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» Character Hotfix, Character Arcs, Survey Results
A whole lotta updates!
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A Whole Lotta of Things

Character Arcs:
This is something we've had in mind since Kis’s conversation with Zéklé ended up having a pretty large consequence on the Rift (losing Scint River) and current SWP! That wass entirely unplanned, spontaneous, and we absolutely loved it and how it brought character’s plot lines into the SWP!

So, to make it continue to happen throughout all our SWPs (and share the love with more characters), we’re introducing “Character Arcs”! A Character Arc is a “transformation or inner journey of a character over the course of a story.” This means you have a clear idea that we can use to turn into plot material.

Character Arcs can be requested here.

Character Hotfix:
One of the points on the survey (see all results below) was the rather cavalier attitude with which we treated unwanted mutations - and player acceptance of having their design messed with varies vastly. We've decided to try and aim for a middle ground. Unwanted mutations may still happen, but if they're not to your liking, you can go to the "Character Hotfix Thread" and simply ask to have them removed. It is instant and penalty-free.

Anyone currently on a trial to remove an unwanted mutation can either complete it, or opt to change the reward for something else and make use of the Hotfix thread. This trade can only be done with already started trials, as in the future, anyone wanting an unwanted mutation removed will go directly to the Hotfix thread.

Please note that this applies to physical mutations only. Corrupted magic must still be fixed via trial!

Go here for the Hotfix thread!

Survey Results:
Thank you so much for completing the survey! Your feedback is invaluable to us! We had 31 results :]

What was your impression of the Rift?
These are definitely results that made sense to us the further we read the responses. There's a lot of wonderful points you all made that we're adjusting. The Rift in itself is a huge work in progress, so any information you guys provide is helpful to us. We want to make it a game you enjoy and want to play, and we can only do that with your help! As things move forward and we start making changes, don't hesitate to message us with ideas or concerns as things start moving. We want to know what you think :)

Very good: 32.3%
Good: 19.4%
Neutral: 29%
Bad: 12.9%
Very bad: 6.5%

What caused your activity to drop?
The responses we got were partially related to life overwhelming the players, however there were a good amount of you that had difficulty getting your characters to fit into the atmosphere of the Rift. We understand it's quite different from Helovia and that it doesn't quite work with the dynamic of the characters that fell through. That being said, we're working on using this information to lighten up the place! We're going to be opening more lands for the Rift as well as brightening the environment in a way that makes sense for the lore and life. It might take a bit of time, but it'll get there :) Another concern from a couple of players were due to the mutating and messing with the items of those that crossed into the Rift, and we plan on addressing those as well! Above, we've already discussed the appearance mutations where you can post to have the physical mutations removed. The corrupted magic is just part of the Rift for the moment, but can be trialed with to be fixed. As for the layout which was yet another concern, we're all working diligently on another skin (again sticking with a brighter theme) and working on rearranging where information is kept!

What would you like to see moving forward?
Many of you want to see herds added, to give a goal to players to work toward. These will be part of the release of the rest of the Rift's land and direction of the site as it begins to shift into something brighter and happier. We agree that when these changes take part and the enjoyment of the characters in the Rift becomes more in the focus that these will bring in more activity, which is another thing we'd all love to see!

Are/were you worried about your second companion?
63.3% did not have a second companion, but of those that did:
73% felt it was an unrealistic goal to get them back
18% were not particularly worried
9% felt it was doable

We feel like these numbers speak a plain language. We would like to go out now and say that no one will lose their second companion. Even those who have moved on to other universes will have theirs back in the Rift canon as well. :) Stay tuned!

Are/were you concerned about the activity requirements?
No: 77.4%
Yes: 16.1%
Neutral: 6.5%

While we might revise our activity guidelines, we would just like to clarify that being put in Inactive is not intended to be a punishment in any way whatsoever. It is supposed to expedite the process of keeping your character/s and their item/s safe, by automatically storing them where they cannot be touched. Re-activating is entirely in your hands, so it is an instant process. No accounts are ever deleted.

Are/were you concerned about the fighting system?
This one received quite a spread of opinions, and it's definitely food for thought. We are still discussing the fighting and Prowess system because we'd like to have it be fun and inclusive! Please tell us your ideas (no matter how simple, complex, wild, or mundane)!

Yes, I would prefer a system more similar to Helovia: 35.5%
Neutral: 32.3%
No, I think it looked fair and easy: 22.6%
No, I don't particularly care about fighting: 9.7%

We have decided that going into negative Rift Force will no longer kill your character. Instead, your magic will simply be frozen/inert until the character is in the positives again.

As always, keep an eye out for land guides in the Guidebook as any new lands are opened :D
You might also notice that the land guides now incorporate which year the lands were pulled into the Rift! This is both to give a sense of depth to the back story, and to help Native players. The Rift is "constantly" changing, and I say "constantly" because sometimes, entire lifetimes will pass without change, but inevitably, it will shed and amass new lands. The Scint is one such shedding.

Coming Soon:
We've got the SWP up and going, again! Next on our docket is: streamlining the Guidebook, updating Magic guidelines, a new layout, and fixing/completing Prowess.
If there's anything else you think we should work on, feel free to PM us :)
if you don't know where to start,
go back to the beginning.