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» the calm before the storm
Open Blood Falls 
Currently championing: Reszo

Although the older, braver, brighter mare was perhaps not he most wholesome company to keep, Eira was glad (to begin with), to have someone to follow and lean against; another body between the cruel wilds of the Rift and her own vulnerability. It was easy to ignore the haughty comments and condescending grace for that reason, so too, she was less the censorious type. She sought to find the goodness in those she met, viewed them with a trusting, wholesome eye, even when that heart they offered was brief and tremulous as a passing shadow…

The frail filly was unfit for dancing, though she watched the proceedings with a genuine smile and swayed here and there, when the music truly touched her soul. With bent legs and a vigourless frame, she tired quickly and sought comfort in isolation, drifting to the shadows gradually as the deep hue of midnight swept over. It seemed Valkyrie too was weary - or perhaps there was some element of true care, there in her sudden attentiveness, for the paler mare swept along behind her like a silent wraith through the darkness, fussing about and insisting that a more comfortable bed lay at the end of the journey they should take; the one that apparently could not wait.

Nevertheless, the humble hybrid had not the energy to argue and obliged, travelling with the other upon her heels most of the time.

Though she’d never seen The Pinnacle prior, it occurred to her that the darkness which had been (and refused to let them through), was receding, for she and the winged woman in white, managed to venture beyond, into a wintry world that had been slumbering beneath the veil of shadow, for as long as she’d been roaming through the Rift.

The snow was cold, leaking wet chill beneath the saturated length of her un-shedding coat, and Eira began to shiver and slow, for her body was exerting much of its weak strength into maintaining some warmth. The right ear swivelled backwards, joining her sister in reverse slumber while Fay, the tiny Eriucla nestled deeper into the down just inside. It was about that time too, that Valkyrie’s interest shifted. Where she had been pushing hard from behind, the limber mare had leapt and danced forward into the front, and distance was growing between them - until the night at last swallowed her altogether.

Eira simply couldn’t keep up.

Following the deep trenches cut into the rolling, snow-shrouded landscape, she eventually arrived at the same place as those ahead of her (the white mare included), and though the ferociously frothing watercourse they were studying intrigued her also, the reserved child lingered in the background. To her surprise she saw the armoured mare of the Labyrinth and vision of their moment shared that rain-drenched day clouded her mind, and slow but steady gait carried her nearer to Kiada, but still she did not seek to draw forth their notice.

"I am a book of snow,
a spacious hand, an open meadow,
a circle that waits,
I belong to the earth and its winter."

- Pablo Neruda, Winter Garden

Mention - @Kiada, though I'm mainly just throwing her in at this point.
Currently championing:
You don't make haste to Halyven, though something in you wants to flee to the city of white—to swoop among the broken towers, hide in the shadows, nothing but you and the sun and the sky and the stone. You feel like, for every success had in restoring Hope, there's been some strange blow to your soul. While you were always a bit apart as a child—too mellow and responsible—you've never sought isolation.

But here, in this place.. you frown as you fly north, heading towards the place where you previously could not cross. You don't want to be bitter and lonely, but somehow, you feel that way; like everyone else has found a friend, but you. And at the same time, you scold yourself for it. K'yarie and Roscorro had both been friends to you, and now that Taivas is back...

You close your eyes, and let the rain-wet air touch your face. No point in worrying.

You don't fly blind for long, but when you open your eyes, you're rather surprised by what you find. Red mountains loom on the horizon, the scent of cold and iron wafting down from them, a chilly, creeping change in the air—and what's more surprising is that you find a slashed vein of red, a torrential flood pouring from somewhere further up and roaring down over a precipice. It crashes somewhere far below, a raging river of blood-colored water, and lodged in it are some sky-blue crystals. Strong, snapping teeth, disembodied as far as you can tell, split the waters, but they do nothing.

Close to the banks a gathering has formed, and you recognize most of them. There's Roscorro, Rixen, Kiada, Aurelia, and Taivas, as well as the sleek mute stranger, a sickly-looking child (worry), and a compact mare with wings on her head. You've seen her at the gatherings, but you've never properly met her. She's poised just over the edge of the roaring river, and you question the sanity of it. Can't she see that it might surge at any time, and knock her off her feet?

Maybe she's not used to rivers. You are, after all, not used to snow.

You fold your wings and drop, flaring them at the last moment and gliding above the uneven, rocky ground. Flapping them a few times you halt the last of the momentum, touching down lightly and folding them to your sides. In silence you stare at the river, realizing that you have no idea what to do. It just feels wrong, all of it.
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
the Rift
He watched from where he melded into the snow, those bright glowing eyes observant of his horror ridden river and those that came to help it. Perhaps they were willing to fix the river should he provide them direction for it – but yet he waited, curious in a way he was never truly curious before, to see what they might attempt to do. Many of them stood nearby, speaking amongst themselves to try and plan out what could happen. But there were two that caught his eye the most – the spotted girl with a stick of fire, lashing it out at the waves as though it would calm it, and the pale woman with wings alongside her head that almost seemed to confidently try and submerge herself within it before stopping inches away.

He snorted in amusement as the river seemed to hiss from Kiada’s flames, a sudden urge to drown the fire out lest it try to take away some of the rage of the river. It swelled, because of this, and lashed out, slipping just around Kiada and splashing its crimson waves all over Valkyrie. Then, it receded back to the surging waves. Vourib smirked at what the river had done, but knew it could not remain as such, and so he formed once more – a ghostlike creature with crystal spikes along his furry spine as he stood above the crest of the waterfall and looked down to those gathered.

Fix my river. Build a dam. I shall lend you strength to face the river.” His voice boomed over the rushing river, and even the waves seemed to quiet down enough for the command to be given before surging back to full force. Vourib inhaled deeply, his ghastly figure growing larger and larger like a balloon as he exhaled a pale snow-kissed wind to those gathered, granting them strength to withstand the waves, as though if the creatures willed it their feet would never leave the ground. And then, the god waited, silent and observant to see if they could follow the simple task.

The water seems to avoid and tries to retaliate against Kiada's fire, but instead splashes Valkyrie full on with a small wave. It doesn't hurt, but it feels somewhat sticky. Vourib asks you all to build a dam to try and sooth the rushing river and grants you all extreme strength to withstand the power of the river!

Next post will come in a week or two. There is no posting order so feel free to work with one another before RP posts again!
» Presence of the Rift «

Seiji the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Caevoc

Strange, Seiji thinks, the way they all seem drawn to certain places here. He might attribute it to some old instinct of the others, some innate tie to the land, but certainly this does not hold true for himself. He is flesh and blood, is a creature of clean lineage with an honest family. And he is alive, and he wandered in on his own. No; the place should have no hold on him. Yet worry picks at his thoughts. A small worry, just now — a seed. (for if the place can direct him, his entire purpose is just a fool's errand, isn't it?)

The noise of a familiar voice — he looks up from his thoughts to blink at Kiada. "I was born here" — really? Here? Seiji blinks again, and wonders how or why any mare would give birth in such a place. He can't fathom it. He supposes maybe its a cultural difference. It would have to be. But his thoughts are wandering again; the others want to fix the falls. Stop the torrent. They're moving, some of them. Valkyrie — he should have expected — is approaching the current directly. Seiji thinks of the last time he met her, her boldness, even as he watches her stride forth. Oh, he thinks, and glances at the others, waiting for someone to stop her. But it seems nobody will.

He jolts forward, but she's reached the edge before he can do anything. He isn't certain, even, what he intended. But she doesn't jump in; even if the water flicks itself at her with a dismissive hand, she appears unharmed. Well — that's good. Seiji is still. His heart hammers, awake after that moment of fear, and he doesn't know what to do. It seems nobody does.

He starts like a rabbit when the great bear materializes again. He doesn't run, though. Just stares, the pink lining of his nostrils briefly visible, every muscle fiber in his body quivering. Not with cold anymore — he has forgotten cold. The monster-god's voice seems to move in and through him. It's a resonance in the earth, a sound like glaciers passing by. It's awful. Seiji's ears twitch forward, pin back, twitch forward again. A dam, he thinks, a little fried. A dam. Even as the bear's breath washes over him, as a strange feeling tingles down his limbs, he scans the area.

There are some rocks here. Maybe they can plant big ones first, ones great enough to withstand the force, and back them up little by little until the water stills. Yes... maybe. Seiji's tail flicks, and he glances around at the others. Thinks: Roscorro looks the strongest. Gracefully, Seiji moves between the others and toward the giant, to touch him gently on the shoulder if he should allow. And then to gesture at the nearest, largest rock he sees. He moves back in the direction of the boulder anyway, trying to catch the eye of anyone else trying to indicate: Help me move this. Help me move others. We'd might as well try.

img by Tildae @ flickr

ooc // tries to nudge @Roscorro toward a big boulder to help push it into the current; tries to catch the attention of anyone else who wants to help him, as well.
Valkyrie the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Caevoc
She stood in the storm

Well and truly consumed by her exaggerated sense of self, with overconfidence wrapped like towel around her bigoted head, Valkyrie failed to notice the stallion who rushed in vain from the group loitering, to stop her.

The water in the river, frothing and furious as the light of the fire Kiada bore nearer, lashed out vehemently to cloak the haughty Shieldmaiden in a disgustingly sticky substance - and avoid the other mare, altogether. A strident protest rose pointlessly from the frown swift of engulf her pale face, and heeding the warning with more sense in her mind, she staggered backwards to put distance between them.

When she was a good deal clear of the thrashing, foaming stew, Valkyrie paused with her chin swerving backwards and forwards above her lean frame. She was lathered in the filth, and none to impressed. No matter how she rubbed her plush nose against her skin, there was no budging it from her soft, creamy-white skin.

Momentarily she was distracted, when the shape of the obnoxious god reappeared and the full extent of her botheration was aimed through a sharp glare in his direction. The black horse she’d (hardly) met with Kiada, was swift to answer His demands and Valkyrie turned her attention to observe his sleek form slithering between those crowded. Curiously, he paused briefly, by the shoulder of Roscorro, before continuing on towards the boulders skirting the scene.

“Right… she muttered flatly, rolling her blue eyes back towards the river, and laughed internally, bitterly, presuming he meant to stop the flow with rocks nearly his own size. Because she was female: smarter, braver, lovelier in every sense, the helmed pegasus retrieved her spear from the ground nearby and set to work thinking of a better course of action.

and when the wind did not blow her way,
she adjusted her sails.

Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta

troy falls a thousand times
in every dream i dream

Kiada barely noticed Valkyrie’s approach from the roar of anger in her ears. How could it have gotten like this? What part of the world hated her so much to continually destroy every part of the Rift that she had loved before being forced here? The Blood Falls had once been beautiful. Ominous, but beautiful, with the way the ruby hued waters flowed peacefully through the riverbends. It was because of this place that Kiada wondered if that darkened part of her, the part she locked away as she grew in adulthood, thrived. Perhaps why she was such a bloodthirsty, conquering youth.

She remembered the times where she wanted the world to grovel at her feet – to be the conqueror that ruled with an iron fist. (The darkness inside her writhed with happiness at the memory.) And she remembered the conversation between Erebos and her when they first met, when they were young and reckless and both heirs with no crowns to inherit. When she had that everlong flame on her spine that cascaded her moods for the world to see, where she couldn’t control the shift and change.

”When you are Queen, what sort of flame will you show your subjects?” It was an honest question coming from Erebos’ lips, of an older prince who had longed to become what his father was, something Kiada didn’t understand at the time. “I don’t know.” The child had admitted, uncertain what kind of flame would pour from her back as she ruled. But the darkness inside her knew, that she’d allow the wolves of her anger and frustrations to prowl upon her spine, to dare those that wronged her. And then, the ebony prince had asked her another honest question. “Will your followers fear or cherish you?” And it was a question that tore at Kiada for months after. Initially the girl had said both, but again that darkness roiled within her, screaming in its many toned voice, “fear, fear, fear.” And it relished in that dark part of her that wanted to watch the world burn for everything it had done, for the child born to a woman of the north, sired by a King to the East that didn’t even know of her birth, of her and her brother’s existence. And it wanted to burn that copper hued mare that had stolen her sibling from her side, her other half, the brutality to Kiada’s precision. But there were no do-overs, and she was forced to remain her clutching to those things she cared for most, lost like a leaf in the wind.

She pushed that rolling darkness further as she wielded her flames toward the rushing river, blind to the waves that avoided her fire and drenched Valkyrie. She’d speak to the mare later, when she could see clearly. And as she began to calm down as Vourib’s voice cascaded over him, as his breath filled her with a tingling sensation down to her bones that screamed strength. As she began to see clearer, she caught Seiji’s eye, seeing what he wanted to do about the dam and nodded quietly, moving to grab a few large rocks to begin placing within the river. She rolled them with her strong forelegs, pushing them forward toward the ledge before gathering more to make a small pile, and then she looked around to see if anyone would help her get into the river and begin to place them.


like ashes, like ashes,
like a star burning out —

img | bg

Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
He knew his idea was not going to work. He honestly was at a loss. So much was happening at once. Val moving towards the water, Kiada and her fire, Seiji rushing to stop Val, and so much more. Then a bear appeared from the blood colored water and he felt a strange sensation wash over him. Heh ad been given the power to do something. Next thing he knew he was being asked to come help push boulders into other river to try and dam up its way. But would that stop the banks from spilling over and the water flowing around it? He shook his head and lent his strength. His powerful muscles strained as he shoulders a massive boulder into the rushing water.

He moved onto another, and then another. Trying to aid in supplying material for those to position them in the waters alongside Kiada. But would that really be all that was needed to stop the waters from raging? They had to figure out how to keep the beaches contained or else the red liquid would find another path. But all he saw was snow and stone. He wasn't even sure they had enough soil to dig up a barrier around the riverbank, or if it would even hold. But they had to try. "We need to keep the water from escaping the banks further, it is going to spill over when we block its flow." he said, his voice booming over the roar of the falls. "Mounds of dirt and stone could help with that."

He pushed another massive rock into the river before moving on to digging up snow and dirt to try and make a barrier. Something to hold the water and reduce it raging flow when the dam was finished. His powerful claws helped to break through the frozen ground to the more forgiving soil bellow as he set to work. He looked up from time to time to see how the progress of the dam went, moving to help when needed before getting back to work. They needed more bodies, but it didn't look like anyone was coming to help. So the stallion gritted his teeth and worked like a mad-man. They had to succeed!

talk talk talk talk
In your hands, there's a touch that can heal
But in those same hands, is the power to kill
Are you a man, or a monster?

image by Tech

ooc: Rosco helps to move boulders into the river, when he realizes that the water will spill out further up the bank when the flow is cut off. So he set about trying to build up the banks to keep the river contained.
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta
Rise and rise again until lambs become lions;
I didn’t know where to begin, but I was glad when Roscorro proposed a plan. I didn’t know if his suggestion would work. In fact, I didn’t see how it could. Like Taivas said, it would require more effort and strength than even all of us had combined. Yet I was not opposed to at least trying, for at least trying to build up the banks and control the gushing blood-like waters would be better than standing back and doing nothing at all. More and more horses gathered around us, and with their arrival came an increasing reassurance that we would be able to help the falls, provided we could all work together. 

Kiada had arrived here shortly after I had. The golden girl made haste to step forward and examine the situation thoroughly through her bright blue orbs, and when she’d reached some kind of unknown conclusion about the falls which was not yet clear to myself or anyone else, she proceeded to state that she knew this place. It was called the Blood Falls, the place where she was born. Kiada was born… in Helovia? Which meant that, like Halyven, this place also must’ve been ripped to the Rift at some point in time. Perhaps that had something to do with the raging, violent waters that cascaded down the cliffside and crashed forcefully into the pool below, like hungry jaws waiting to clamp down on an unlucky victim who dared to wander between the rows of gleaming incisors. Kiada was right, though. Something had to be done.    

As I looked around, it was clear that everyone shared the same feelings of puzzlement. We all stood before the hungry crimson flow in silence, staring, trying to think of some way to help the strange bear god who was trapped within. After a few moments, Kiada stepped forward with a  flaming branch gripped between her jaws. She touched it to the water, hoping that doing so might have a calming effect on the turbulent tide. However, the water was quick to retaliate upon being touched, lashing back and splashing Valkyrie, who had wandered fairly close to the water’s edge. Above the thundering of the falls, a voice could be heard. It was the voice of the bear, and he commanded us to fix the river. Thankfully, he offered us a means of doing so: build a dam. His faint outline became more discernible against the swiftly flowing background, watching, waiting for us to make a first move. 

Upon seeing Seiji move in Roscorro’s direction and give the dragon-stallion a nudge, Kiada seemed to catch on to what the mute suggested we do. As I realized what the midnight-hued stallion was suggesting, I provided him with the voice that he did not seem to possess at present. "Everyone, help us move these rocks! We can at least try to form a barrier with them." I was forced to shout over the noise of the falls. As I did so, I used the strength Vourib had gifted me to move several rocks in the direction of the overflowing pool with my forelegs and add them to Kiada’s pile. On my other side, Roscorro began to move a combination of mud and stones together, molding them into a barrier to hold back the water. "Good thinking." I nodded in agreement with a grunt, shoveling some mud into the pile with my snout, hoping it would hold.


{Image: untitled_drawing_by_indelyde-dceus9t.png}
Currently championing: Reszo

Eira’s desire to avoid attention seemed all the better justified when the water (at least, that’s what it looked at first glance to be) swelled suddenly from its course to navigate around the flames of her brave, armoured friend and coat the brazen Valkyrie in gunk. Her chipped, cloven hooves quickened backwards and she fell further into the rainy shadows across the rocks which skirted the crowd’s body of activity, until -

With a small gasp and uncertain waver of her ears, the emaciated yearling spotted the black-pelted stranger streak towards her. Crooked knees strained as they worked to leap aside, then her shaggy, matted frame turned to mount a slippery, broken boulder and escape. But the stallion’s focus was not on Eira, it seemed, his murky-looking eyes were set upon the rockery still concealed her and the child gulped heavily as those yet lingering, gradually took heed to follow the plan he suggested.

A masculine voice rang out above the roar and the drumming down rain.

One after the other they approached and began to tumble rock after rock, towards the fouled stream. Slipping from her perch, with barbered, flightless wings flung apart to catch her, the young filly swept to the toiling side of the giant hybrid who after a time, began arranging a muddy wall along the water’s bloated flank. She hurried to help him, eyeing the white mare who was yet to contribute with nervous curiosity - yet also the river, who she dared not approach to closely, carrying first one small mouthful of wet stone and then another, to place among the rest.  

"I am a book of snow,
a spacious hand, an open meadow,
a circle that waits,
I belong to the earth and its winter."

- Pablo Neruda, Winter Garden
Taivas the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
If you'll be my star, I'll be your sky
You can hide underneath me and come out at night
A strange creature appeared from the water, a ghost of a bear with blue crystals lining his spine. His voice commanded attention and authority, and Taivas immediately turned her focus toward him. Dark set eyes twinkling with fallen stars watched him hover above the falls, unaffected by their raging torrent. After his words, the surge of power flooded her veins and renewed her energy.

The pegasus blinked rapidly and looked around at those gathered, still uncertain how to go about containing the violent waters. Moving boulders was the obvious plan, but the shaman had no experience building structures - temporary or otherwise. She watched rather helplessly for a few moments as the more confident began to take action. She was thankful that at least someone knew how to go about building barricades.

Rixen immediately takes charge, his voice sailing over the rapid waters and crushing sound of waves on stone. The gentle-hearted girl walks toward the larger rocks and begins to push her shoulder against them. She is reminded of when she had to aid Roscorro in rising from the ground, but the massive rock actually began to move! The surprise would have flooded her face had she been a little more free with her emotion, but instead her eyes widen ever so slightly. The rest of her countenance remained slack.

Attempting to steer the massive rock without running it into others was now her immediate challenge. She could not see over the top or around the sides. Hopefully she wasn't pushing this boulder into her comrades.

"We need someone to give direction," she calls over the waters. "On where we need more materials to contain the flood."
When I turn jet black, and you show off your light
I live to let you shine

ooc -- Begins pushing a boulder and realizes she can't see around it! Suggests someone make calls on where to move stuff.