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When the Ashes Hit the Ground
Open Aurora Tundra 

It had been a long time, in fact it felt like it had been forever. He ran, he tried to hide. The boy did not like the beast he was turning into because of the darkness. He gave into all those haunting thoughts, and he let the world shift and mold him into something much more sinister. Helovia was never like that, but The Rift was. This land was evil, and maybe it was something the boy could not handle. His mother was dead, his sister was gone, and his father... Well he could give a rats ass about that man. Zubari had turned into something bitter and unforgiving. He did not like that. He did not like himself anymore. There were times he contemplated throwing his body off the cliff. Some days he just wanted it all to end. How could you live every day hating the beast you have become? This is why he had to leave. The mahogany boy had to step away from everything. Leaving his siblings and all their hate behind, leaving his only friends behind. The only friend he needed was Kuuma. She was always loyal to the boy and she was the only family he needed. In the darkest of hours she pulled him back to reality. The small civet was the reason he was still living today.

Now, he finally returned from the wilds. The boy was able to finally face the world for what it had become. He has finally come to terms with life. Bitter thoughts still echoed in his mind, but can one blame him? He has lost everything, and he has had to fight for every breath. The boy did not have it easy. He was not a gifted child like his fathers other children. The chocolate boy was the black sheep. Outcasted by  the family for not being like them, and does he care? At one point in time that would have been a tricky question for him to answer, but now it is easy. The simple answer in No He does not give a fuck about what this so called family thinks of him. Hell, they could all rot and die for all he cared. Fuck them... Fuck them all.

The ground started to shift and change under his hooves. Pausing, he took a deep breath. This was new, all of this was new. Long strands of black spider silk weaved and flew into the frozen breeze. The sky above glowed an eerie green and yellow hue, but it was beautiful. Actually is was rather breathtaking. Golden eyes watched in amazement as the colors flickered and flew across the skies. A glowing reflection caused the snow under his hooves to radiate with the magnificent colors from the heavens. Kuuma jumped from his back and began leaping through the snow. This was something they had never seen before. A rich chuckle escaped from his maw causing it to echo through the mountains. Powerful legs took off cashing the small companion. Golden spikes glittered across his hide as the pair just ran. Muscles tensed and released with every stride, and nothing but the sound of their heavy breath could be heard. The boy reached down and nipped at the tail of the small civet. Kuuma let out a squeal before tumbling into the snow covered earth. Zubari followed after the companion letting his rich chocolate pelt fall to the white substance bellow. There the two just laid on their backs. Bright golden orbs watched the colors shift and change over their heads. This felt right.   " It feels good to be back again Kuuma. "  


OOC::  Everyone please come and join! I have missed you all and it is great to be back! 

I gave it all and all you gave was
Sweet Misery

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Rise and rise again until lambs become lions;
The lights danced across the dark sky, each color slowly fading into one another. The frosty winter air bit my skin, and my neck was aching from tilting my head back to see the auroras, but I could care less. The lights were beautiful, swaying and changing and illuminating the world. Blazing in the silent sky, the aurora lights were perhaps the greatest show on this earth. Their glow, their shine, everything about them was just ...breathtaking.

This new place in the Rift, whatever it was called, was an icy tundra that stretched on and on and on, racing endlessly into the horizon. Unlike the sky, there was no longer any color on the land beneath my hooves, only white, a giant blank page. As I moved, my hooves scrawled on the canvas, and who knew what words they left behind. Though not visible to the naked eye, perhaps precious flower and grass seeds slept beneath the thick blanket, waiting for the long dark winter pass. Or, maybe this place was a perpetual winterland. I would not doubt the possibility of such a thing in the Rift, but it would be quite a while before I found the answer. 

Here, there is nothing to hold the mind, no comfort, no familiar thing save for the snow. These things are not obvious unless one searched for me. Knowing that there was soil beneath me and a brilliant sun in the sky above is enough to encourage me forward, eager to see what this unknown land had to offer. Breaking into a run across the flat expanse, I felt the wind in my mane, the warmth of my body warding off the brittle air. There was not any place in the Rift like this (that I'd seen before). Except for Halyven, which I’d certainly always regard as a perfect treasure in all its decaying glory. 

I ran, hooves kissing the land. Perhaps a little while ago it would have been necessary to conserve my energy, carefully choosing where to distribute it. I would have balked at idea of running so far and fast with no danger pursuing me. But now I relished the prospect. It was as if these hooves were made to travel fast and light, like an eagle soaring across an indigo sky. Breathing steady, heart strong, I didn’t know where he was nor did I know where I was heading. I had no idea what time it was and he had no clue what day. And so my body carried me swiftly forward. Not stopping for anything.

Not stopping for anything but a strange shape on the horizon, appearing small at first, so small that I might've missed the sight. But as I moved toward it, it became clear that the creature was a horse. I slowed, breathing heavily, trying to see who he was from my position a safe distance away. He did not look familiar, dark, sable body starkly contrasting with the white that surrounded him. He was ordinary, save for two sizeable horns protruded from either side of his head like spears. 

"Hello!" I called out to the stranger, voice cracking a little from my parched throat. Not wanting to alarm him, my approach was slow enough and while my head was low, a soft grunt escaped my lips in some queer attempt to ease him of my presence. Still, my shoulders felt tense as I drew closer and even as my body language was friendly, I knew my eyes were searching for some fort of threat in him that I wasn’t sure I’d even find. Hopefully I wouldn't.



I do not believe we have met before, but welcome back! :)

His golden eyes were bright and filled with a wildfire burning deep within his chest. It roared from the depts of his soul and exploded in bright venom colors of gold. The boy felt mixed emotions about everything. His father, sister, mother, Zubari did not know what to think. He grew up and teaching himself everything that he knows. The boy was broken and torn in his heart, he was broken and falling apart. There was no one that he could turn to that would understand any of his pain. Zubari had no real friends.

Everything ate away at him, it devoured and burrowed deep within his brain. Consuming his every thought with hate, pain, annoyance, and so many other emotions the boy could not get the thoughts out of his mind. Kuuma soon brought the boy back to reality. He could hear her weight shift in the snow, and at first, he did not pay any mind to her. She was a creature that did not enjoy sitting still for very long. The golden orbs did not even turn to look her way until a low growl escaped into the air. With a heavy sigh, the spike-covered boy rolled to place his heavy pillars under his weight. Heaving his well-muscled body from the ground, Zubari watched as a figure approached.

At first his chocolate ears pinned against his skull, Zubari was not one who enjoyed the company of others. Could one blame him? "Hello!"His shoulders dropped slightly as a sigh escaped his maw. Great... the last thing he wanted to do was talk to someone. Maybe it would not be as bad as previous encounters.... Maybe not. His heavy horned skull remained high in the air. Golden spikes that protruded from his body glimmered in the green and blue lights above. The hackles started to stand up on the back of Kuuma. Her keen eyes watched as the stranger lurked closer and closer. Once the civet realized he was of no threat, she simply shook her head and lowered her guard. " You have to excuse my companion Kuuma over here. We have not had some very good encounters with others in this land. Needless to say, we are always on guard. " His shoulders rolled as he looked to his companion who was now off playing with falling snowflakes. " She can be a rather simple creature. I am Zubari. " His voice was slightly monotone as the heavy words trail off his tongue with ease.


OOC::  Thank you!! Sorry it took some time to respond!

I gave it all and all you gave was
Sweet Misery

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{Image: pjgFKsr.gif}