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Reunions for Mutations
Trial Tar Pits  reuniting a foal w/ parents
Aurelia the Hopebringer
Currently championing: None
She was doing a lot for her trials. She had two ongoing currently. One made her hallucinate that there was a smoke cloud constantly around her. It burned her lungs and stung her eyes. The other made her extremeties glaze over with frost. The juxtaposition of fire and ice was enough to make her go just a little crazy. The constant burn of her face and lungs paired with the constant cold, numbness of her extremeties was so contrasting that she was never really sure if she was cold or hot- rather, a strange blend of both.

There was no rain or clouds which meant her enchanted locket was working full-throttle, spotting her already vibrant, glittery coat with sparkles. She stuck out like a sore thumb in the dark desert wasteland. The stench of tar was thick in the air, but her fire magic left her smelling smoky and easily detectible, even through the rancid scents of the Tar Pits.

Sticking out like a sore thumb was what she wanted, needed to do. In order to complete her trial and rid herself of the horrible smoke that choked her constantly, she had to return a foal to it's parents. She didn't know when the birthing season was here at the Rift (are there even seasons here?), but, at least in Helovia, horses were dumb enough to birth foals in all seasons and she hoped the same was true here. Finding a foal would be hard, but finding a lost one would be twice so. Still, the flames of hope raged within her and around her.

It was highly ironic she had to return a foal to its parents, seeing as though she had no idea where Aei'ith was. She'd always been a horrible dam, losing her children left and right. She assumed all of her Helovian-born children were dead- murdered by some monster or starved by now, but she truthfully had no idea. Should one pop-up right now, she would be surprised.

talk talk talk talk
like a deer in the headlights i meet my fate

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aurelia is tryna 'Help a foal find their parents'
@Vynter ~
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Vynter the Hopebringer
Currently championing:

It was hot, and he was walking carelessly among the pits with little regard for how dangerous they could be. He was already a mess, stray bubblings of the thick substance latching onto his coat and searing him with mild burns. They would heal, they always do, and despite the pain he was feeling from them he remained stoic as always. There wasn't a reason as to why he wasn't expressing the pain, perhaps because he merely didn't see the point. Numbed by his drive to keep going he meandered the holes, ice still forming beneath his hooves and sizzling with each step.

Before he knew it there was another in his sights, a golden beauty surrounded by smoke and seeming to look very tired. Curious, he moved to her, ears pricked and eyes focused intently on searching for hers. When they were within speaking distance he stopped slowly, examining her briefly, before pressing onward and coming forth to offer his nose to hers. He did not do things slowly or delicately. Either he did or didn't, and that was something that would never change about him.

Vynter !

@Aurelia - I'm sorry it's so gross T-T
Aurelia the Hopebringer
Currently championing: None
Aurelia has learned much from the animals around her; she has cultivated qualities over the years from species that are not her own: the loyalty of wolves, the bravery of a mama bear, the way kindred mammals protect one another. That was what kept their community together; that was what kept herds together. So when the stark-bodied babe approaches, Aurelia stills, allowing the child to grow close. Her eyes are focused on the toddler, appreciating the little details of his composition as any mare who has had children would. His legs are long and narrow, awkwardly built with too-large knees just as most other toddlers his age. The baby-fluff that splotches his splashed grullo coat paired with the short, yet growing, whispy mane and tail that adorn his body are enough of a clue as to his age (less than one for certain). From his sides grow wings that appear to be deformed. The aurelian mare assumes such deformity occured in the womb, as with the complications of her own progeny, but worries little as the child is moving as though he is not in pain. Tar had marred his toddler charm, changing him into a clumsy-looking mess. The substance must be painful though he seems stoic and well. There is also ice in his hoof prints, something Aurelia can only understand as being either a curse brought onto him by the Rift or some sort of magic gifted to him by a god.

The child halts a few strides from her, and in response the mare nickers kindly to him, the soothing sound sweet and welcoming. He begins approaching again, unhesitantly moving very close to the mare. He reaches his tapered snout towards her to bump noses and Aurelia gnashes her teeth slightly at him, her ears flickering back for a moment and her tail swishing in a silent warning before reverting back to normal. Though not an overt threat, it is a warning to give her some space. His approach was quick and disrespectful. The child lacks basic respect in his body language and it makes Aurelia wonder if he even has parents as he has so clearly not been taught these basic social cues and hierarchy. The lack of teeth clacking and caution is fairly surprising. The warning was just one that demands respect. She is nine years old, more experienced and grown than the couple-month-old babe that stands before her and because of this, it is imperative that she is shown at least some respect as she is the (very clearly) dominant being in this situation. The teaching moment is over fairly quickly, Aurelia's porcelain features back to their neutral, kind demeanor.

"Why do you wander alone here, child?" It is a question filled with equal parts of worry and critique. Perhaps the child was abandoned. Or maybe he simply ran away. Was he lost or orphaned? Her brow dipped with concern, her eyes still pouring over his small body and lanky limbs. He must've been around Aei'ith's age. They were both at that strange fluffy, long-legged, clumsy stage in their lives. Quietly, she wondered how Aei'ith was back at the forests, her baby girl growing sturdy and strong.

like a deer in the headlights i meet my fate

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srry, aurelia want all "teaching moment"/mom on vynter <3
{Image: 1zxwow6.jpg}