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Back in hell
RP Wanted The Portal 
Currently championing:

Why was his sister always wondering away, why only the gods knew. It was starting to get annoying, always having to hunt her down to keep her safe. Purple smoke swirled with black billowed from his muzzle as the stud's aggravation slowly rose. Even though he was aggravated his face was a black hard mask, only the swirls of black vapor showed his emotion. This was the thing about him, he was stoic well besides the damned smoke. Most people didn't know him well enough to realize what the black meant; Zelda knew. Zelda always seemed to know what was going on in his brain, sometimes before he even did. Light blue eyes gazed around the snowy land searching for the familiar purple and black frame. Snorting a massive cloud of smoke his feather horned head bobbed once trying to catch the scent of his sister.

Instead he drew in something odd, like lightning if you flew to close to a storm. Suddenly it was like he was being pulled forward even though his legs weren't moving. Black puffed from his nose as fear pounded through him. What the fuck was going on here? White flashed around blue and his ears slammed back. A voice boomed around him, 'I don't think so!' Who the fuck was that?! He wasn't sure if it was the monstrous amount of his smoke that made it hard to see or something more sinister. Suddenly the height on his chest lifted, the black vale around him dissipated reviling a strange scarlet land. "Oh shit..."
He had been asleep for two years lost in a swirling black void. Bright blue eyes flew open as his legs shot out to catch him. He thumped roughly onto familiar soil. He stood quivering gazing around cautiously. 'Home? How am I home?' The last thing he remembered was the screams of other equines then blackness. He feared for his sister, but something told him she was long gone. The feather horned stallion stood quivering for a few moments black smoke pouring from his nostrils. Taking several deep breaths he stood and pulled his stoic mask back on. Slowly the vapor rolling from him with each breath turned back to it's deep purple color. "How the fuck did I end back up in this place?"

Words; .87
OOC/Tags; Vanity Magic: Exhales deep purple smoke turns black with extreme emotion
Magic: Can turn himself invisible at will

Just throwing this here for proof: Snake bangle that runs up his right foreleg Two beads in his mane, one silver and one gold Proof
image credit
- table by Niki -

Rift Presence
Currently championing:
They wrap around you, the shadows; welcoming you back with little bites, reprimands for having left, love-bites because you've returned. They care little for what you've done in the time since you left, care less for your motives or desires. The shadows sift through your fur like sand and wind, slip through your skin, rush through your veins, and then, with a sigh, they're gone.
the Rift


Transformation: Can turn invisible.

Exhalations are purple, turning blacker with extreme emotion.
» Presence of the Rift «

Taivas the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
Slowly, ever so slowly, the spirits began to sing back in response to Taivas's soul as she traversed the Rift.  After escaping from the crack in time which had swallowed her, the shaman had been awash with sensations starkly missing from the linear, black and white void on the borders of reality.  Her connection to the spirits had been dampened by her time away, but hearing their familiar pulse soothed her fast beating heart.

Due to the hope of the realm being restored, the girl was once more without a driving motivation or goal for her day.  Thus, the shaman adopted her former role of observing the Portal, still known for the sudden and often virulent arrival of newcomers into this twisted realm.  Upon a high bough in the canopies of the demented forest, the girl glimmers with soft pallid light amid the falling rain, endless during the Drench.

Time passes slowly, yet in a flash of sudden action and movement, amidst the shroud from the morning sky, a dark figure appears.  Had the stallion not been so large, Taivas may have missed him completely.

After a moment to decipher reality from a might-be illusion, the starry eyed maiden lifts easily from the branch she stood upon and glides between branches to land on soft, muddy loam below.  The squelch of her hooves is the only noticeable sound for a moment as she turns her painted face, completely dry despite the falling the rain, toward him.

His coloring reminds her somewhat of Waker, being decidedly dark and ominous, but his figure is highlighted in violet instead of cerulean, with eyes of crisp winter ice instead of amber stone.  The shaman nods to the decidedly taller stallion, offering him no smile or emotion on her face.

"Hello," she says, her voice even and hushed among the serenade of rainfall softly pattering around them.  As always, it does not occur to the girl to offer her name.  She notes the smoke billowing from his nostrils with each breath with a cocked ear but no other visible sign of distress.  "Are you alright?"
Do you live for the love you've found?
Some sad slow song to lay you down and still your weary worried heart
Throw light upon your darkest dark
image credit to the lovely Blu