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Is there anybody in here too?
Open Ultima 
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My legs felt weak, my hooves felt heavy. My coat was covered in water from what seemed like an endless rain.


    I was covered in it. Strange glowing plants grew all around me and tangles through my tail which drug behind me. A small vine seemed to be stuck so I flicked my tail upwards in hope for release. Mistake. More water flicked from my tail and soaked my back sending a chill to my bones. What was this place? Why did it have to be so.. Wet... Finding my way through blinding neon lights I saw a small entryway to a cave not too far from the ocean. Seeing dark woods to one side of me and an ocean in front, it seemed like this cave would have to do for now. Hopefully it would provide some peace from the rain that's soaked me.

    Its dark. My Crimson hooves made small tacks on the floor. It was cold but with a few shakes my fur was beginning to dry itself off. Suddenly everything had a blue tint and the walls seemed to clear almost appearing like glass. A large white thing with HUGE teeth flew above my head. I panicked. What kind of world has huge creatures flying around with big teeth that could chomp me to bits?! I pushed with my back legs thrusting myself forward to get away from the suspected danger and out of dodge of this large creature. However in doing so, I'd slipped in a puddle of my own drained water and came crashing down on my knees. Lacking the strength to stand I closed my eyes to prepare myself for death. After all I'd been through THIS is how I'm going to die. Seconds felt like hours before I managed to look up again.

    Why isn't he coming for me...? I'm right here... Putting my legs back under me I began to survey my surroundings even closer now. I'd learned that the strange clear cave was actually under the ocean and that no such creature could get inside as the crystal walls were solid. Proved with a tap of my horn on the edge. It was beautiful. So many new creatures I'd never seen and so many colors I didn't even know names for. These cute little creatures seemed to wiggle to move and flap their wings to swim. I'll call em flappers!

    After I'd had my share of sights I continued down this crystal clear cave that went on and on. I still hadn't found an end to it before I called out to see if anyone else had also come to this place. "Hello? Helloooo? Is there anyone here?? Anyone here besides flappers and bigger flappers?" I hoped for a native whom could tell me about this place and why it's here. But more than that, I hoped for an old friend or acquaintance from helovia, someone who could make this journey with me.

A journey into the unknown.
Currently championing:

  There seemed to be a consistent bounce to his step ever since the portal opened.  So many new things to do, knowledge to gather and oh the play things! The dark unicorn moved towards the caves, wondering if anyone has explored them today.  The blue crystal walls shimmered, creating specks of light that meshed with his orange highlights, truly a beautiful sight.  At least he thought so.  A thick, prideful grin stretched his mouth, his head carried high as he stopped and shook his lanky body.  It has been raining for some time now, and the water drenched his fiery horn, making the smoldering emeralds dissipate with a hiss. He closed his eyes for a minute, gathering his energy into the tip of the bone until he felt it grow hot. A burst of flame engulfed it for a brief second before he released his concentration.  Once again, the obsidian and orange horn spewed out smoke and sparks, leaving a trail behind him.

With a satisfied huff, he continued into the cave, watching the sea life above him swim over the underwater palace.  His attention, however, was pulled from the aquatic creatures towards a sound ahead.  It was like a crash, the sound of a body plopping to the ground.  His curved ears pricked, the tips touching with the movement as he started forward with curiosity.  Turning a corner, he noticed a dark creature pull itself up.  How interesting...a mare.  He remained quiet for a moment, amused at how similar she was to him.  Why, they even had the same ears!  Though, her inky coat housed red markings, while his faded to a pleasant orange.  He liked his better.

And, while her eyes wore a green shade, his was white, thanks to his white markings carving down his face.  They do carry red markings in them, much more interesting.  He watched her walk away, calling out a greeting that hit his ears like a cry for help.  Flappers?  He laughed...loudly.  Well, there's no point in staring in secret any longer.  He tried to suppress his amusement at her ignorance while approaching her.  His body moved gracefully over the ground as he slid into her personal space.

"Flappers? Got any more funny words?" He gave her a brilliant smile, propping up a foot in casual content. "Oh, sorry.  Where you wanting to be alone?  Ah, well.  It's much more fun to explore the caves with someone else.  I can't count how many times I've been here and there are still tons of places to discover.  So, who are you then?"  His question came with a tilted head as he waited for her to speak.  "Wait! Wait...Let me guess.  Hmm..." He started forward, moving around her as he let his eyes travel up and down her marked body. "Well, the colors are just screaming monster.  Are you a monster?  Demon? Maybe the Devil herself.  Nah, no one this pretty could be something so evil.  So, aren't you going to tell me?"

Currently championing:
New hoof clacks behind her never broke her concentration from the new and amazing world around her.

    This was a new sight for Akumi. She'd never been to the ocean let alone underneath it and little did she know the hundreds of creatures that could live in a place where she couldn't and now she was seeing them up close and personal. Calling out, she started on her path deeper into the cave until she heard a loud laugh followed by strong, almost mocking words, then asked who she was. She was stunned, after all flappers was a rather funny thing to call something. But she had no idea what their real names are. I suppose it's the same to the sea creatures too, The unicorns were probably narwhals with legs to them.  

    The ebony-orange stallion broke into Akumi's thoughts oncemore to attempt a guess at who she was assuming due to her silence of daydreaming. Monster. That was really the first guess? Akumi's nostrils flared and she breathed out heavily in displeasure. Colors? She was black and red with some red dots last time she checked. Her green eyes peered directly into his. They were white and almost creamy looking. They poured down like acid bleaching his dark fur down his face. Her eyes lifted to see her own ears perched on another stallions head. Interesting...

    Then he circled her observing every part of her body and taking everything in. Eventually deciding that monster and demon were not the case, and that's when she heard the word "Pretty". Akumi didn't know whether to feel flattered he thought she was pretty or angry that he almost called her a monster or the devil. Her eyes soon focused to the floor, her emotions settling on embarrassment. Her red markings had begun to grow brighter as he got nearer to her. This information might have been significant to Akumi; had she known they were even there. The portal had ripped the markings into her coat making them glow slightly all the time due to its strange powers.

    She looked up and met his gaze once again. "My name is Akumi. You are?" She dipped her head respectfully closing her eyes as she bowed. Her bright green eyes connected with his to accept his offer of companionship, the last thing she wanted to do was explore this crazy world alone and this stallion seemed pretty confident with this area. "You've been here before?" She began to ask questions, curious like a child. "Is there an end to it? How far does it go? Why's it made of crystal? What are those swimming things if they aren't actually flappers..?" Just saying the word flappers again made her body tingle with embarrassment.

@Kane {Kane is so freaking handsome <33 by the way she doesn\'t actually know yet that she has her red markings so I wanted to let you know it\'s perfectly okay for Kane to mention them if you want to. They don\'t have to stay secret or anything lol}
Currently championing:

  God, why is she being so quiet?!  His voice seemed to echo in the silence, and he impatiently waited for her to speak.  When she finally did, he giggled at her myriad of questions, a nod encouraging her to throw more words at him. He pranced forward a bit, standing in the center of the crystal room, his tail swinging high behind him while his feet danced in place. "Welcome to Ultima, Akumi. I am Kane, your friendly tour guide. As you can see, the tunnels and caves are made of a hardened crystal that shines brighter then any diamond.  Above you is the ocean that borders the South of the Rift, so we, my dear stranger, are under it!"

"And the flappers...", he paused, trying to stifle a chuckle. "Those are rays. Strange creatures...well any creature that lurks in a watery grave is distorted and well, weird. I avoid them, but I guess they are kind of cool to look at." He paused, motioning down the corridor.  He then shimmied to the mare's side, standing close enough to whisper. "They go on forever.  Wanna see?"

He held a slightly mad look to him, grinning wildly.  With another giggle, he bumped his shoulder into hers before taking off deeper into the caverns with a springy step. "Follow me! Let's have an adventure."