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Herds, Landmarks, and maybe flying moose


Hope certainly didn't waste too much time sightseeing before doing what Skylark and I had been screaming internally about for a month: creating the first herd. A huge congratulations to Tech and Yoko for playing our first ever herd leaders, with their fantastic Roscorro and Rixen!
You can read the thread here: welcome home

For the full page on how the herds in the Rift work, read the guidebook page. In short, though, they're founded by the members, and can claim their spot in any location! A herd picks their own name and a unique color, and receive their own sub-forum in their "master location" - for example, if the first herd decides to settle in Halyven, they'll have a sub-forum of their territory in the "Halyven" forum.

The exciting news is that the Rift can always support at least two herds, so there's room to make one, if you're feeling it... ;)


We've finally made good on Charks's suggestion from forever ago, about including landmarks! These are player-discovered locations :o Read more in the guidebook!

And to anyone who goes "what the fuck are those Ice Caves on the map??", it's probably a remnant from an earlier version of the North - but we're thinking about turning it into a landmark, just so everyone can get a feel for the landmark format. Stay tuned!

The Flying Moose

I feel like the Guidebook is an essential part of not only immersing yourself in the site's setting and systems, but that it's also a dealbreaker when a new potential player comes across the site. Because I'm not wholly satisfied with it, I started a discussion thread about it (and the Quick Links in the sidebar): Guided Discussion: The Guidebook & Quick Links

More flying meese: You'll notice that the old page, History of the Rift, has been included in the Guidebook again. With the first SWP coming to a close now, it's definitely time to chronicle what's happened, but we'll need help with it. Interested? Check out the application for a new position: Historian!

You'll find the app here: » Needed: Historian

Speaking of the SWP, Skylark and I will soon busy ourselves with tallying the SWP points and getting to the rewards :O Dun dun duuun.

Also that sad » Advertising Contest! is still running, contrary to what the post says. We're hoping to get a bit of downtime after the SWP's conclusion to actually finish it up, but until we announce it over, it's always running. Go advertise us. <3 Let them know you can now make herds. LE GASP! :O

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