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lick your wounds
RP Wanted The Portal 
there's still light in me,
but there's a little bit of wolf in me too.
Oh, he was positively pissed. He had been trapped for what felt like years in the North among the freezing tombs of Heimasborg, plotting and biding his time away until he could finally move again. There were no seasons there, just this black darkness that crept over the world when the Helovians came. And it was there he remained until finally something happened, and he woke to find the dawn appear over the icy hilltops of the mountain fortress he had resided in. And then, somehow, he ended up here of all places.

The entire time near the Portal, the hair on his back and neck raised. He didn’t like this place at all, but at least it was familiar to him in a strange way. His darkened silver eyes, one completely white and almost blind appearing, scanned the environment around him, his ears flattened to his skull. He was in wolf form, of course, the anger riding him straight into the fuzzy pelt of the wolf. At least in the North it had been comfortable, and despite the rain that continued to pour he almost felt too hot. And it was even more frustrating.

He towered over everything, remaining in his equine height as a wolf, a gargantuan darkness that seemed to radiate from him as his fuzzy maw parted and he growled deeply at the glowing eyes that watched him as he stood among the trees. He felt as though he was waiting for something, but he couldn’t quite tell what. “I hate this place.” He growled once more, glaring off into the trees as though his gaze alone would burn it to the ground.

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Native Riftian! :D
Transformation magic: shifts into a wolf the same size as his equine form and retains same markings.
Mutation: Body markings, stripes in mane, and feathers glow teal at night and red during the day.
Normal item: Silver short sword with two of his parents' feathers tied to the hilt.

It wraps around you; welcoming. Perhaps not comforting, for it is a wild and vicious thing, but familiar—greeting a returning son. The shadows rush in, licking up your legs, nipping at your skin, until your steps shed them again.

Welcomed your return might be, but untouched, you are not.
the Rift
life between worlds


Transformation: Can shift into a wolf, retaining equine size. His markings are the inverse.

Markings, stripes, and primaries, glow teal at night and red during the day.

Normal item is fine! :D
» Presence of the Rift «


It had been mentioned, though not directly to Eira, more in passing between shrewder minds, that a sensible task for the newly announced 'herd of Halyven', would be to build strength in numbers. The young filly had listened to the banter as she’d followed the comforting warmth of Roscorro out of one conversation and into the next; of course, it had never crossed her mind that eavesdropping was impolite.

As the cold northern breath of night swept in around them all and the blue girl had bedded down among the warm chorus of their voices to sleep, she explained eagerly to the tiny Eriucla in her ear, that… “we will travel to the portal at first light, Fay. How thrilling to think we could be useful!” Of course, the feather-light orphan which had been her companion since the beginning of Drench, never replied and probably cared little of the tone of her captor.

Her empty stomach was knotted terribly with excitement and Eira had struggled to reach the level of rest required for the intensity of the journey she was committed to beginning; but she stirred at the first hint of dawn regardless, and started too quickly out of the ivory ruins of their new home.

The going was unsteady. Thrice she became disorientated, however, fought down the fear of failure and recovered the path south in fair time. Not only did fresh kind of courage stir through her mind, but confidence and adaptability were without her knowledge, feeding her mood. She found herself drawn to the quiet beauty of the strange landscape, pulled cleanly from focus by a rustle of water-logged leaves or movement by the periphery; the further they explored, the less she seemed to mind. Eira forgot altogether the dangers which lurked around her in the wilderness, but it seemed not to matter, for not four days later she arrived at her target destination.

Slipping under low slung vines and clambering across the protrusion gnarled surface roots, the small, starving creature manoeuvred beneath the glare of the ominous black hole.

It was the middle of the morning on the fourth day adrift, that Eira came upon another, a wolf, that provoked an initial surge of fear through her being. In an unfortunate twist of events, however, the clumsy yearling stumbled in her vain attempt to flee his terrifying impression and twisted her right foreleg in the process. “Please don’t eat me!” her thoughts begged frantically and unlike in times past, when such cognition had been pointless, the voice of her stress should have instantly filled his mind.

"I am a book of snow,
a spacious hand, an open meadow,
a circle that waits,
I belong to the earth and its winter."

- Pablo Neruda, Winter Garden

He had been equally as supportive of Rosco, keeping close to the new herd leader and the blue filly. He had grown attached to her in a way, protective of her. It was as if she was slowly filly the void Fenyx had left behind when she vanished. Yet he refused to dwell on such thoughts when there was so much to be done, so much to see and learn. He didn't have time to sort through the confusion and pain and underlying sadness that plagued him in the wee hours of morning. Perhaps it was this exact feeling that had left him conscious enough to stir when Eira had begun to move, and it was without question that he must follow.

So he followed her for those four days. He was quiet, surprisingly remaining hidden from her as she so carelessly meandered with newfound confidence. She would go this way and that, get distracted a few miles from the path and then continue on her merry way. He was fascinated with her behavior, incredibly intrigued and motivated to continue keeping an eye on her while learning so much at the same time. It was because of this that he chose to keep his distance, to not interfere despite his minor concern that she might injure herself in some way.

For the most part, she had managed to keep herself injury free. Until they made it to the portal and came across a wolf. In her startled state she had stumbled, twisting her foreleg and likely harming herself in the process. And it was in that moment something clicked in him, and suddenly he needed to take action. Lurching forward on the muscles he had trained so hard to build he passed the small little girl. Once he had enough distance in front of her he braced himself, standing tall and protectively in front of her as he faced the wolf fearlessly.

Wings spread as wide as they could go, reaching for the heavens as his eyes of ice were hardened. He was stock still, rigid and ready to face this wolf full force for the little girl. So he remained poised, ready for anything that was to come; until he heard the words fall from the sharpened maw. And as his mind tried to register just why a wolf, a wolf the size of a horse mind you, would begin to speak; it began to grind and click together into an explanation his logical mind could understand. His wings began to lower, head leaning forward as his eyes began to squint in inquisition. Remaining silent he stared deeply into the beast's duo-toned eyes until one would think he had frozen into stone.

When he was satisfied with his search, he finally managed to let words fall from his lips,"It's fine, Eira." Letting his demeanor return to its awkward and gangling position, he looked to the girl quietly, before beginning to tend to her leg.

Vynter !

@Aedion @Eira - don't mind Vynter doing whatever
there's still light in me,
but there's a little bit of wolf in me too.
”Of course.” He thought to himself, hissing under his breath. Almost immediately, the Rift reaches out and shifts his magic. While he still retained the wolf nature of his, that second part of him, he watched with mute horror as his dark grey brown legs shifted to the blood red his wings would have shown during the day. The red part of him wasn’t the worst part of it, if Aedion had to be honest, the worst part was that when night came and his fur shifted into teal. How could he be feared and taken seriously? A giant blue wolf.

He growled, the sound reverberating as the portal began to leave him alone. But he slowly began to realize that he wasn’t alone at all. His gaze shifted, his scarred face shifted toward two small bodies (one much smaller than the other) as she lost her mind, though appeared to speak directly to him. He wanted to laugh at it, at the fear that the child had shown and the way she’d screamed to him – but he hadn’t a clue if she were Helovian, and if she were from the Rift when everything returned, he knew his parents would look down upon him in shame. So he stifled his growl and simply stared, shaking his head slightly to fix his ruby fur.

But there was another, the other one that smelled distinctly male that had his eyes roaming over to him as he placed himself between Aedion and the girl. He pinned him with a stare for what felt like forever before turning to the girl to tend to her leg, and Aedion grinned, revealing rows of sharp white teeth. “I have no interest in eating children.” He rumbled toward Eira, wondering if his deep baritone voice would resonate and calm the frightened girl. Then, as if to show that he wasn’t hungry for children, he calmed his anger at the ruby fur in place of darkness and shifted back into his true form.

Feathers and wings soon replaced the long fur on his spine, and his body grew slim and strong revealing his lean draft nature. The mask retained on his face, the skull marking stark against the darkness of his body. Yet the ruby of his fur leaked into the primaries of his feathers as he spread them wide, turning the scarred side of his face toward them with a small grin. “What are your names?” He questioned with a tilt of his head, wondering if perhaps these children had been sent here for him.

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@Eira @Vynter <333