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idea dump
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Just a list of random ideas I have! I'm full of 'em, call it a dumb idea of the day kind of thing. Most of them are probably bad, but I thought it was better to put 'em here in case one turns out to be a gem. That said, no need to worry about offending if you want to comment about an issue with one of the ideas. They're full of holes, I'm sure. In addition, some of this stuff could probably happen without site admin actually having to facilitate, but it'd be cool if they did. (Plus some of it definitely involves use of the official discord server.)

1) Text post infinite undo button.
Had this idea while writing this post. I managed to delete the entire thing, and I couldn't get it back. (I tried cntrl Z) I feel like Helovia had one? So if there are coding issues, maybe getting in touch with Tamme could help? (There also could already be one and I'm just not finding it.)

2) SWP submissions
There are a lot of talented writers on here. I'm sure Neo and Smitty already have AMAZING plots dreamed up, but if they ever want/need some help, a SWP could be decided by submissions. Anyone who would like could come up with a SWP and submit it, then the admin team would pick one? Obviously everyone who submitted would have to keep their plots confidential until a winner is announced, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to ruin their own plot's surprise!

3) Outside-of-plot Events!
Everyone gets writer's block sometimes, and this site has some awesome characters and a great community! It'd be cool to get to use those characters every once in a while in a different setting for a super-fun time without it affecting people's plots in any big way. Here are some ideas I came up with for possible examples.

Human AU day/week:
*Important: Would not replace normal RP.* Maybe seasonally or semi-annually a special board could open up for a limited time as an optional human AU RP open to all rift characters, but having nothing to do with the actual rift. RPing characters as humans, at least in my experience, is always a really great way to get to know them better. You suddenly have to figure out what kind of music they listen to and what they wear. Have you ever put any thought into what kind of phone your character would have? Team Apple or Team Android? Old rotary phone? Cheap flip-phone? Only disposable phones so their location can't be tracked by the government? I digress. I assume personality traits, friendships, and family ties would transfer. Not much else though. Every time the setting could be completely new, too. One time they could get dropped in a medieval fantasy world with magic, and the next, everyone's living in modern NY!
(Ingrid would probably be behind the cash register at an occult magic shop that sells weed out the back.)

D&D style monster killing adventure using Discord:
This one would probably be limited to like one day a month, and campaigns have to be like one dungeon/adventure and finished within the day. That way anybody who's absent one month could join the next. Anyone could DM, actually rift admin wouldn't have to touch it if they didn't want to. Just mentioning it here because it'd be easiest to do using the community discord call channel + with some kind of official announcement to get peeps involved. Most characters on here already have weapons and character stats, but some of the don't really fight. It'd be a fun chance to use those without first having to get your character to attack another in RP. (Since normally fighting off predators or other creatures in RP doesn't actually involve the stats.)

Character swap thread:
Pretty self-explanatory. Special thread where everyone who signs up for it gets randomly assigned the to write for character of one of the other sign-ups. Then add a fun plot that involves all the characters, hopefully one that makes them work together! Since it's just the one thread, I don't think account switching would be required. Could be cool to use each others tables though!

4) Group trials:
Instead of choosing to trial by themselves, characters could trial in pairs or even in a large group if they wanted. The task would be harder, and only solvable by working together. In the end, every member would get what they were trialing for. Most of the trial ideas so far seem aimed at facilitating RP. (Betray somebody, teach stuff to a foal, etc.) This seems like another great way to do that.

5) General Community Stuff:
Unrelated to RP, but seems like it'd be pretty cool to do stuff to help people get to know other RPers better? I dunno. Like there's so much we can do with the internet. There could literally be like Rift RPers movie night using streaming. Just sayin'. :D
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1, Helovia didn't have one afaik. There is a pretty neat jQuery plugin that might work for this, I'll put it on my to-do list!

2, We're always open for suggestions on things to do! :D But it's a neat "contest" idea, I guess? I also lovelovelove large, player-driven plots. If there's something cool you want to do? Do it! I mean come on, back on Isilme I burned down a whole forest when my character felt spiteful. I absolutely love when character actions have major impact on what's going on. Forests grow back. :P Like, man. Go nuts. You're in a nutty world.

3, a, I've been on sites with AU stuff, a lot of people seem to enjoy it, though I've never dabbled in it so I feel I'm not really qualified to comment on it...
b, I love this idea, but I'd prefer if it was something, as you said, not organized by the admin team. :D
c, I remember when Isilme had a "write like a n00b" contest, with like, chat speak and stuff.. oh lordy. I'm not sure this is something that should be an official, "legit" thread, but it could be a fun OOC shenanigan? I think Helovia had a swap once? I don't remember. But basically it's something you can do for fun without need to involve the admins xD

4, Oo I like this idea! It'll be on the back burner though, I have about a metric ton of other stuff to get done first, plus me and Smitty would need to agree on it and hash out a format and restrictions (do all trials share cooldown? or can you start a group trial while being locked out of starting a trial? etc).

5, Again, this is something that would be great if it was organized by members. :D I'm all for it, time zones are a bitch, etc. Every once in a while one of those "about yourself" threads pop up too. I'm just not sure it's something we have the time/resource to start up - maybe if we had a like "community manager".. hm...
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I second everything Neo said!

To add:
#2 - For SWPs, we are happy to have player-driven plots (RP can always drop into any thread, too! Even if admin aren't driving the plot! and Rift Havoc is at your disposal). AND we're happy to hear whatever suggestions for plots you have :]

#3 - We're happy to add whatever channels you'd like/need to Discord. Just shoot us a PM here or tag us on Discord ;)

#5 - I'm ALL FOR community stuff! We're happy to post links in the header/news section for whatever you organize, to help facilitate getting the word out, too :D

Thanks for all you ideas, & keep 'em coming!
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Love your ideas, all of them but this response is specific to #3 & #5 on the list.  Let's do it!  I volunteer to help you organize a "communty event committee" which could also cover the outside-of-plot character event things. :)

(sorry Skylark, I clicked the wrong name in my initial tag attempt)