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Fight in the Frost
Trial The Heimasborg  pick a fight and then lose it
Trials were brutal. They demanded strange, outlandish things in return for magic, items, mutations, anything. If you wanted the smallest, simplist thing, it was still possible to get a strangely difficult challenge. Aurelia had been fairly lucky in this aspect, none of her trials too challenging. However, the alterations done onto her body while she was completing the trials made living a burden. When she sought to be fireproof, the Rift played a cruel joke on her and left frost covering her legs and ears and dock and snout. The frost formed delicate, intricate patterns on her extremeties, but it could not be removed with her fire, the sun, scraping it off, nothing. The frost felt like it was freezing her body at a rapid rate.

She had one task while she was here. And though she enjoyed exploring these newly uncovered lands she also enjoyed finishing trials. She had to pick a fight with another and then lose it. She didn't mean a physical one, for she really wasn't in the mood to actually fight and then lose it, so she settled for trying to conjure up a verbal fight with someone. She'd always been good at getting on other's nerves and under their skin so she thought this would be a breeze of a task. She just hoped whoever came into the cave she stood quietly in would give her a reason to argue with them.

She stood by the entrance of the cave, her strange eyes searching the tundra of hard-packed ice topped with softer flakes. The scenery was different from anywhere in the Rift, with hard lines of white meeting the (surprisingly) blue sky and mountains soaring upwards, high and proud. It all kind of creeped her out truthfully. If she didn't know better, she would assume this was Helovia's Frostbreath Steppe, and that the mountains were those that bordered the Aurora Basin. She had no good memories from either of those places and forced herself to stop thinking about it, the scar under her left wing throbbing as she remembered one of the many traumas from the North.

talk talk talk talk
like a deer in the headlights i meet my fate

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aurelia is tryna 'Pick a fight and purposefully lose it'
@Ricochet ~ i figured if aurelia finds out he was the one who hurt ruwin that could be good fuel and they could argue about that, but if that's not what happens thats ok too <3
{Image: 1zxwow6.jpg}

"FUUUUCCKKKKKK" came an agonizing wail form within the depths of the cave. It was almost as if he was hung over; in pain and unwilling to do much about it. There was a throbbing in his head, his shoulder and honestly his entire body. The cold, still chillier than most places in Drench; did very little to soothe his broken body. So he dramatically lay on his side, leg caked in dried blood and eyes trying to focus on the things around him.

There was some improvement with his cognitive ability, yet he still wasn't entirely back to his usual obnoxious self. Dark lashes fluttered over his bright rust colored eyes, side heaving in a slightly laborious manner. It hadn't been too long since he had partaken in a battle with the iron-winged brute, but it was still recent enough that his body did not agree with him. He was exhausted and lethargic; and had absolutely no idea how to treat his wound. And so he was stuck where he was, whining like a tiny foal and pouting about his predicament.


@Aurelia - Sorry for the wait!
Permission to do anything and whatever to Ricochet aside from maiming or killing. Tag in all posts.