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Reunions for Mutations
Trial Tar Pits  reuniting a foal w/ parents
She was doing a lot for her trials. She had two ongoing currently. One made her hallucinate that there was a smoke cloud constantly around her. It burned her lungs and stung her eyes. The other made her extremeties glaze over with frost. The juxtaposition of fire and ice was enough to make her go just a little crazy. The constant burn of her face and lungs paired with the constant cold, numbness of her extremeties was so contrasting that she was never really sure if she was cold or hot- rather, a strange blend of both.

There was no rain or clouds which meant her enchanted locket was working full-throttle, spotting her already vibrant, glittery coat with sparkles. She stuck out like a sore thumb in the dark desert wasteland. The stench of tar was thick in the air, but her fire magic left her smelling smoky and easily detectible, even through the rancid scents of the Tar Pits.

Sticking out like a sore thumb was what she wanted, needed to do. In order to complete her trial and rid herself of the horrible smoke that choked her constantly, she had to return a foal to it's parents. She didn't know when the birthing season was here at the Rift (are there even seasons here?), but, at least in Helovia, horses were dumb enough to birth foals in all seasons and she hoped the same was true here. Finding a foal would be hard, but finding a lost one would be twice so. Still, the flames of hope raged within her and around her.

It was highly ironic she had to return a foal to its parents, seeing as though she had no idea where Aei'ith was. She'd always been a horrible dam, losing her children left and right. She assumed all of her Helovian-born children were dead- murdered by some monster or starved by now, but she truthfully had no idea. Should one pop-up right now, she would be surprised.

talk talk talk talk
like a deer in the headlights i meet my fate

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aurelia is tryna 'Help a foal find their parents'
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