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Flowers and Running Trees
Open Rainforest Cliffs 
Currently championing: Vourib
He cursed and spat as he barreled through the underbrush. The burns on his skin were light, thankfully. But that didn't mean they didn't freak'n hurt! He grumbled further as leaves brushed against the tender skin. He didn't care for the antics of the world. How dare it tamper with his magic. Then again... it did pose an interesting challenge. He certainly liked a good challenge in his life. He enjoyed the prospects of having to figure out how to get by without his magic. So long as he put himself out quickly, he could still use it. He rolled his shoulders. Well. If this placed broke it, it could fix it. But first, he needed to grab a peace of a plant to appease the world.

He maneuvered onto a more clear section of the path he had been following. More like, blundering through. He had little interest in hanging out in this forest any longer. The only being he had met was a quiet guy, a curious guy his age, and a noisy Dozer. No mare. Not. A single. One. This world was truly disappointing. He may just kill himself if he didn't lay an eye on a women before these trials ended. He wondered if the world would give him on if he asked for it?

"Oh, great being of the Rift. Accept my plant as an offering!" With a snort he reached out and yanked on a near by tree, tearing a branch from it. With a yelp he reared back as the thing suddenly burst to life. He danced away as it thrashed about. "What the heck?" He mumbled around his plant. Did all the trees around here spring to life? He eyed the other tree suspiciously as he danced after the fleeing one. This was far too good to leave alone.

oc: Open to anyone!

@rift presence
Currently championing:
Rain. When Scorch gave way finally to the first drippings of Drench, Varuna had celebrated. It started and it did not stop. It came down everlasting from the yawning, weepy sky and a thirst that had festered for months under the unforgiving sun was quenched at last. The floodgates gushed and gushed, til the colt felt that he might drown. Still, he basked in it, let it soak into his fur with the hope that it might seep down into his bones. He was like a plant that had wilted in the sun, and sprang back to life with a taste of water. He basked in it 'til his fur grew clumps of rainrot, and only then did the excitement of it all wear off a bit.

Still, he stuck around the Rainforest Cliffs. It had become his home of sorts. The dark and ominous forest with all its mysteries intrigued him and kept him wandering about, like a ghost doomed to wander the only place it had known in life. It was seldom that he came across others.

Oh, great being of the Rift. Accept my plant as an offering! 

Varuna heard the voice and drew his body up tall, searching the thick vegetation for where it had come from. His ears swiveled as he listened again. A snort burst from his nostrils as he waited, hearing nothing, 'til there came a yelp and a commotion. It wasn't long before a monster burst from the brush: a... tree, and a winged colt about his own age chasing after it. Varuna thought he had seen the trees stirring in the corner of his eye from time to time, but generally put it up to his imagination. This one was most certainly alive and with excitement scrawled upon his features, the yearling leaped in front of it.

Acting quickly and with utmost confidence, he flared his massive wings to try to spook it. He wasn't sure what the purpose of the chase was, but he didn't put much thought into it. Harassing the creatures of the rift. What could go wrong?


You may always use magic/force on/against Varuna (excluding powerplay).

Currently championing: Vourib
A new horse suddenly joined in. The other young stallion seemed to be willing to help him with his chase. Heck yeah! Hooves thundered against the ground as he ran down the fleeing tree. A freak'n tree! What wacky world did he land in? Next thing would be a rock that lifted up its skirts and ran. What else moved around here? He'd never look at the plant-life around him the same way again. For all he knew they were plotting world domination and he'd never be the wiser.

Wait, wouldn't that technically make him their predator? Enemy number one? How exciting. He'd burn them all to ash. The other spread out his wings, startling the tree and sending it scurrying off in a whole new direction. "After it!" Hertz shouted with excitement. Tree hunting was far more fun then he'd every expect it would be. Most of them just sat still while you took them down. But this one was determined to avoid them.