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What were those things again?
Private Ultima 
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Akumi nodded her bold head in excitement at Kane's gesture to show her around. She really began to study his features and did in fact find out that he wasn't just some knock off look-alike, he was a Marwari too! She hadn't seen many others of her breed in her lifetime, in fact he was only the second to be sighted. Kane was much older than her but she never really believed in age restrictions. Why not just have fun right? She brought herself up to a bouncy and energetic trot beside him and excitedly asked, "So are you native here??" Akumi might have been prying but he did indeed offer his companionship and with that comes getting to know each other.

    Her hooves made echos across the rocky floor that was surrounded by glass walls. Light. Suddenly, Akumi could see a small blue tinted light at the end of the tunnel. "I thought we were still underwater? How come I see light?" she asked, as curious as she had once been as a filly. Akumi felt like she was getting a little on the annoying side with Kane having to teach her everything. But then again, how could he expect her to know all about this world when this is the first time she's ever stepped hoof in it?

OOC: Continuation of  Is there anybody in here too? (Archived)
He seems like a really fun character and I'd enjoy threading some more with him!
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  His tail was held high as he pranced down a hallway of diamond.  Each step echoed lyrically off of the walls, matching the mare that trotted along side him. He threw his head up in an energetic nod, his silky locks swaying in his face.  "Yep! This place is..well shelter.  But I have never been anywhere else, so I suppose it is home.  At least it keeps me entertained.  Especially now that there are new toys to play with." His last words were accompanied by a playful nip towards his interrogator's cheek.

He slowed, eyes shifting to where Akumi stared.  Her fascination with the simplest things amused him, if for now.  It was her baby-like expression that brought him the most entertainment.  Again he tossed his head, this time towards the source of the light. "It's either the sunlight shining through a thinner part of the crystal, or we are reaching an opening to the surface.  Or maybe a glowing sea creature? Lets find out." His hooves dug in behind him, propelling him forward in a blurry motion towards the light.  A laugh invited his companion to join in his race, a quick buck becoming a dare.  

@Akumi good! he seems to be enjoying his time with Akumi!
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You're on Akumi thought as her usually calm nature was introduced to excitement. Adrenaline rushed through her giving her an extra boost of energy. She released a loud neigh before placing her crimson hooves into the glass cave floors charging through. She dipped her head down and pulled herself forward with all her might. As much as she tried she still couldn't quite catch up with the dark stallion that was twice her age. He was older, bigger, stronger, and most definitely faster. "Hey no fair! Your faster than me!" her voice echoes through the cave. The light came nearer and nearer now and she wanted so badly to be the first to reach it. Without thinking Akumi grabbed her new companions tail between her teeth and gave a gentle yank as if that would've helped her propel herself forward or make him slow down. Her green eyes stuck on him as they charged together through the cave to the surging white lights before them.