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» Magic Changes, SWP, and Wordsmiths
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Magic Changes, SWP, and Wordsmiths

Hey everyone!

To start off with, we want to talk about the recent magic changes. After tinkering with a few things and hosting a poll you lovely people took part in, we'd like to announce some changes to the magic system!
  • There are no restrictions outside of battle.
  • The magic page in the Guidebook has been updated - please take a look at it and let us know what you think and what can be more clarified upon!
  • We have removed Vanity Magic and have lumped them all into Mutations (aesthetic magic). **

    **Please note, however, that not all Vanity Magic has been added. This is because we want to go through the list and make sure it's not something that should be put into actual magic! Also, if you have magic you feel would better be a mutation, please PM staff!

Second, we realize that the SWP has been going on for a long while now. We thank you guys for your patience, and to push through this last bout before there's a bunch of new surprises for your characters to discover! :D We just need to make it through this final push!

A few things on Rift Force and Trials we'd like to go over as well in regards to claiming it and trial posts:
  • If you are "Teaching" or "Being Taught" something, please make an OOC note at the end of your post stating, for example, "Teaching post 1/4". This helps the admins figure out which posts fall under the correct criteria for claiming RF!
  • For Trials, please mark the threads with the T prefix. If the trial requires you, for example, collect/interact with Rift creatures, please state so in an OOC note of your post when you make the thread.
    This will help the admin and wordsmiths sort through which trial threads need Rift Presence help or not!

And last but not least, we'd like to welcome the three new Wordsmiths that have joined up on the task of writing with us for the Rift! Congratulations to @Nat, @Pare, and @Watermel0nBob for applying and accepting the offer to become a Wordsmith!