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weak telekinesis for everyone?
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I think it would be interesting if all characters who come to the Rift were given the ability to move things using telekinesis. It could be limited in how much you can lift and how long reach one has, and if you wanted to be able to do more with it then it would have to fill a magic slot.

I really like the idea, because we've always had crafting ranks and we've always used weapons and items that normally would require hands, but no one's ever really explained -how- horses were able to buckle straps, braid hair, put on armor etc. I've seen some get around it by saying the companions helped, but there's a limit to how much even they can do.

Also, if there was a feasible way to move things around, I can see how crafting ranks would become a thing again, once hers are implemented, and it would explain how common, unenchanted items were made.

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HMMM -strokes chin- this is a very interesting idea! -strokes chin more-
I think I like it, but I'll think on how to implement it... maybe it'll be more of a Prowess skill option than a blanket ability for everyone?
if you don't know where to start,
go back to the beginning.
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This is a nifty idea, especially as you said for crafting/swag and stuff O: Isn't it really similar to what Novus already has, though? Wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes....
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Yeah, it is similar, but it's not a unique concept; I've seen it being used on other game forums too, and on Starborn Alignment on dA, so I'm sure that if it was tweaked a bit no one would really be able to complain :)
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I love this idea! I think it'd help for armors that are non-enchanted, too, being removed and the like.