had come through the portal. Only briefly did her baby blue eyes raise up, to see if it might be Patrick or even that loud mouth boy from the Throat, but seeing that it wasn't, she let her gaze fall pitifully back down towards her hooves. Only when he said her name did she stir to attention; weak muscles growing slightly taunt beneath her ashen coat, her eyes widening.

Looking up, it was clear that this boy was an Ilios' son. The teal and ivy markings were impossible to miss. "He's dead." Kolr whispered unhelpfully, and though she was older, she appeared pathetically young and frail. It made her uncomfortable that this brother of hers (a half brother?) knew who she was, but she didn't know who he was. How had Ilios had another child that she hadn't known about? Had she really strayed so far from the comings and goings of the herd that she could miss both the conception and birth of one of her kin?

Kolr swallowed uneasily.

"I-" She began, then closed her lips. I don't know who you are seemed too cold a phrase, and not entirely true. She did know some of who he was. He was her sibling if nothing else. Blinking, she tried again: "I'm sorry, I don't know your name.."

Image Credits
Currently championing:

THE world had ended when she'd lost her virginity. Literally, ended. One moment she and Ivezho had been together and then the next the sounds had been deafening, the far off fighting reaching their ears, and they'd had to separate. Eldala was thrust through the portal by a rough stallion before she'd even been able to open her mouth to protest. Though she'd not had the time to speak she had seen a green stallion screaming at his children before he'd died. That image would be forever burned in her mind.

It was jarring, death, and she wasn't sure how to process it. She'd spent so much time in the past year or so pushing others away, or just feeling unattached, working. But now it was as if she'd been jolted back awake, back to reality, back to real life. The world whooshed all about her in a dizzying swirl until she lands, miraculously for her, standing up. It takes her a moment or so of swaying before she manages to focus on the world around her enough to see two young foals. Well, the pretty filly seemed to be not-quite-a-foal anymore. But the colt, oh, he was just a babe! A concerned look spreads across her face before she speaks. "Are you two alright? I saw.....I saw um, yeah. I'm sorry. Can I help somehow? My name is Eldala." She was so horrible at shit like this but at least she was trying right? A reassuring, compassionate, adult-like smile graces her visage, just as her father would have done, because that was all she had to go on at this point really.

Image Credit


No magics

Enchanted items
No enchanted stuffs

Rift-god / Kaos items

Amulets : N/A

Companion/s :
{SAFE} Capro:: M, Girgentana Goat. Idk what Rift birth date would be, but he's 7months old. OOC date obtained: 11/23/2016

Species change (if applicable) : N/A

Item: A coldtongue berry plant in a transportable case

Idk, have fun but keep her pretty? lolol.
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
A stinging, pelting, drenching rain bathes the forest in near darkness- save for the blue-green glow that pulses with each breath the new lives dare to take. Stronger, stronger—it illuminates raindrops from below. An alien sight, for raindrops fall away from light

But not here, not with this wild force that grows nearly feral with feasting excitement. Not here, not among wild things that go far more than bump in the night. Not here, not where the wild things are tamed by the wrongness and sickness that pervades the land and air and sea.

Welcome, children.
the Rift


Offensive: Can create watercolor visual illusions of her thoughts; when used, paint splatters in nearest face.
Your face is colorful, *too* colorful. So the shadows, unable to consume your magic, gave it a vindictive twist as they release you.


Offensive: Able to ignite plant matter.

Defensive: Silver armor that collapses into a collar by touching sun engraving on chest.
The tiger trinket consumed--partially. The figurine no longer smokes, and the shadows seem to grow long, sharp fingers as they try to pry, pry, pry their god's crystal you've so defaced.

Rift-god/Kaos Items:
See above.

Normal items may be added to profile, use this thread as link-proof! :)


Capro : Girgentana Goat
OOC Obtained: 23 November 2016
Rift Birthdate: Early Freeze 1172