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Private Hraunor 
Hope was aware of the Protectors need for company, and so while the Protector called them all, she was busy with the final piece of the puzzle. The remaining dark splotch of land in the middle of the world that nobody had seemingly asked about or even tried to venture toward. At least for the North, people had tried. She sighed quietly to herself as she approached the wall of black, her antlered head swiveling to view the expanse before her. Each light on her tines growing brighter and brighter until her eyes smoked and glowed brighter than ever before.

”Now.” She hissed through clenched teeth, lowering her head and pointing her antlers toward the wall of billowing black. Then, with a straight forward shove, she pushed her head into the black, feeling it writhe angrily around her. It hissed and pulled, trying to close the patch she had opened, but it wasn’t fast enough. Little balls of light from her tines began to spiral out, shifting and spinning toward the black to shove it back over the entire expanse. Her hide twitched with the effort as sweat beaded down her body as she lifted her head to look at what her work had done.

It didn’t take long but eventually, she surveyed the rest of the world around her, the final piece to the puzzle of the hidden world the Rift had to offer. Pleased with herself, she grinned against it, watching as the final bit of darkness simply disappeared and the hope lights along her tines returned to their original position. ”Simply beautiful.” She mentioned, pleased with the idea that everything was available to those that lived within the Rift, one more piece to her puzzle. Now, she simply needed to make a place within it and continue with her plans.

One way or another, everything would be restored. Everything.

changes everything

Hey everyone! Hope has revealed the final part of the Rift as well - the HEART!

This thread is only for Kisamoa, but feel free to stalk it - it'll be fun ;)