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RP Wanted The Portal 
Currently championing:

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lux apollyon

where once was light, now darkness falls

She comes through the portal in the manner of many others: inadvertently, without much fanfare, a slight blip interrupting her journey between points A and B. There is no clear transition from there to here, no oppressive change in atmosphere or aggressive flash of light. Gradually, the world changes, shadows growing deeper while colors pulse and snap; gradually, the soldier wanders through it, her movements deliberate and careful.

There is a certain palpable tension in her movements, the way she swings her broad head, the flaring of her nostrils, the dance of her one good ear. She keeps her right protected, but any could see weakness in the way she favors her fore. She is a machine missing one crucial part, rolling with grace until the clunk of that step, the soldier's fluidity interrupted by a violent, wrenching limp.

Do you want to die? It is not an unreasonable question to ask - why else would she have dragged herself here, an eternity from home, her body broken and her spirit crushed? Anyone looking may think her a pitiful thing, but there is something steely in the mare that rejects pity, defies you to offer it at peril to yourself. With militant bullheadedness she carries on, pushing further into the murky dark, her breath coming heavy and her coat slick with a sweat that stings and bites.

When she stops it is gradually, and strategic: the finds a tree and leans against it, gingerly and strategically, wincing as pine and bark cuts into raw skin and exposed flesh. Her right fore hangs uselessly, but the great tree supports her weight, and with a deep and rattling breath she sighs, heavy eyelids fluttering shut, letting agony and exhaustion lull her into a light, soldier's sleep.
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
The shadows pulse and bloom, colors and behavior shadows never should have. The trees whisper, bend and lean closer, looking at this broken, stubborn thing limping past. Steam hisses where you step, drifting up your chest, into your mouth, slipping down your throat. The next time you exhale, a white cloud billows in front of your face, and the world sighs, and leaves you alone.

You had nothing for it, anyway.
the Rift
life from death


Hi :D
» Presence of the Rift «

Vynter the Hopebringer
Currently championing:

He had a job to do. That job was to bring people to his new herd for Rosco. So with an unexpected grace of him he made his way through the trees and vegetation, head held high and eyes focused ahead. He had sensed the Presence stirring about, awakening and reaching out for something... someone. It wasn't long before he saw her in the mists, leaning against a tree.

Then his eyes fell upon her injuries. Without another thought he was revealing himself, meeting her eyes with his own icy blue. When he was within speaking distance he slowed down, but did not entirely stop. In fact he only paused to say a simple,"I can help," before bringing his maw down to examine her mangled limb.

Vynter !

@Lux @Roscorro
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
He immerged from the darkness, a beast of smoke and spines. His leather armor shifting over his shoulders, the small spines imbedded into them for more ramming damage glinting dully. His heavy fur cloak silently moved as the creature beneath walked. A long, serpentine tail slithered out from beneath the cloak, covered in long hair and shone like silk. At its tip a mace was secured, a weapon of a warrior. He looked like a demon who fought in the ranks of hell. Smoke seeming to spill from his skin as he walked, like the dying coughs of hellfire. His massive wings added to his incredible bulk. When extended they enhanced the fearsome visage of a warrior.

Fangs protruded from his upper lip, as sharp looking as the horns atop his head or the spikes down his spine. His forelegs were not equine, but reptilian. The powerful legs and hands of a dragon with claws designed to tear effortlessly through flesh, bore the weight of the stallion's large chest. He was an imposing beast. A monster born from nightmares. Yet those piercing grey eyes held no malice or bloodlust. But a gentleness. It was such a startling contrast between his outward appearance and inward light that a perceptive soul may find themselves doing a double take. Though most did not first see the kind light that shone in the tribrid's eyes, for they were too distracted by the monstrosity that was his outer shell.

But the woman he was quietly walking towards did not notice his appearance, her eyes were closed as she leaned against a tree for support. The stench of her wounds was in the air, it had been what drew him to her. Vynter was there as well, having beaten him to this lone figure. He knew that his young friend would invade her personal space, and he did so as he began investigating her leg. Instead of try to dissuade the lad, he focused on the mare. "Hello, Miss. I'm sorry to intrude, but would it be alright if we saw to your wounds?" His magic came to the surface, warming the air about him, as he desired to heal her wounds just as much as Vynter. "It is dangerous to walk the lands of the rift with the scent of blood upon you, the creatures here are hungry and eager to test their powers against an injured horse." His last thought was on recruiting a herd member, though Vynter had certainly come with that purpose. He was more intent upon aiding the mare before anything found her in this weakened state.

His fangs itched at the scent of blood and he kept it clamped firmly shut, to hide the salivation that seeped from his gums, as visions of sinking his fangs into her leg crept into the back of his mind. He closed his eyes, beating them back. These predatory feelings had grown stronger as of late. They reared their ugly head shortly after he had completed his trials. But he had no idea why. He hadn't received any sort of magic from the Rift, even though he had asked for the power to protect those he cared for. It was strange, he had never been refused a blessing after completing his end of the deal. Maybe he needed to be more specific? he would try again. Now that he had an entire herd to look after, he needed all the power he could get. less he become a burden to his herd. The large stallion returned to watching Vynter, hanging back at a respectful distance, but not too far to react should Lux return Vy's offer to help with hostility.


But You Cannot Break My Hope!
I'm Still Undefeated!
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You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though.